Savvy – what is it, examples of manifestation, how to develop ingenuity

What is savvy?

Savvy is the ability to quickly find a non-standard approach to solving a problem and the ability to competently use the available resources, available materials to solve emerging problems. The main components of ingenuity are resourcefulness, the ability to think outside the box, flexibly. Usually, ingenuity manifests itself well in the event of stress, which implies the use of all internal resources to make an optimal decision.

At the same time, the presence of a person’s academic knowledge and education does not mean the ability to realize them – this is what distinguishes ingenuity (the ability to apply existing knowledge) from being well-read (i.e. having knowledge). There are many life examples of excellent students who did not manage to achieve serious success, and C-students who became famous businessmen.

The presence of ingenuity increases the chances of successful self-realization, expands the boundaries of a person’s capabilities, helps to be more attentive to the little things, to notice important details. Thanks to your ingenuity, you can find a way out of any difficult situation, make a new decision that allows you to simplify the existing task, defeat the routine.

Examples of display of ingenuity

The area where ingenuity is most often manifested is study. An excellent example is a student who was able to easily carry a cheat sheet to an exam, where it was very tightly controlled, pockets were checked. It was possible to carry only a pen and a bottle of water, which was used by one student. He printed out all the important formulas in the same font as all the information on the bottle – country of production, composition, legal information, etc. Instead, he pasted text with formulas in such a way that it was indistinguishable from what was written on the bottle. No one noticed this and the student easily used the cheat sheet.

Savvy is also evident in everyday life. As an example, we can cite the story of a mother who, having 2 small children, did not get enough sleep. children constantly demanded attention and made noise. One day, when her strength was running out and she wanted to sleep, and the children continued to make noise, she decided to be smart and go for a trick. She told the children that she was going to lie down to rest and asked them to wake her up in 15 minutes and they would start cleaning the apartment. After that, silence reigned, the children hid in the rooms and did not make the slightest sound.

Another example of being smart is the ability to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. It would seem that the task is not easy, but ingenuity helps to use available means for this. For example, you can use a regular fountain pen to push the cork inside the bottle, which will help you pour the drink without any problems.

Is it possible to develop ingenuity?

Experts believe that ingenuity should not be equated with intelligence. A person who can multiply large numbers in his mind may feel shy at home and not find a simple solution for an ordinary situation, which implies going beyond standard thinking, using a creative approach.

As a property of thinking, ingenuity helps to find a way out of a difficult situation in a short period of time, an unconventional solution, even if there is no actual chance of success.

Experts in cognitive psychology believe that a person gets savvy from the moment of birth. However, it can be developed over time. Let’s see how to do it.

How to develop ingenuity?

There are some simple tips that will help develop your ingenuity:

  • Organize your life. The habit of going to bed, getting up at the same time allows a person to expand his mental abilities, regardless of age. Neuropathologists say that sleep deprivation and oversleeping are not beneficial. It will be correct to prepare for bed until 22.00, and wake up until 07.00.
  • Read more good books. Detectives are the best choice to increase your wits. It has already been proven that a high-quality detective literary work helps to captivate the reader, to draw him into the current process. Reflecting on such books allows you to activate the part of the brain that is responsible for logical thinking, helps a person to think quickly and sensibly. Read about how to start reading if you can’t force yourself to read in this article.
  • Start thinking in the cases in which you used gadgets. Today, technology only reduces wit. Smart machines are used to solve a large number of tasks. To activate a creative approach to this situation, you need to make it a rule to solve the simplest tasks yourself, without using a gadget.
  • Diversify your diet . A person’s thinking abilities will deteriorate if he uses very little folic acid, vitamins of group B.
  • Learn a new language. Learning a new foreign language will strengthen your memory, increase your vocabulary over time. To maintain a normal level of mental abilities, you can spend on a new language as little as 30 minutes, but every day.
  • Do not sour. Working at a computer, watching TV for a long time will not help to increase the mind. It is necessary to spend weekends, vacations with benefits for the mind and health. Visit excursions and theaters, clubs and libraries to keep your mind from getting old.