Valknut Meaning

Charms and talismans were widely used by the peoples of the Scandinavian countries for protection and assistance. The Scandinavians had their own ritual ceremonies, involving the use of talismans. These elements of the religious cult are in demand in the modern world, as people believe in the strength and power of positive energy. The worship of the deities made it possible to create a number of different talismans, among which the Valknut symbol occupies a special place. Here, you will know about valknut meaning.

The origin of the symbol Valknut

The Valknut sign is a combination of three regular triangles that are intertwined. It is known since ancient times, as it was used in various ceremonies. The sacred meaning is the connecting link between the world of the living and the world of the dead.

Accurate information has been lost today, but it is assumed that the symbol was often applied to the weapons or armor of warriors to protect the gods and in particular Odin. Researchers have speculated that the mark was applied to the skin and was like a modern tattoo, but in those days it was ritual in nature.

Sample sketches are viewed on clothes, but history cannot provide accurate evidence. Modern society uses the Valknut symbol as a talisman primarily used by men. It is used to protect, give strength and help in business.

The value of the character Valknut

There are several versions explaining the meaning of this mysterious symbol. According to one of them, the sign belongs to Odin, which fills the amulet with special strength. Based on this, the main meaning of Valknut is access to 9 worlds, a connection with the otherworldly and mysterious.

There is a belief that with the help of a symbol of the soul of dead people, including fallen warriors, they fell into the realm of the dead. It is believed that one who constantly wears the amulet gains access to the secrets of being and the universe, the secrets of the past, present and future are revealed to him. Also, the sign determines where the person’s soul gets after death – to paradise, which is called in Old Norse mythology Valknut or in Hell, that is, hell.

Another meaning of the amulet is a guide in the afterlife, an assistant who helps the soul find the way back to the body after physical death. There is another meaning of the sign – the unity of the passage of time:

  • The past (story or person).
  • Of the present.
  • The future (unknown).

Valknut Meaning

Man and society as a whole cannot fully exist without a connection with these parts of time. That is why the three components of time determine life. In addition, it symbolizes the unity of the constituent elements that determine the essence of man:

  • Body.
  • Spirit.
  • Soul.

Based on this, it becomes clear that a person and society will not be able to exist if these elements are not interconnected. The personality will lose its uniqueness, its energy will be depleted.

Walked, if he is not depicted independently, but in a runic circle, has a slightly different meaning. Triangles are three worlds:

  • Midgart (the world where people live).
  • Asgard (the world where the gods live).
  • Hel (world of the dead).

It is believed that it is thanks to the interweaving of universes that a symbol receives a powerful charge of energy that can affect a person. The talisman in this image is actively used by people engaged in magic, as it helps to draw special knowledge and recognize the secrets of each of these worlds.

If you carefully look at the symbolism, then you can consider the sacred numbers in it for the ancient Scandinavian peoples – 3 and 9. 3 – the number of triangles intertwined together, the triplicity inherent in time and man. 9 – the number of their peaks, worlds, branches of the sacred Scandinavian tree.

There is evidence that the sign was applied to buildings or objects sacred for the Vikings, which were not only elements of armor or weapons, but also warships – drakkars. They could cut or draw a symbol on the tree from which they created dragrakars or furniture in the house, since protection was necessary not only during battles or campaigns.

It is known that in England a golden ring was found with a symbol printed on it. Now it is exhibited at the British Museum. The approximate age of the relic dates back to the 9th century. It is believed that it was Valknut who could act in ancient times as a symbol of the power of a certain person.

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How to activate and use the amulet

In modern society, a talisman is used to gain access to the secret and the unknown. Expand your capabilities in terms of energy and latent power. Intuition, foresight – valuable qualities that can give a sign to the person who wears it. Valknut grants its owner wisdom and improves memory as well as attention. Fleece is also used to improve overall health and stamina. The mascot is used for personal use. You can apply it on furniture or jewelry – a ring, pendants or earrings.

Important! The use of a talisman requires caution and attention from a person to how the body reacts to it – a symbol helps to increase the heart rate.

The use of the sign has its own characteristics. It is recommended to wear it closer to the body, but it should be located below the chest, but without reaching the solar plexus. That is why, choosing a charm on a pendant or pendant, you need to adjust the length of the chain or ribbon. Valknut can be embroidered on clothes, but it is better to refrain from putting a mark on a military uniform, since the Vikings went into battle and knew that they would not return.

It is allowed to apply the symbol directly to the skin in the form of a picture or tattoo. In this case, the drawings will have the same value as the amulet.

It must be remembered that the application of the sign is unacceptable in the region of the heart, since its strong energy can cause serious diseases associated with it. You can activate and update the power of the talisman by charging it with sunbeams.

Thus, Valknut is one of the most mysterious and mysterious symbols that came to us from ancient Scandinavian culture. It is recommended to use it as a talisman only for people who are naturally strong in spirit and able to withstand heavy, long adversities and various trials. For those who are weak or will not be able to withstand difficulties, the symbol will be useless or even become an obstacle to the implementation of the plan.

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