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There are many varieties, directions and variations of Reiki (Reiki)

In this topic, I would like to collect information that will help to determine the choice for beginners on the Reiki Path, and for practicing “Reiki”, it may help to expand my capabilities.

Reiki Usui Shiki Rioho – sometimes called “traditional Reiki” through the transfer line> Mikao Usui> Chujiro Hayashi> Hawayo Takata> Phyllis lei Furumoto;

Reiki Jin Kay-Do . This extended Reiki system is called the “Buddha Healing System,” or “Energy”; – it is called the Tibetan (Nepalese) or Eastern branch along the line of transmission Mikao Usui> Dr. Chujiro Hayashi> Rev. Sensei Takeuchi> Rev. Seiji Takamori> Dr. Randa J. Premaratna.

RAI (Reiki Association International), Atlantis Arolo and Angel Guardian Systems (Atlantis Arolo TIFAR © ®, Atlantis of Angels © ®) founded by Eckhard Strom, who has expanded the traditional scope of Reiki and his work goes beyond conventional energy healing.

All three schools use symbols. They are slightly different except the first. The second, third, Master and Teacher are different in style.

There are many advantages to using different types of Reiki. It can be said that a wider spectrum or frequency range of this energy is used, and thanks to this, great possibilities and results can be achieved.

Owning several varieties of Reiki and additional symbols provides the practitioner with more flexibility, as a result, treatment is faster and often brings top scores. The situation is similar to that which develops during the repair of a house. If all you have is a drill, hammer, and pliers, you can only make some
improvements. But if you add to this saw, wire cutters, a set of chisels and wrenches, you will quickly achieve much more.

Many see the benefits of using different types of Reiki. Although any treatment does come from the same source, it becomes apparent that Reiki may have different “shades” and lead to different results.
Some qualities discovered by people in the new variations of Reiki turn out to be more grounded, coming from the earth, or, conversely, lighter, coming from the Universe, they can be softer, more affectionate, more powerful, dense, more refined, etc.

Types of different schools and currents of Reiki (Reiki):

Usui Reiki Ryoho (Usui Reiki Ryoho)

Mikao UsuiThe founder of the natural healing system “Usui Reiki Rioho” is the Japanese doctor Mikao Usui (08/15/1864 03/09/1926). But it should be noted that the term “Reiki” was used even before Dr. Usui applied it.
The history of treatment with the use of hands is lost in ancient times. It was known in Old Testament times and is often mentioned in Scripture. In this way, Jesus Christ healed the sick “by laying hands on each of them, he healed them” (Luke 4.40). The Buddha, the priests of Ancient Egypt, and other Initiates of the past healed by the same method.
A very important advantage of the Usui Reiki system is simplicity. This is a holistic method of healing, a complete and perfect path of spiritual development. Reiki covers all levels of a person’s existence and thereby brings him (the person) into a state of absolute integrity and harmony.

Karuna Reiki (Karuna Reiki)

“Karuna” is a Sanskrit word used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Zen to mean compassion and compassionate deeds (sharing suffering with other people, the desire to help others, etc.). Compassion comes from the Creator, from the source of infinite Love, and when this Compassion (Karuna) in conjunction with Wisdom (Parjna) fills our hearts without a trace, then through service in order to reduce the suffering of others, we come to enlightenment. Like a lighthouse, we can send the saving healing energy of infinite Love and Compassion to any corner of the Universe where someone is in distress and asks for help. Karuna Reiki opens up unlimited opportunities for closer contacts and collaboration with Teachers who are present on the earth plane as physically , and in the spirit. There are no hard limits in Karuna Reiki,

Osho Neo Reiki Osho Neo

Reiki created Osho Rajneesh personally in 1988 in the Osho-commune (Pune, India) – immediately after its initiation to the master level of Usui Reiki Rioho Grand – master Filis Lei Furumoto. As we know, Osho constantly worked with Kundalini on a spiritual level. He made some necessary changes to the setup process and methods of working with Reiki. In a state of meditation, he received two sacred symbols. One for working at the first level is the Junior Healer, and the other for working at the second level is the Senior Healer. Osho Neo Reiki is not only healing, it is the door that opens the Divine in us in many aspects of life. This is the way of creating in oneself a New person, rising from his knees, free, celebrating life and moving towards his own realization.
from the site http://www.psi-mir.ru/

