Third Eye Symbol Meaning

The Third Eye is a symbol associated with the awakening of consciousness. Its concept links to the knowledge of one’s being, the ineffable essence of each human being, and the deepest of self-experience. We will tell you about the third eye symbol meaning.

This eye symbol is present in a large number of ancestral civilizations. Many of them have adapted their representation and their name, but their meaning has remained unchanged.

Its dissemination and use in diverse and remote cultures seem to show the existence of a previous ancestral religion. That could have transferred its knowledge to all others.

Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye concept also called the mind’s eye, is a multicultural 3rd eye symbol linked to psychic vision. At the same time, the eyes see out everything material. THIRD EYE s and refer to the perception of the spiritual, facing indoors.

“Who looks out, dreams; who looks inside, awakens” – Carl Jung

Third Eye Chakra Color

The Third Eye Chakra commonly represents the color purple or bluish purple.

Shiva Third Eye

Within the framework of Hinduism, Shiva is one of the gods of the Trimurti (‘three-forms’ or ‘Hindu Trinity’). He represents the role of the destroying god, along with Brahma (creator god) and Visnú (preserver god). Shiva has a third eye located on his forehead, 3rd eye symbol representing the eye of wisdom. The eye that sees beyond the obvious, also known as bindi. Consequently, Shiva is known as Tri-netri-īshwara (‘lord of the three eyes’).

third eye symbol

Shiva and the third eye

Third Eye Buddhism

For spiritualists and different religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism. The THIRD EYE is where our conscience finds and the point of union with the spiritual world. They consider it the center of clairvoyance and intuition. And third eye symbol externalize it with a red dot between the middle of the eyebrows.

third eye symbol

Giant Kamakura Buddha

Kundalini Third Eye Symptoms

In the doctrine of Kundalini Yoga, it is called the SIXTH CHAKRA or AJNA. Where the conscious perception of Being consummates and the psychic force settles. Kundalini, in Sanskrit, means “snake” and is a figure used to represent the flow of energy present in the human body. The Kundalini is the pranic or vital energy present at the base of the spinal cord.

Kundalini energy can stimulate consciousness through the natural system of chakras (“wheel” in Sanskrit). An alignment of seven vibrating and rotating centers of the body. The energy levels of the chakras correspond to the spectrum of light and sound, each with its frequency and color.

This process of stimulation of consciousness is called “awakening of the THIRD EYE.” It says that third eye open symptoms induce intuition, increasing self-knowledge, and unleashing our creative potential.

third eye symbol

Kundalini – the power of the snake

For this, the Kundalini energy must call up to the SIXTH CHAKRA or AJNA, where it activates the THIRD EYE. Kundalini energy travels along the first leg (left) and Pingala (right) to the central pole or Sushumna. The Ida begins and ends on Susumna’s left.

Spiritual Eyes

It is feminine energy and refers to the right side of the brain and the left side of the body. It is also called “Chandra” or “moon” Nadi, related to lunar energy.

Control all mental processes. The Pingala begins and ends to the right of Sushumna. It is masculine energy and governs the right side of the body and the left side of the brain. It is also called “Suria” or “sun” Nadi since it is related to solar energy. Control vital processes.

third eye symbol

Kundalini – the ascending energy

The representation of this process of “enlightenment” or “awakening” consists of an image of the human body with two snakes entwined ascending the spine to the Third Eye point. And above this, the crown chakra, the point to reach in the lighting, symbolizes two wings deployed.

The image of the winged snake refers us directly to the idea of ​​the Feathered Serpent “Quetzalcoatl,” the creator god for Mesoamerican cultures that, in Nahuatl language, ” quetzal” is the name of a bird of beautiful plumage, and “cōātl” means “snake,” or its synonym Maya, Kukulcán. The winged snake is also the synthesis of the elements of the Egyptian crown with the Uadyet cobra and the Nejbet vulture.

The THIRD EYE awakening would then mean transcending the physical and mundane to enter the spiritual world, balancing the duality (opposite energies) inherent in every human body. This knowledge and equalization of the opposite pairs is the key to all esoteric schools.

3rd Eye Chakra

This process esoterically represents by the eye symbol of the Caduceus of Hermes, an obvious synthesis of the representation of Kundalini energy flowing through the spine: two braided snakes that ascend the wand.

third eye symbol

Hermes caduceus

6th Chakra

In this sense, the secret of the ancient universal religion would consist in balancing the implicit duality of our being to awaken the THIRD EYE and thus glimpse each one’s potential by reaching an inner vision and intuitive knowledge.

third eye symbol

Ajna – Sixth Chakra

In the city of Mohenjo-Daro, a statue called “R ey-Priest” has been found that has the representation of a kind of “headband” with a circular space in the center of the forehead, in which a small gold disk could fit (which it was found near the figurine) and suggests a possible precursor of the ‘ Third Eye ” . It is interesting to note that this King-priest’s headband would be very similar to the ritualistic tefillin used in Judaism from the s. II BCE approx.

third eye symbol

Mohenjo-Daro Rey / Priest

The mythical “THIRD EYE” has been adopted and adapted by freemasonry as the “EYE THAT SEES EVERYTHING.”

