Rhodonite healing properties

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Rhodonite stone and its properties

Rhodonite healing properties

The rodonita  also known as pajsbergita is a mineral belonging to the group of silicates and the Inosilicates and within this subgroup belongs to subgroup pyroxene. It is a manganese silicate that can be replaced by iron, magnesium, calcium and other minerals. Another variety like fowlerite that has zinc which replaces manganese.

This mineral usually occurs in scattered grains or granulated masses and rarely occurs in tubular crystals. Its color is reddish pink, but it can vary from brown to black if exposed to the elements. Its chemical formula is MnSiO 3

Physical properties of rhodonite.

  • Color: pink or flesh red.
  • Raya: blanca.
  • Luster: glassy or matte.
  • Transparency: translucent or transparent.
  • Crystal habit: massive, granular
  • Exfoliation: Perfect at (110) and (110), (110) ^ (110) = 92.5 °; good at (001).
  • Fracture: conchoidal.
  • Hardness: 5.5 – 6.5 (Mohs).
  • Density: 3.4 to 3.7 g / cm 3.
  • Refractive index: nα = 1,711 – 1,738 nβ = 1,714 – 1,741 nγ = 1,724 – 1,751
  • Birrefringencia: δ = 0.013
  • Pleocroism: Weak.
  • Solubility: not soluble in acids.

Rhodonite history.

The mineralogist Christoph Friedrich Jasche carried out the first scientific study of this mineral, specifically in the year 1819. The name Rhodonite is said to  come from the term rodon, due to the characteristic pink color of the stone.

In ancient Rome and in Greece this mineral was highly appreciated, since the people of that time believed in the protective power of this mineral against bandits and thieves, for this reason, rhodonite  was used as protective amulets.

In ancient times, some peoples who were enemies to each other, when reconciling exchanged pieces of rhodonite  as a symbol of peace and lasting coexistence.

Some people from towns in America gave a small rhodonite amulet  as a symbol of friendship to those who were their guests.

Rhodonite deposits.

This metamorphic stone is found in most locations in the United States, in the same way they are found in deposits in Spain, Peru, Australia, China, Brazil, Russia, Sweden and in the mountainous regions of France.

Spiritual properties of rhodonite.

  • For the person who uses this gem it will have a feeling of help to reconcile with their past, letting go of old ties and emotional wounds.
  • It draws healing energy to heal internally. Helps to improve relationships, attracting peace, tranquility and trust in the bond.
  • It is of great help to strengthen relationships with other people. It is very useful for people suffering from jealousy.
  • Help to live in the present and enjoy your life every day and above all to reconcile with yourself.
  • Soothes and calms the mind, attracts protection and balance, it will also help you stay stable when presenting a stressful situation.
  •  This stone is considered to have calming properties since it regulates the heart rate. It is a perfect ally when taking an exam or test.
  • It improves learning skills and controls anxiety in adolescents, it is also very effective for those who require courage and endurance.
  • If you have anxiety or panic problems, meditating with a rhodonite  is ideal.
  • It is very effective for zodiac signs associated with water and sun, such as Capricorn, Gemini, Cancer, and Aries.
  • If placed in the heart chakra it balances this chakra, providing emotional healing.
  • If you are going to use rhodonite  for the chakra, anyone can do it, but it is always recommended to use the darker stone, since the darker it is, the better the resonance with the base chakra will be.
  • The rodonita  helps reconcile sleep is also good ally against worry and insecurities.
  • The rodonita  in their different colors can be very useful for certain things, for example: rodonita  pale pink helps in inner peace and harmony; the  bright pink rhodonite will fill you with life and passion, while the  red rhodonite will make you a passionate and brave person.
  • It helps in reaching a high potential when used for meditation.
  • In cases of emotional self-destruction, abuse and codependency, this stone brings great benefit.
  • Promote calm attitudes in dangerous and annoying situations.
  • Emotions like anger and rancor this stone tends to surface and transmute them.
  • The nervous system is controlled and regulated by rhodonite , which considerably reduces the problems that this system can present.
  • It decreases the swelling and the scars on the wounds disappear, placing the rhodonite  in the affected area.  
  • Controls and regulates menstruation and relieves pain caused by it. The rodonita  also favors the fertility of women and men.
  • It helps in the treatment of stomach ulcers.
  • It also helps to treat bronchial problems such as asthma.
  • Eliminates toxins from the body.
  • Joint inflammation, arthritis, emphysema are also treated with rhodonite .
  • It helps in the treatment of diseases of the immune system and in multiple sclerosis.
  • Eliminates eye diseases and sharpens eyesight.
  • As it is composed of manganese, rhodonite  is good for curing bone diseases.

Main benefits of rhodonite.

Various uses of rhodonite.

In India, rhodonite  was used as a manganese mineral, but currently, its uses are exclusive as a material for lapidaries and as mineral specimens, which if they are  high quality rhodonite crystals , can be sold at a high price.

Rhodonite stones  that have an intense pink or red color are generally used as rough gemstones or as ornamental stones, in order to make small sculptures, basins, cabochons, tumbled stones and other lapidaries.

On the other hand, mineral collectors are especially looking for rhodonite crystals  with transparency and very well formed. When good quality crystals that are damaged are cut into faceted stones. That’s when collectors take advantage of these faceted crystals, as their low neckline and hardness make them vulnerable to be used in jewelry.

Rhodonite stone  today is very popular in Russia, where it is used to make any type of object, since it is used as a decorative element, even for buildings.

In jewelery and costume jewelery this gem is highly prized, as it is very affordable and lends itself to imagination and creativity in jewelry making.

In lithotherapy (stone therapies) rhodonite  is also used, thanks to the large number of benefits it brings to the mind, spirit and body, since it is considered a calming, protective, restorative and balancing stone.

Imitations of rhodonite.

It is easy to confuse rhodochrosite and thulite, although the former has a softer hardness and the latter is harder. But what can differentiate a rhodochrosite from rhodonite  is that rhodochrosite shows a white veining because it contains calcium carbonate, while rhodonite  shows a black veining due to the presence of manganese.

Curiosities of rhodonite.

  • Its name comes from the Greek rodon which means red rose color.
  • Tsar Alexander II, Emperor of Russia (1855-1881), when his wife passed away, ordered to build his tomb entirely carved in rhodonite, using then 49 tons of this stone.
  • In the 16th century, a trade book described rhodonite as a beneficial stone, since it attracted intelligence, joy and memory to those who possessed it, and in the same way, made it retain its honor.
  • Artifacts such as vases and vats decorated or elaborated with rhodonite and even columns adorned and completely covered by this stone, can be found in museums in Saint Petersburg.
  • Rhodonite, in addition to being considered a spiritual healing stone, is also an excellent physical healer, as it helps, prevents, regulates and fights diseases such as arthritis, lung problems, ulcers, throat infections, kidney, liver problems, heart conditions. skin, problems with the immune system, among others.
  • Other uses for physical healing of this stone is that it can treat skin lesions such as burns and insect bites.
  • Rhodonite also has two names in Spanish that are rarely used: Hermannite  and  Hydropite. Another name by which rhodonite is known is: manganese pebble.

Cleaning and activation of rhodonite.

The rodonita  is a mineral that can be cleaned in a very easy way. Just place it under the tap and let the water run, then it must be dried very well with a clean cloth and leave it in the sun for a few hours. 

Another way to clean the energies that it contains, is to put it in water with sea salt and then rinse it with running water and then dry it very well. This process should preferably be carried out once a month, if the rhodonite  is being used for energy and not decorative purposes. 


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