Reiki in pregnancy

Reiki in pregnancy. Reiki is a Japanese technique, a manual therapy output that helps alleviate some ailments. The principle tries to re-inject energy into your body to heal itself. This relaxation technique promotes intense relaxation that can be very helpful during pregnancy.

Can reiki therapy be performed on pregnant women?

There is no contraindication in this regard. Reiki is practiced by laying hands on its different chakras. There is no concept of massage or use of essential oils (contraindicated) during pregnancy.

Reiki is safe for future moms and their babies

Reiki in pregnant women is used to alleviate some everyday ailments, such as back pain or insomnia. As the risk of miscarriage is greater until 3 months of pregnancy it is advisable to wait to practice reiki until the baby is well hooked.

If you have doubts, you can ask the doctor who follows you for advice.

Reiki will also strengthen the relationship between the mother and her child, taking the time to meditate and listen to her body. It allows the expectant mother to connect with her baby, although you can also practice reiki to recover after giving birth.

Reiki in pregnancy

The virtues of reiki are numerous for young mothers. It can help find a physical and emotional balance. On a physical level, postnatal sessions provide a good complement to the perineal re-education process.

On the emotional level, energetic work relieves fatigue due to the arrival of the baby. Furthermore, by promoting the regulation of emotions, reiki can help in the fight against postpartum depression.

  • Reiki helps to find a physical balance (work in the perineum) and emotional (fatigue after the arrival of the baby).
  • It promotes the regulation of emotions and prevents postpartum depression.
  • Beneficial action on breastfeeding.
  • It promotes the bond of mother-father-child attachment. Reiki creates a strong spiritual relationship between baby and mother.
  • Babies who receive reiki during pregnancy tend to be easier to live with.
  • In neonatology, in the case of hospitalized children, reiki allows a better recovery of the child, a greater proximity of the parents, especially if they start themselves (remote treatment).

The 7 main positions of reiki in pregnancy:

  1. Place your hands in front of your face, side by side, palms inward and with light pressure. The hands surround the nose so that the body breathes freely. This position concerns chakra 6.
  2. Place your palms flat on the back of your skull, starting from the nape of the neck and surrounding the head, this position corresponds to chakra 7.
  3. Place your hands on both sides of your neck to cover your throat, this position concerns chakra 5.
  4. Place your hands at the level of your heart on your chest and follow the rhythm of your breathing, this position corresponds to chakra 4.
  5. Place your hands at the level of your solar plexus, this position corresponds to chakra 3.
  6. Place your hands flat just below your navel, this position refers to chakra 2.
  7. Put your hands on your genitals, this position concerns the first chakra.

If you have not received reiki training, it is advisable to go to a professional and not heal yourself.

In this sense, reiki is a relaxation technique that promotes global healing. It is practiced by laying on of the hands at various energy points and aims to harmonize the energy centers of the body, also called chakras.

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It is safe for moms-to-be and can alleviate, or even eliminate, some minor ailments related to anxiety or stress, starting with insomnia. Additionally, by relieving body tension, reiki can help the expectant mother better manage physical changes over the months.

It is recommended that the expectant mother wait until the end of the third month of pregnancy and seek the advice of her doctor or OB / GYN before beginning.

Reiki has the particularity of acting where it is most useful. So during a session, the energy goes where there is real demand, for the mother and / or the baby. And why not for dad?

However, it is interesting to note the benefits of reiki in the particular context of pregnancy, childbirth, and the months after the baby arrives.

  • Reiki is safe for a pregnant woman. What’s more, it brings calm and relaxation to the mother and baby.
  • It can be administered at any stage of pregnancy .
  • The discomforts of pregnancy can be alleviated : morning sickness, back pain, stress, insomnia, body tension, gastric problems, etc.
  • It promotes the emotional well-being of the mother and, suddenly, that of the baby!
  • Reiki can also promote a form of communication between mother and baby.
  • The remote care also works very well.
  • The baby is calmer during pregnancy.
  • At the end of pregnancy, reiki relaxes the belly and can calm early contractions.
  • Reiki prepares the mother and baby for delivery.
  • It works faster thanks to the action on cervical dilation .
  • Relaxation during work . Less stress, anxiety, fatigue.
  • Better pain management, including more effective breathing .
  • Greater involvement of the mother in the work and birth of the baby.
  • Reiki creates a calm and serene environment for the baby.

Often, as reiki says: “For the highest good of all and in harmony with the Universe.” And yet, so difficult to understand, to accept.

Reiki in pregnancy

Reiki accompanies perinatal mourning: intrauterine fetal death, miscarriage, or loss of a twin in the womb. Through Grace and Divine Love, reiki helps parents to accept this suffering and discover the meaning of what is happening, perhaps to undertake a work of evolution that will advance them on the Path of Life.

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