All Seeing Eye

The THIRD EYE has been hidden in the West, to be masked under the term of “EYE THAT SEES EVERYTHING.”

The American author (Mason) Mark Twain, in writing in 1899, refers to the “EYE THAT SEES EVERYTHING “not as the eye of a distant celestial deity but as a tangible gift that anyone can use:

“The common eye sees only the outer part of things, and judges by that, but the” EYE THAT SEES EVERYTHING “penetrates completely, and reads the heart and soul, finding there the capacity that the exterior does not indicate or promises, and that otherwise, I could not detect.”

The founders of the US, declared freemasons, were no stranger to occult symbology. As can be seen on the dollar bill where they have paid homage to ancestral wisdom:

third eye symbol

One dollar bill

The freemasons symbolized the concept of the Third Awakened Eye with an eye inside a triangle:

third eye symbol

Detail of the THIRD EYE Awakened

Third Eye Triangle

The image of the truncated third eye pyramid would be none other than the mythical Great Pyramid of Giza (which just lacks its dome), egyptian third eye symbol mysticism and hidden ancestral knowledge, which is quite logical given the meaning of “mason “Is that of a stone mason / craftsman.

The legends of Freemasonry attribute its origin to the mythical architect of the Great Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, Hiram Abif, among other characters related to the great architectural works of history. This is how Masonry uses construction references to symbolize their knowledge, taken from the pyramids in ancient Egypt, the Roman Collegia Fabrorum, the order of the Templars, the Rosicrucians and the Renaissance humanists, among others.

The ” EYE THAT SEES EVERYTHING ” can also be seen in the 1789 painting of the French Declaration of Human Rights.

third eye symbol

Bicentennial of the French Revolution: Stamp of the declaration of the rights of man and citizen

The incorporation of these symbols in public images entails an evident intent on the part of their conceptors, not being a whim of the artist of each one of these illustrations.

Masonic fraternities, meanwhile, publicly use this type of esoteric symbology.

Masonic Symbology: The Third Awakened Eye along with the sun / moon duality.

We can also find references to an original “ EYE THAT EVERYTHING SEE IT ” among the amazing finds of archaeological pieces in the Cave of the Tayos , in Ecuador, in which it is symbolized as a Sun on the top of the pyramids:

Pyramids in the Tayos

Another very peculiar case is that of the objects found in the Cueva de la Mana , also in Ecuador, among which a 13-level pyramid has been found – like the ticket pyramid – with the “ EYE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ” embedded in the vertex, and a cobra snake (which currently lives only in Asia and Africa), which has seven ventral lines, perhaps the seven chakras, on each side of its neck.

Pyramid and Snake of the Cave of Manna

The step towards the Great Wisdom is accessed through the THIRD EYE, which is nothing other than the PINEAL GLAND.

Pineal Gland Egypt

The PINEAL GLAND is shaped like a “pineapple” (the fruit of the pine tree) – that’s why it’s called Pineal, and it’s physically right in the center of our brain. It is the organ with the highest concentration of energy in the body, as well as the one with the highest blood flow.

Its function is to generate a very important hormone that is Melatonin, which in turn is synthesized from Serotonin. Melatonin acts as a type of master clock that regulates sleep or wakefulness, retards the aging process and regulates growth, among other functions.

Melatonin is involved in cell regeneration, the generation of antioxidants (which block free radicals) and also has immunological properties that prevent cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and depression, among other diseases.​​​​

Dynamic 3D representation of the Pineal Gland

The  PINEAL GLAND in addition to containing retinal fiber inside, has the characteristic of being photosensitive (like the eye), being the production of Melatonin stimulated by darkness and inhibited by light. It is attached to the retina via the upper cervical ganglion and the hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus, thus, it can be considered to be part of the visual pathways, and converts the luminous information into hormonal secretion.

Pineal gland

In addition to producing Melatonin, the PINEAL GLAND also produces a compound called DMT (DiMetil Triptamine), one of the most potent psychedelics known so far, which is responsible for visualizing images in a state of sleep.

Ayahuasca – a ceremonial drink used by the Shamans of Amazon tribes to produce psychic effects of third eye healing, clairvoyance and precognition – is produced from plant species that are chemically almost equivalent to DMT in humans.

In the human being, as well as in the rest of the mammals and in certain birds, the pineal body is a gland, that is, an organ that secretes hormones. But in some fish, reptiles, amphibians and some birds, the pineal body is a formation that integrates, in addition to a gland, photoreceptor organs whose fibers “flow” into the upper part of the skull . In these non-mammalian species, the pineal organ is literally a third eye.

