White Stone

The magic of minerals has always attracted man. We will tell you about white stone. Their beautiful appearance and ability to absorb body heat and then give it away is one of the first properties that people noticed and decided to use. In the future, the features of stones with different colors and structures were evaluated by scientists who divided them into three classes:

  • Precious;
  • Semiprecious;
  • Ornamental.

This classification characterizes the value of minerals and the features of their structure. At the same time, the color of the stone is its important characteristic. It is determined against the background of a pure white sheet, evaluating not only the shade, but also the presence of all kinds of inclusions and changes in color.

The color of a mineral depends on the chemical elements that make up its composition, the more uniform it is, the smoother the color. In some minerals, such as amethyst, it can change under the influence of temperature.

There are few white stones, often they include transparent minerals, including one of the most valuable – diamond. The white color in the representations of many peoples is a symbol of purity, peace and sincerity. They carry a large flow of energy and give the person who possesses them the ability to be calm and have a clear mind, while at the same time strengthening their connection with a spiritual mentor.

Often they act as a symbol of people who are open to the world and new sensations, but at the same time alone. The desire to have a white stone is a sign of a person’s desire for perfection and appeal to cosmic energy.

White stones are preferred by people who are confident and committed to excellence. As ornaments, it is better to use them in pairs or in small sets, then their “isolation” will break and will less affect the owner.

White minerals include:

  • agate;
  • pearls;
  • jade ;
  • tourmaline ;
  • chalcedony ;
  • moon rock;
  • opal;
  • selenite ;
  • cacholong .

In fact, white stones are found substantially, but these are the most popular.

Decorative and ornamental white stones

White decorative and ornamental stones are:

  1. Moon rock;
  2. Coral;
  3. Nephritis;
  4. Jasper.

Moon rock. This is a mixture of several crystals with different chemical structures, but we look alike. It is transparent or translucent, can be of different colors, including milk. The stone is fragile and easily breaks from external influences.

He is credited with the ability to protect his owner from the negative impact, quarrels and disagreements. At the same time, it brings good luck in love and has a positive effect on the human nervous system. Moonstone is not recommended to be worn by reserved people, as this ability will only increase.

White coral. It is not common. Although it refers to minerals, however, it is a product of the life of marine animals. White coral is credited with the ability to increase the general tone of the body and cope with insomnia. It is often used for amulets of travelers.

Nephritis. It has great strength, so it is attributed to him the properties of enhancing the stamina of a person, his self-confidence. It carries a lot of positive energy and often has healing properties.

Jasper . As a rule, it is not pure white, it is penetrated by many veins that create a fancy pattern. The stone carries the energy of nobility and altruism.

White Stone

Semiprecious white stones

Semiprecious white stones include:

  1. Agate;
  2. Opal;
  3. Rhinestone ;
  4. Amber .

White agate. It is also called frosty, since the stone has a characteristic appearance that resembles a pattern on glass. The stone gives its owner calmness and self-confidence. It is also used as an amulet from the evil eye for children and lovers.

White opal. It has an interesting structure similar to a gel, it is translucent and effectively shimmers, reflecting light. Easy to process, making it popular among jewelers. White opal develops a person’s foresight capabilities and contributes to the realization of creative opportunities. In addition, the stone has a positive effect on the nervous and immune systems, strengthening them and protecting them from negative effects. The stone requires good moisture, with high dry air it can fade and even crack, so it is recommended to wear it regularly.

Rhinestone. The stone is more transparent than white. It has great magical properties that can be adjusted to give the stone a different shape. That is why it is often used in magical rituals and spiritualistic sessions.

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Rhinestone contributes to the development of the gift of foresight in a person, including the ability to understand people. In no case can it be used with bad intentions, since they will reflect off the edges of the stone and return to the owner.

White amber. Quite a rare stone, it is called soap or royal. Being a frozen resin, a stone often has various inclusions and stains inside. The magical abilities of white amber are no different from other colors.

White gemstones

Diamond;White gemstones include:

  • Spinel;
  • Topaz ;
  • Tourmaline;
  • Pearls.

Diamond. One of the most beautiful and energetically strong stones. Cutting increases the magical abilities of the stone, allowing energy to be refracted on the faces and increase. It is believed that a diamond has a memory and forever remembers its owner, so there are so many stories in which a stolen diamond brings misfortune. The stone cannot be stolen and it is not recommended to receive a gift from unfortunate owners. If such a stone was obtained, it should be cleaned.

A diamond presented from a pure heart makes the life of its owner bright and interesting, protects it and brings good luck. However, he does not like “bad thoughts” and can return negative energy.

Cubic zirconia. This is an artificially grown diamond, it has the beauty of a stone, but not its magical properties.

White spinel. Like diamond, it has no color; it is transparent. In appearance, it is very similar to diamond and also lends itself well to faceting. It has strong magical properties, including helping men restore male power. Also spinel brings good luck in love.

White Topaz. Rare color of the stone, which significantly increases its value. However, the magical properties of the stone are not affected. It is a symbol of prudence and exhibits good protective properties, protecting the owner from all kinds of effects of negative energy. The amulet from it brings wealth and promotes the development of the owner’s ability to respond quickly to events.

White tourmaline. They are mined only in one deposit and are rarely used for jewelry. It has a peculiar columnar structure that looks beautiful in jewelry. The stone is considered the talisman of love and hope. It gives its owner strength and ability to strive for a goal, helps people in the creative sphere, protecting them from the evil eye.

Pearls. A beautiful, but not expensive stone that is so easy to fake that it is quite difficult to find natural. When worn, pearls can change their color, warning the owner of the disease, in addition, it protects from the evil eye. However, a woman’s passion for pearls can bring her unhappiness in love.

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