Kundalini Reiki is

handed over to people by the Ascended Master Kuthumi through Ol Gabriel.
Ol Gabriel, the master of Meditation, has inspired many people around the world. His four meditation CDs are very popular in his native country of Denmark, they help thousands of people to restore their peace and happiness. Kundalini Reiki is a direct result of Mr. Gabriel’s many hours of communication with the Ascended Master Kuthumi.
Kundalini is the spiritual energy sleeping in our tailbone – it is the Sacred Fire. Kundalini fire, lying like a coiled serpent, in the base spine chakra (Muladhara) and rising to the crown chakra (Sahasrara) when spiritual purity and self-mastery are achieved, revitalizing the spiritual centers along the way – for the precipitation of the Holy Spirit and the baptism of the Soul, for purification, for transmutation , for the realization of ascension – the sacred ritual of returning to the One.
Kundalini is energy that revitalizes, breathes life force and awakens our body and consciousness, it is the main psychobiological force. Kundalini is always present. It nourishes the entire human energy system, forcing vital energy to constantly circulate. For most people, the measure of Kundalini activity remains low, however, at least there is always some measure of it in us. The full potential of Kundalini is incomprehensibly huge.
Opportunities of Kundalini Reiki – self-medication, remote treatment, cleaning of rooms, treatment of karmic connections, situations, qualities.

Taiji Reiki

Taiji and Reiki they are similar, you can still say that they are similar. Martial arts are often referred to as self-defense systems. For tai chi, this term needs to be clarified. According to tai chi philosophy, we ourselves make mistakes. Not the one who attacks us, but our own clumsiness, false judgments and lack of awareness cause us harm and pain. Therefore, self-defense in tai chi is understood not so much as “protecting oneself”, but as “protecting oneself”.
And so this setting can help you a lot.

Reiki Money

Reiki Money is a new energy healing system that works to cleanse and heal the underlying causes that cause financial problems.
Reiki Money is a Reiki style that works with “Spiritual Money Energy.”
Reiki Money is a form of healing, in the presence of the patient and at a distance, uses the visualization of the symbol as a trigger for healing energy.

Tibetan Reiki

The Tibetan Reiki System provides a complete system of healing energies that help in transforming our energies into harmony and balance.
Although it is not possible to prove or disprove that this system actually came from Tibet, the spiritual information of each symbol is similar to that found in many Eastern philosophies.

Karmic (Auric) Reiki

Karmic Reiki – Reiki style created by Martin Pentecost of Great Britain, the system is based on the methods of Usui Reiki, but is used in a somewhat distinctive manner to work out various problems that are the result of negative karmic events. These are, first of all, “auric” Reiki, incredibly powerful energy frequencies are used to transmute karmic problems, purify karmic fumes and connect the client to his guides for complete karmic healing.


Seichim Reiki received in Egypt in 1979, after spending the night in the pyramid of Cheops, where a spontaneous initiation was experienced. Seichim Reiki is the energy of the Goddess, who again came to our Earth, after 2000 years. This energy is of very high frequencies and affects the consciousness at a very deep level. Many problems arise due to a lack of contact with your Higher Self. Seichim allows you to constantly and freely pass through your body. This is a universal mother, which allows men to use the feminine side of their selves. All symbols are placed in the region of the crown chakra.

The Violet Flame of Reiki

(The Healing System granted by the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy Kuan Yin)
Kuan Yin is one of the most beloved and popular divine entities in the East. This is both physically and spiritually beautiful Chinese goddess of mercy, participation and protection; her name means “she who hears prayers.” Kuan Yin hears and answers every prayer addressed to her.
Recently, they learned about it in the West.

Dragon reiki

Dragon Power. Much has been written about dragons and their strength, and depending on who told them about them, they are great, hated or terrible. I will not go into the history of dragons, so if you like dragons, then you have come to the right address, but if you are afraid of them or do not understand them, then this is not your place. This energy is for those who want to work with Dragons that help protect and heal the Earth and people who are sick due to pollution of the earth, air and water on our great planet.

Imara Reiki

What is Imara Reiki? Imara is a type of Reiki that vibrates at a higher level of energy than ordinary traditional Reiki. Many practitioners relate to Imara Reiki as level 5, when calculating that Usui Reiki is levels 1,2 and 3. But, keep in mind that the experience will be different for each individual. Some described Imara Reiki as a more powerful vibration than any other healing system they worked with.

