Reiki For Weight Loss

Reiki for weight loss. a healthy lifestyle is essential if you want to lose weight beyond a good diet. And of course, with a little sport, you can trust a few tips to refine yourself faster.

Reiki seems to be more and more successful and gives benefits when it comes to losing weight. Is it relevant? Yes, this particular meditation practice can have a positive impact, but perhaps not the way you are thinking.

How can the virtues of traditional reiki help you lose weight?

Reiki for weight loss

Finding a direct connection between meditation and weight loss is not an easy task at first glance. Reiki is a great help to reduce stress and its devastating effects on the figure.

An overweight can really find its source in a short or long-lasting state of anxiety. Meditation allows you to better manage emotions and stress and an improvement in eating habits is a direct consequence of this. Who has not ever felt the consequences of the influence of emotion, pressure or anxiety?

Does reiki not attack stored fat deposits?

No. Reiki addresses the causes of a food imbalance, which already allows sports, in addition to burning calories.

The offers meditation a clear sense of wellbeing. And what better than to feel good in the head and body to follow a calm diet and stick to it effortlessly?

How is reiki for weight loss practiced?

Above all, you should know that regularity is the key to success. Give yourself time each day. The place can be important, so if you can, put a cozy dojo corner in your house.

Your mind is always active, so the goal is not to clear your head of all thoughts but to learn to accept that presence and let it go. Let every emotion, every thought, every idea pass without stopping them.

Once you have done that, you can focus on your goal and repeat it in your mind. For example: “I want to lose 5 kilos.” Thus you condition your body and your mind.

How do I use reiki to lose weight?

To support therapy, you can have a list of foods that will help you in your weight loss process.

Reiki is a method of spiritual healing based on the concept of the Universal Life Force (Rei). Our Qi (or Ki) is the part of the Universal Life Force that flows in us.

Our vital energy keeps us psychically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in internal and external harmony. Our Qi / Ki must flow freely in and out of our body to stay healthy.

But this not only affects our spirit but can lead us to achieve great changes in our body. As in this case, lose weight.

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We are not all the same!

If so, we would all be clones, created in series.

Your DNA is unique and therefore your body has unique nutritional needs to stay fit. To suggest that a diet that prescribes the same foods is good for EVERYONE is utopian and unreal.

What if you could figure out what your body really needs and what it says? If you could easily listen to your body and naturally make the healthiest decisions for yourself?

Discover the strange connection between love and being overweight. Surprisingly, reiki is not a simple therapy that makes you feel good but it shows you that you feel that way.

In this way, you can find the desire and motivation to do physical exercise. That you never thought about how reiki would help you in your physical state also sets the psychological in motion.

Also, reiki will boost your metabolism to melt fat with this special technique and you will learn that you don’t need any dangerous medications or pills, potions or chemicals. The routine is simple: good nutrition, good sleep, sports, awareness and reiki therapy.

Lose weight with Reiki

Practicing reiki to lose weight is very easy. Reiki meditation does not affect your health and your body improves in health. Reiki is also an exercise that improves blood circulation. Before starting reiki meditation, take a minute and free your mind as you breathe slowly.

Locate in your mind how much weight you want to reduce along with the time you will do it and check the results. Imagine that, during meditation, the reiki energy travels through your body in order to burn all the excess fat and cholesterol. With this method, you will get incredible results and the health you deserve.

Everything you should avoid to lose weight with reiki

Do not wear silver jewelry or any type of watch during the reiki exercise. The silver or metallic material does not affect your health, but it can absorb reiki energy and thus affect the process.

Don’t shower at the end of the healing process as the water quickly removes the reiki energy. Preferably wait around 2 hours before entering the room to allow the body to fully absorb the first reiki energy.

It is very important that you drink plenty of water during and after this weight loss process.

In this practice, the Universal Life Force enters the practitioner through the crown and heart chakras before advancing towards the palms.

The chakras are the points of concentration of energy in reiki. The idea is to rebalance the energy in each chakra so that the recipient feels in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

When the chakras are balanced they emit vibrations and energy that guarantee the receiver optimal health of the physical and spiritual body. In this way, it will help you reduce your diet and motivate you to carry out a physical exercise such as simply walking or swimming.

Reiki for weight loss will also help you reduce the level of fat through the bloodstream. With the session, you will reduce stress, anguish, frustrations … which will cause weight loss and you will realize the reason for your kilos.

Those extra kilos are hidden behind your subconscious and reiki will help you become aware and lose those extra kilos that you have left over.

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