Turquoise Stone Healing Properties

Turquoise stone

For millions of years ago, the turquoise stone was one of the most famous, until creating fame of legend within all stones at that time. Even many buildings built in ancient times used this stone to adorn their houses or palaces. To this day, it is an icon and uses in a variety of jewelry and accessories. Records of the color and structure of this stone keep from 6000 BC, especially in the regions of Egypt. And, they use to venerate royalty as Cleopatra and King Tut. There are unique turquoise stone healing properties.

Its composition as a mineral and the energy that it carries inside make the stone have mastery in healing. The vibes it handles are the largest in the universe, and six love is from its enhancers.

What you didn’t know about turquoise stone

In India, this stone was one of the most coveted by royalty and people who had a high rank in society of that type. To this day, we can find some of the buildings built and note that many of its decorative pieces. It was the turquoise stone. Even in the Taj Mahal, you can find sections only with these stones. They were enchanted by her for the bright and intense turquoise that she had and that she could offer to her palace.

Also, this stone, with its incredible color and dominance before the eyes of humans, caused it to uses by civilizations such as the Aztec to include them in their day to day and make them part of various celebrations that they celebrated, such as the ceremonies or places imposed on them. The veneration of the gods. Due to the incredible power of the force that the universe gave it, turquoise works as a protector against bad energies and curses by the punishing gods.

When guards or ground guards at night had a piece of turquoise near them, or around their necks, this caused the intruders to shrink and the positive force they wielded to form a fortress throughout the city or in a whole building of the time. In addition to helping to cope with serious and uncured diseases that spread throughout the lands. The Persians used to reflect the moonlight on the turquoise to bring good luck to the people.

The meaning of the turquoise stone

The first meaning that turquoise stone has is that its color resembles water, making us think of the vitality found in the sea or the vast oceans. It can also equate with the waters found in the most remote and paradisiacal places. The tones are a relationship between everything you can find and that the terrestrial and marine life combines in one.

It has a similarity to the emerald stone, only that the turquoise has a better connection with the universe and the forces of nature. So much magnitude can be represented graphically as the oceans of great depths and great size that transports us to fantastic or not so fantastic tales. The stone also has an exclusive design similar to a spider web. It considers that all the power it carries inside causes cracks and that iron oxide also accelerates the process.

They were used together with the crystals in a ritual for when the warriors had to defend their lands and their people, so in combination with the other crystals, they could reach up to great shields of protection through whoever bless them. If they sustained a wound, turquoise helped heal quickly and safely.

The origin of the word

There was the word “Turkish,” which referred to any crystal that had the color turquoise in French. Thanks to this perfect definition of the stone that we had in our hands. The concept was popularized around the world. And, that they also had the stone, and they did not know how to name it. The Silk trade route was in charge of transporting all this material found in Turkey and reached Western European lands.

Upon reaching these new lands, they quickly gained popularity, and each person who lived in their walls wanted to get one. It was a luxury, and each time increased the class and power. That the person had to have a piece of turquoise as an accessory or decoration of the castle. Even Napoleon I was the first to offer this gift to his wife, Maria Luisa, and it would remain in the family tradition for years.

The properties of turquoise stone

Due to the great strength that the turquoise stone has inside, it is normal that you have a faithful companion for adventures and overcome the worst situations in which you can find yourself. If it was in ancient times used by warriors in battles, it would help you overcome your battles. Also, this stone can work as a method of healing. You can position it in various parts of your body to get good vibes through these key points. It can function as a source for electronic devices or watch technology, or the like.

The ailment must be very specific so that the energies of the turquoise are activated and can give the best of it to your body and mind, do not worry. These difficult stages will quickly pass by this stone. In addition to helping you in these moments of vulnerability, it works to prevent them from happening again in your body and keep you stable every second. Re-activate the key points of your body and where the energy passes, and you have more obvious and quicker results.

Turquoise Stone Healing Properties

What kind of energy does the turquoise stone have?

The energy of feeling that you can do everything you want. And, the stability and well-being you can obtain when you have a high degree of power. When you meditate with this stone, you can see how your key points and the chakras align to let the best energy that it has for your pass, as it also feeds on your positivism. Turquoise is great for the heart, attracting love, maintaining relationships, and healing ailments from broken hearts.

It is an excellent accessory that you can find in infinite amounts of shapes and sizes. You must always carry it with you so that the energies of the universe accompany you. Little by little, its energy is released. And, it can measure how much is the amount you need for certain situations.

If you are not clear about the path you want to take in your life. Or you feel insecure about starting a new stage. The Turquoises are excellent companions. And, make each step you take do not feel as if you are jumping into the well. And, that you will not be able to leave. It has the same effect as when they give you a smile on the day. It is that vital energy that you need to go ahead and fulfill all your projects. 

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Where can I find the turquoise stone?

There are many places where you can already find accessible studies. You can feel the energy that ancient civilizations felt and how they fill with their power. Turquoises can present in countries like Egypt, India, Iran, Israel. And, it also present in some parts of the United States, especially towards the southwest. There are also important deposits. They are now more active than ever in countries such as China, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Australia, and many more that have not yet been discovered.

We must see that it is the real stone. On the contrary, we would be giving our energies and hope to a bottomless object or connection to the universe, to a false turquoise. Surely you will have no problem finding it, but be careful.

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