Slavic Reiki

Slavic Reiki (SR) is a powerful energy system that includes a full range of electromagnetic waves. coming from the Source. Energy Founder – Sergey Udovikhin


The word RADDHA – RADDHA comes from the Sanskrit word “raddh”, which means to grow, prosper, to satisfy.
The Raddha Rei Ki Channel is a Creative Business and Financial Channel, so it is better to open and earn it to those people who already have their own business or who are starting their own business. Do not wait for the money to come from nowhere, don’t rely on “freebies”, you need to work.
The Raddha Rei Ki Channel provides the opportunity for creative growth and the development of business qualities, attracting financial resources and business partners. New ideas are emerging to break the deadlocks associated with business.

Reiki System Purification from negative Entities

Negativity affects everything that surrounds it, our thoughts, actions, poor health, illnesses. The Reiki System Cleansing of negative Entities works wonders in dealing with the problems of negativity and purification, such as thoughts, mental vampires, a mental vacuum cleaner, mental attack, removes corruption, evil eye, cleans rooms, your living space and much more !!

Reiki Ascension

The Ascended Masters in the Age of Aquarius provide us with The Aquarian Gospel, The Bhagavad-Gita, The Bible, The Essene Gospels, The Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha, The Upanishads, The Srimad Bhagavatam, The Book of Tao, The Yoga Sutras, The Vedas, many books containing ancient teachings received by these Masters of Healing. When the Knowledge contained in all these books is considered as a whole, the Ascension of Reiki is manifested in all its power. This Reiki system was created by Jason and Leslie. The basic anatomy of the Higher Self is eightfold in nature. The first eight settings of Ascension Reiki set up the eight anatomical aspects of the Higher Self. The ninth degree sets up the Higher Self. The process processes step by step, opens up the natural anatomical paths of energy in each person, to allow Reiki flow to flow freely with the intention of healing. Levels In Reiki Ascension System The First Degree Ascension of Reiki sets up the Active Body. This setting allows a person to work with Reiki energy on both conscious and non-conscious levels, for healing and personal growth.

Ayurveda Reiki

Ayurveda Reiki is a holistic healing system. “Ayu” means life, and “Veda” means knowledge from Vedic texts. This holistic science is knowledge of the full balance of the Body, mind and Spirit, including emotions and psychology, at all levels. This system balances your body, mind and spirit, combining the energies of great Ayurveda and Reiki. It is not only limited to be a healing system, but also promotes spiritual growth. This system helps to awaken Kundalini and sets you up for the vital frequencies of the Ayurvedic Medicine energies, Prayers, Flowers, Planets, Panchamahabootas (empowers you with the metaphysical properties of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space), etc.
Ayurveda Reiki-1
The first setting opens healing channels to allow directing Reiki energy. All major Chakras (except the root chakra) and hand chakras are open. The main channel of energy (Sushumna) from the crown of the chakra to the root chakra is cleaned and prepared for the awakening of the Kundalini that you will experience in Ayurveda Reiki -2.

Ascending Phoenix Reiki

This is a beautiful high energy Reiki that works to convert negative energies. Ascendant Phoenix Reiki, works to help you release negative images and thoughts and be above your problems, it will burn any negative thought or image that you acquired in this or in past lives.

The Reiki

Inner Sun The Reiki Inner Sun combines different types of energies: from Usui Reiki, Kundalini, Tummo and others.

Reiki Pregnancy

Received by Nicole Lanning in 2007. For any woman, pregnancy can be difficult to get through smoothly even in some of the best pregnancies. This energy can help calm the mother, the child, working on the problems and healthy development of fetal growth, along with the reduction of complications. In general, pregnancy cannot be the same as there cannot be two identical people.

Dakini Reiki

Founder of the Dakini Reiki system – Iona GM Winton. In 2005, I founded Dakini Reiki for use with adults who experience sexual harassment.

Spirit Reiki

Founder: Rev. Linda Jean Horton. Reiki Spirit is a system of healing and spiritual growth. Reiki’s spirit uses two symbols from Usui Reiki, as well as 4 symbols that were given to Linda.

Golden Reiki

Prerequisite: Kundalini Reiki 1-2-3. Founder – Ole Gabrielsen
Golden Light transforms fear and darkness into light and joy. This is the strongest light of transformation in the universe. Used without symbols, through intent, the Golden Ray is a very powerful healing energy. The Golden Reiki resonates with the energy of each individual and raises his vibrations to such a level that it leads to a healing effect in the physical body. A 3-4-day break is required between each step of the Golden Reiki.