That is, somewhere in the evolutionary path, our species lost that “third eye”, and replaced it with the visual pathways that connect with the pineal gland, while other species that did not develop those pathways, kept it so that their gland Pineal can continue to perceive the light.

The parietal, pineal or third eye of the snake

A curious aspect of the development of the gland is that in the human embryo it is formed after 49 days of gestation, and precisely 49 days is what takes the soul to reincarnate, according to the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

The French philosopher René Descartes (1596-1650), in the context of his psycho-physical dualism, postulated that Soul and Body exist separately and that their meeting point is precisely the Pineal Gland, “the seat of the soul.” What attracted Descartes from this gland was its location in the axis of symmetry of our brain and its anatomy.

For the Sumerians and ancient Egyptians and for many cultures of ancient times the PINEAL GLAND was considered of great importance since they believed that it regulated the flow of thought and that it functioned as a portal to higher dimensions, related to intuition, wisdom and knowledge deep.​​​​

Assyrian relief (King Ashurnasirpal s. IX BC)

This ancient Assyrian relief seems to convey, in its style, the idea of ​​the awakening of the THIRD EYE, as represented by the eye symbol of Kundalini energy or the Caduceus of Hermes: the central rod serves as the spine / cane, and even suggests an “eye” on its upper part of the cane; while the surrounding zigzag ornamentation is about the upward flow of energy / the two snakes.

Pineapples / PINEAL GLAND, are in the hands of winged beings ” Apkallu “, as manipulating the consciousness of King Ashurnasirpal. The central winged object is the Assyrian god Assur – much like the Faravahar. A eye symbol of Zoroastrianism that contains a “Holy Spirit” inside a Winged Disk. That would represent the ultimate fate of the Third Eye’s awakening.

Pine Cone Symbolism

The idea of symmetry in this type of images refers to the notion of the opposite energies that ascend through the medulla. It is very common to find representations of this motif, with the pineapple flanked by figures of animals facing each other. Or in the case of the EYE EVERYTHING YOU SEE, the pyramids flanked by opposite figures. An example of this is this Egyptian “caduceus” of a rod with a pineapple:

Cane with a pine cone from Osiris. Egyptian Museum of Turin, Italy, 1224 BC

Pineapple is found in many cultures and is related to power and knowledge. Interestingly, we can now find a huge pineapple-shaped monument in the same Vatican, flanked by facing peacocks.

Vatican Pineapple

The PINEAL GLAND, within Egyptian culture, is known as the EYE OF HORUS, which corresponds with impressive resemblance.

Eye Of Horus

In Egypt, the land of the Great Sphinx , the EYE OF HORUS or Udyat, was a widely spread and revered concept attributed to properties linked to health, prosperity, passage to the other world, and the ability to be reborn.

Sometimes he was represented accompanied by the protective figures of the pharaoh: the snake (cobra) Uadyet, “the lady of heaven”, goddess of Lower Egypt; and for the vulture Nejbet, protector of births, parties and battles, protective goddess of Upper Egypt.

Eye of Horus symbol with Uadyet cobra and Nejbet vulture

Uadyet precisely the cobra and vulture Nekhbet was what the pharaohs wore on his forehead, symbolizing initiated precisely in the area  of the Terce r Eye. As we noted above, the two symbols synthesize the idea of ​​the feathered serpent, emblem of the creator god and giver of knowledge to mankind, for many ancestral cultures.

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From the anatomical point of view, it is as if the snake and the vulture were the external sensors that transmit the information to the Pineal Gland. The connecting pathways between the outside and the center of consciousness. In this sense, it is as expressed by the myths of all ancestral cultures. That the snake is the giver of knowledge, the forger of the conscience of man.

In the Sumerian and Assyrian culture, its heiress, we find a series of representations that precisely associate the figure of the vulture. The pineapple (the Pineal Gland) and the spinal cord with the upward flow of energy.

And also in the festivities of the Mexican tradition, we can surprisingly observe people representing their mythological beings, wearing costumes with feathered eagles / snakes, very similar to the Assyrian Apkallu.

Spiritual Eye Symbols


We are obviously facing an ancient eye symbol of deep spiritual value. Its transversality in different ancestral civilizations would be proof of its validity and usefulness of its use.

All this generates questions such as: What kind of knowledge was had in the past about the PINEAL GLAND? How did humanity access this information?

How developed were they in terms of their own conscience? And how exceptional were the properties offered by such development as a reason for sculptures, reliefs and paintings?

How is it that access to this knowledge. If it really existed. Could have been hidden for thousands of years, to the point of ignoring even the very existence of that body?

Perhaps the Third Eye is a remnant organ of a time when humanity was higher and spiritual. Perhaps of a pre- flood Mother Culture.

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