Reiki For Sleep

There is no age or predispositions necessary to benefit from a reiki treatment. Children, adults and the elderly can receive reiki for sleep. This wonderful technique is not reserved for an elite. The act of receiving energy is as natural an act as digesting food.

All living things can benefit. No need for faith in its effectiveness or concentration in the process. Everyone can give and benefit from reiki.

Reiki For Sleep

Reiki therapy is for anyone who wants to evolve in the process of self-healing and personal development. Each one is unique and reacts in its own way. While some people respond quickly to a reiki therapy session, others respond more slowly.

There are no rules but, as with all therapies, regularity of treatments is essential. It can be said that something always happens during a reiki session. The effects are not always felt immediately and may appear after a few days.

The patient should not only stay for a reiki cure. In fact, you should always consult a specialist doctor. Reiki does not establish a diagnosis, but is intended to play a role in adjuvant therapy.

Since it works on a mental, emotional and physical level, this therapy has the distinction of acting in depth. After a reiki session, you often feel calmer, more relaxed, and better focused.

Trust and security

Energy is a vibration. In resonance with our body, this vibration (energy) relaxes us, calms us, reduces pain and helps us sleep. By acting in favor of the well-being of our cells, this energy transmits a better sensation. In addition, it promotes the self-healing process.

What seemed innocuous before a session is not afterward. Some things may seem clearer. Reiki can also help us make decisions and take responsibility. It can bring us more joy, inner strength, more openness and more acceptance of life.

It can help you cope better with life’s challenges and difficulties.

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Insomnia can be the fear of abandonment and letting go. We can live in insecurity and we want to have control over everything that happens in life. Reiki treatment allows the patient to relax deeply. More than a simple method of relaxation, reiki acts at the source of the ills and tensions.

Reiki therapy allows energy to travel better through the body and eliminate blockages, which are often the cause of tension and difficulty sleeping. Insomnia can appear for many reasons and this is why a reiki treatment always treats the person as a whole.

When we sleep, our mental faculties also sleep and we are more vulnerable because our senses are more alert and open to the unknown. That is why keeping our minds busy with all kinds of ideas, all kinds of fictitious situations, prevents sleep from winning over us.

There is a possibility that we may experience nervousness and difficulty
positioning ourselves and making decisions. Insomnia can be related to
conscious or unconscious guilt.

This problem may also be related to our ability to love ourselves, to trust love and, indeed, to life. We must learn to relax and relax control to allow the dream to take place in our lives.

Most adults have experienced insomnia at some point in their lives. It is estimated that between 30% and 50% of the total population is affected by insomnia, and 10% have chronic insomnia.

Insomnia can affect all ages. In adults, it affects women more than men and tends to worsen with age.

Why do you sleep poorly?

The reasons can be multiple. I list here the most common:

A busy mind

This means that when you lie down, as the mind has been working all
day, it cannot stop and the thoughts continue without stopping. In these cases
one turns and turns in his bed, helpless.

Small precision: the mind is all those voices in the head that serve us to ruminate on
things of the past or to anticipate and worry about things of the future.

As a result, there is restless sleep during periods of work stress, emotional distress,
arguments, financial worries, etc. We are not calm, so
our nights are not so calm .


Eating late and very heavy foods (especially meat, dairy products) will
monopolize energy for our digestion all night instead of
resting our organs!

The dream may be affected.

Too much light / screens

Looking at screens or exposing yourself to too much light just before going to sleep will also stimulate our brain in an area related to sleep and therefore interrupt it.

How can Reiki help sleep and improve your sleep?

Believe it or not, it is easy enough to find regular, restful sleep. Reiki for sleep helps reduce stress and emotional and mental discomfort, therefore, a reiki session will help you improve sleep quality.

Relaxation and the feeling of letting go during the session stabilize over time and reduce stress and physical tension. During the session, you release, among others, your energy centers in the skull (6 and 7 chakras), which are at the heart of your brain activity and, therefore, of your sleep.

By releasing the energy blocks and toxins present in the various organs, a regular sleep cycle is promoted. Why? Because our organs are in intense energy activity or at rest according to a well-regulated clock.

Reiki to sleep

If you wake up at a certain time, this organ is in danger and therefore will not be able to do its job properly.

By working on each energy center, your body regains its Yin / Yang, hot / cold, female / male, night / day balance, which aims to create a real refocus that calms you down for the long term.

I also suggest other tools to improve sleep such as breathing exercises, meditation, writing, change of routine before going to bed, etc.

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