Abundance and Prosperity Reiki

Founders – Jane Peterson and Bro David Paul chc. Abundance / Prosperity Reiki is a Reiki system that seeks to create and manifest Abundance and Prosperity at all levels with the support and energy of the Hindu deity Ganesha and Lakshmi.
This form of Reiki helps to have not only one Abundance and Prosperity in the world … not only material wealth, but more importantly – spiritual growth, a mentality of prosperity and the manifestation of world peace throughout our lives.

Inga Reiki

Inga Reiki is a simple energy system. Inga Reiki is simple because it has the ability to transfer energy through the tuning process, and not from acquiring technical knowledge. Inga Reiki was developed and rediscovered by the Brazilian Master Severina da Silva. Inga Reiki contains new healing possibilities and also contains some very interesting new energies. Inga Reiki is based on mysterious stone sculptures located in Inga, Brazil.
Karuna Reiki
In 1993, Rand gathered a group of the most promising students and actively began to conduct experiments with the available material. Their result was the selection of the most effective characters and settings. Thus, he received the basis of the new Reiki system and named it Karuna Reiki, which can be translated as “Reiki compassion”. “Karuna” is a Sanskrit word used in Hinduism and Buddhism, it means “an act of compassion”. It is compassion that turns out to be the most powerful feeling experienced by many people who have experienced the effects of this system.

Kabbalah Reiki

Kabbalah literally means “receive.” It was given to humanity by the Creator, without any prerequisites or preconditions. Since this is magic / miracles using the Reiki method can help in the healing process. With such a rich tradition of thought and secret training, in this course you will learn only the healing aspects of Kabbalah and how it can be combined with Reiki to help you heal yourself and others.

Reiki Lotus Petal The Reiki Lotus

Petal ™ is a powerful healing system that affects the physical and spiritual level. There are two symbols in LPR – the Universal Healing Symbol and the Symbol of the Master. For this, it is not necessary to be a Usui Reiki Master to be able to direct the Reiki Lotus Petal, but the student must receive Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 before being set up for LPR. Therefore, this guide will be short.

Purple Reiki

Prerequisite: Kundalini Reiki – 3. Purple Reiki is very effective for opening locks and stagnating energy. Sometimes clients, like their healers, do not know that there is a stagnation of energy that blocks the work of the chakras. Purple Reiki will go directly to this stagnant energy and unlock it, and immediately the difference will be felt by the client and the healer.

The Reiki Life Path The Reiki Life

Path is a new energy system that works to help and support you on your journey of life. Your life path is the goal for which you are embodied on this planet. Each person has different ways of life, and no way of life is better than anyone else’s. There are two levels and two settings in this system.

Runic Reiki (Rún Valdr)

This Reiki system is completely independent of Tibetan or Sanskrit teachings. It is based on the Norwegian runes and is very different from the traditional system, there are some similarities only in the settings and when using new characters. Symbols and techniques of this system can be applied not only for healing, but also in magic rituals and for charging amulets, talismans and other magic objects, with their help you can program objects to fulfill your desires.

The Sacred Flames of Reiki

The Sacred Flames of Reiki (SPR) is a powerful system that was recently opened by Allison Dahlhos. ABP comes from various means in the physical and spiritual realms. The Sacred Flame of Reiki is a series of guided visualizations and reflections aimed at healing the body, spirit and mind, as well as maintaining the right level of energy balance on the physical, spiritual and mental plane ..

Rainbow Light

Prerequisite – Reiki Master. The Rainbow Light was received by Jay Burrell with the help of Archangel Michael and Sylvia, his Rainbow guide during January 2005. The Rainbow Light Healing System teaches and sets you up to 7 rainbow colors that match the colors of the 7 major chakras of the body. By using this form of healing energy, everyone is able to open, cleanse and bring balance to the Chakras, leading to a more balanced life.

Alloy Reiki

Founder: Rev. Dr. Osgaldor Jason Storm. After you are tuned to the Fusion, you will notice an increase in your Higher Perception of Sense and ease in development. To use the energies of Reiki Alloy for healing, simply say the name of the symbol and / or draw it (or visualize it) on the client receiving the energy and let the energy flow.

