Shiva lingam healing properties

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This name has various meanings such as phallus, sign or brand. This stone is also called shiva lingam , Tibet egg, shiva phallus or sacred lingam , it is a kind of natural boulder that forms in the Narmada river, specifically in the Mandhata mountains in India.

They are a variety of cryptocrystalline type quartz with agate, basalt and jasper; It is composed of silica and its inclusions are magnesium and iron. Its hardness is 7 (Mohs).

It is considered a healing stone and it is a kind of jasper of Hindu origin. They are usually found at full moon on the banks of the Narmada River (one of the seven holy sites in India).

shiva lingam

Lingam mineralogy

These stones were formed millions of years ago, when a meteorite collided with the earth, specifically in the place where the Narmada river is located, the oldest in the world, in Madhya Pradesh, province about 300 miles northeast of Bombay, India. This collision caused immense heat causing the meteorite particles to mix with the existing rocks in the area.

These fused parts of the meteorite with various rocks took a typical oval shape, hovering around the river bed, for millions of years and to date. This oval shape is different from other flat and thin stones that appear in the riverbed, which makes them special and unique.

Attributes of the lingam stone.

The lingam unites opposite beings (feminine and masculine), in soul and body. Motivated by its elongated shape (symbol of the male phallus) and its reddish tone, it is associated with the feminine, for this reason it is considered a stone that balances the two energies. It is recommended for sexual healing. It is capable of transmitting psychological perceptions and closes cycles in personal life.

For this reason, lingam is very useful for the emotional healing of people who have suffered pain in childhood, specifically caused by sexual abuse, pain due to separation from a partner, and also helps in attracting a new sentimental partner, among others.

Lingam symbology.

This stone by tradition has been located in the central part of the deepest shrine of each Shiva temple, this tradition dates back more than 2,000 years.

Activate the sacral and basic chakras and raise and control the kundalini energy. This stone symbolizes the union of the Hindu gods (Shiva and Kali).

The lingam stimulates the energy system throughout the body, helping to improve the health and general welfare.

Inside its phallic form, on one hand, the masculine part of the stone is seen, and in the egg form and in the beauty of the marks on the stones, the feminine part is seen. Many say that this stone contains within it a feeling of duality and unity.

Where does lingam come from?

These egg-shaped stones come specifically from the Narmada river, which is one of the holiest places in western India.

Villagers often collect the stones from this river and work by polishing them by hand so that they can be smooth and rounded.

The colors of the lingam vary, but are characterized by having shades of brown, red, or gray, with patches or spots on the stones.

These stones are a symbol of Lord Shiva, for this reason, the word “lingum” comes from the Sanskrit word for this symbol.

For hundreds of years these unusual stones are an integral part of Hindu worship practices.

Where we connect with the higher self is with the crown chakra, and the lingam encourages direct connection with the higher self.

The shiva lingam stone encourages you to see the whole of yourself, and spiritually, you will see that each is part of the whole, yet you are a separate individual within the whole.

What is the meaning of this form?

The shape of this stone has a specific meaning, but they are deliberately made in the phallic form. This form symbolizes the phallus belonging to the Hindu god Shiva and union with his wife Kali.

It is important to know that some shiva lingam stones occur naturally, (something rare); Most of these stones are molded and polished by hand by the people who reside in those areas of the river.

Another form of these stones is the form of the cosmic egg, from which all creation arises.

For this reason, the lingam stones encompass both the female and the male, taking into account their union within the only sacred object.

Some very beautiful shiva lingam stones have occurred naturally within sacred temples and are particularly revered and sacred to devotees.

Why would you use a lingam?

It is not difficult to acquire a shiva lingam stone , these are basically quartz, but they contain impurities due to their mixtures from the river where they originate.

This stone contains strong metaphysical properties, which transmit a lot of energy.

Perhaps one of the reasons why these stones have so much energy is because they have been worshiped for many centuries by devotees.

It creates a type of resonance within the field of pure power, which creates all that is. As this field is tuned into energy, it encompasses the divine mind. Quartz manages to resonate the sacred energy, through the universal mind, to all those who use it.

The internal energy carried by these stones activates the kundalini energy, where the kundalini begins to awaken. To activate this energy, you can use the stone only, or you can also combine it with other powerful stones to help in this transformation process.

Kundalini energy is about a session where the energy will go up the spine, from the base or root chakra, then it ends where it emerges in the crown chakra, like a huge snake on your head.

How to use a lingam?

The stones within the three lower chakras will vibrate. This is based on the need to work the physical body, motivated because these chakras are related to physical existence.

For the three lower chakras, if they are used in particular in the sacral or the navel chakra and the base chakra, the lingam stone is of great help to them.

Using this stone in sacred tantrics, they help sexual impotence and any other problem of this nature.

They are recommended to cure any infertility or reproductive problem, they also alleviate the symptoms of menopause and menstrual pain; It also helps in disorders caused by the prostate.

If you center the energy of these stones in the chakra of the heart, your vibration both in this chakra and in the chakra of the upper heart connects you with the divine mind.

This stone encourages forgiveness, supports all aspects of your personal divinity, and also helps you overcome judging others.

The lingam fosters the feeling of community and togetherness, for this reason it helps to unite separate people.

This stone acts inside the throat chakra, which allows to identify the connection with your esoteric body and at the same time how it can communicate it to your higher being.

The lingam helps to recognize that you can use aspects of the pineal gland, without having to use the normal senses.

When there is resonance within the third eye chakra, your visionary abilities can be noticed, which enhances the direct connection to the higher self.

A strong sense of sacredness and divinity is presented in the energy that the shiva lingam gives us for being an object of beauty.

To achieve enlightenment on a spiritual level, use this enchanting stone as it will increase your pranic energy and level of vitality as you connect with the creator.

Lingam fun facts.

Some families by Hindu tradition, approach the river during full moon, when the river is at low level to carefully select, collect and polish the lingam stones by hand . This ritual is practiced once a year before the monsoon season.

 This stone in June 1984 appeared on the cover of House and Garden magazine and in May 1985 in Architectural Digest magazine, both magazines are North American.

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