Seikem Tera Mai Reiki

Prerequisite – Reiki Master. The traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho belongs to the Earth element, which allows a person to transmit the energy of life in its initial form.
Once they knew 300 characters and constantly used 22 of them. Today we know that Usui received additional characters. Takata also knew them. These are Seikem symbols that belong to the elements of water – Sophi-el, fire – Sakara, air and light – Angelic Light.
The traditional name for Seikem is Terra Mai. Seikem achieves a deeper opening to accepting energy than traditional Reiki. This amazing technique allows a deeper penetration into other dimensions, and therefore causes completely different feelings and effects.

Tiger Reiki The

Tiger Reiki was originally directed by Korey Long. According to the founder, Reiki Tiger “helps balance those who work with this setting, as well as those who receive it. It is perfectly used for meditation and adds a sense of ‘aggressiveness’ to the work in the treatment of this energy. Even with this technique, it is also a very calming energy. ” In addition, Tiger Reiki is a great system for cat lovers and / or anyone who performs healing sessions on cats, pets or people!

Rainforest Reiki

Founder of Violet Paille. The Reiki Rainforest uses the power of the animal kingdom to promote recovery. The animal kingdom is filled with beautiful creatures that have become our family, our pets, as well as our animal totems.
Surprised Reiki
Surprised is a Greek word that means “unconditional love” in modern times. This is universal, spiritual love; love that exists in divine nature. Some say that – this is love, which is the true nature of God, Everything, the ultimate reality. Surprised Reiki is a simple energy system that opens the spirit of unconditional love. It is easy to use and at the same time very effective.

Psychic Reiki

All Reiki settings can help with psychic abilities however, this setting is aimed to help you with certain psychic abilities.
It helps discover and expand your psychic abilities and cleanse the body to help your natural psychic abilities surface.
Setting up Psychic Reiki will not give you instant psychic abilities, but it will help you open more to allow natural abilities to surface.

Elemental Reiki

The Elemental Reiki system was created by Rebecca Doolin and uses symbols derived from the Goddess, Elemental and Pagan symbolic science.
This unique Reiki style combines Reiki’s healing energy with the Goddess, the Elemental and Pagan symbolic science, and can be used for healing and connection with the elements.

Merlin Magic

This dedication helps you gain Strength, Confidence and Love. It activates the Magic in you, the one that has always existed, but which you forgot about.
This setting consists of 3 parts:
1) Merlin’s energy
2) Merlin’s initiation into 5 elements (and, as a result, five characters.
3) Magic Protective Symbol
The Angel Reiki system was obtained from the archangel MIKHAIL through Sananda in 1991. It is a system of self-healing and healing of the whole world and society. Its methods are based on a thousand-year tradition of prayers and meditations. The settings in this system work as a means of balancing the energies of the initiate with the Divine Universal Energy of the Power of the Lord. Clairvoyance, materialization of thoughts and other abilities are revealed.

SYSTEM OF THE ascended masters.

Further, along the height of the vibrations is the Ascended Masters system. It is based on an alphabet of 16 characters transmitted through Alan Harris. These symbols were obtained from the Masters of Matreya, Sananda, Kuan Yin, Illarion, etc. Four settings affect the entire anatomy of the higher self. After tuning, the Reiki flow will pass through your body without additional efforts to treat and enlighten other people. The entire spectrum of vibrational frequencies consists of 8 ranges.
1. The traditional Mikao Usui system.
2. Karuna Reiki, Seichim, etc.
3. Enlightened Reiki, Reiki Mhatm to the 8th level.
4. Reiki Star Adam, changing the genetic code of a person in the direction of disclosure.
5. Reiki of the Divine energy of the Blue Star, helps to build a bridge between the soul of man and God.

Men Cho Reiki

Men Cho Reiki is a Buddhist teaching of a direct line of transmission dating back to Shakyamuni Buddha. The term “Men Cho” in Tibetan “Medicine” or “Healing” was chosen by Lama YESHE, as, in his words, “they clearly convey the essence of the text” on which this school, the “Tantra of Enlightening Lightning” is based. This manuscript came to Japan in the eighth century. Kukai (774-835), also known as Kobo Daishi, brought it from central China. Part of this line were such illustrious teachers as Maha’arya Nagarjuna, a renowned non-duality practitioner, Tantra adherent, and master of the Siddhi alchemical tradition.


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