Reiki for pain

Reiki is a holistic approach to care. Care will change the energetic states of the patient at all levels of his being, physical, psychic and emotional. It is the patient’s energy body that will determine the action of reiki attention. In this article we will discuss about reiki for pain.

Practicing reiki balances the energies within the body. Through its action, the foundations of a harmonious functioning of the organism are restored. This allows self-healing mechanisms to be effectively implemented, which helps to relieve pain.

The little ills of life

The human body is a wonderful machine with its own self-healing and self-healing mechanisms. It has the intrinsic ability to cope with the vagaries of life without outside help as long as its overall balance is maintained.

When this balance is disturbed, the body reacts and produces its own agents to reverse the observed variations (reduce excesses, fill in the gaps …).

However , the body has its limits and also a series of
essential needs to maintain its functions. The modern world is subjecting
our bodies to more and more stress, for long periods or
high intensities .

We are surrounded by external aggressions that our lifestyles cannot always compensate through relaxation practices, healthy eating or exercise. In these conditions, disorders such as migraine, headaches, digestion disorders, dermatitis, muscle or joint pain, etc. appear.

Pain is an important and even essential warning mechanism for the body’s survival. However, under certain circumstances, its persistence over time affects our lifestyle.

Increased fatigue can induce depressive symptoms

Its attenuation allows the body to focus its internal resources to fight the origin of pain. Thus, healing is better and faster.

The study of pain mechanisms has progressed a lot in recent years.
The discoveries in neurology have made it possible to identify the
specific neural pathways of pain and its mode of inhibition.

Therefore, the techniques used in reiki participate in the “door control” mechanisms of pain. Therefore, they allow a real mitigation of pain quickly. Some studies have shown that this effect lasted over time after a series of reiki for pain sessions.

It is important for you to understand that reiki for pain is not a substitute for medication but rather a supplement to it.

Muscle pain

All the muscles in your body are controlled by mental force. In this way, the power and strength of our bones is the reflection of who we are, believe and think to become life.

More than a simple relaxation method, reiki works at the root of the problem, at the source of tension and pain. Reiki energy has a calming and beneficial effect on muscle pain.

Reiki to relieve pain

It allows energy to circulate better through the body and dissolves the energy nodes and blockages that are often the source of stress. Muscle pain can originate in different parts of the body and this is why a reiki for pain treatment always treats the person as a whole.

The muscles represent the effort that will be deployed and the work that will be done to move forward. Muscles, corresponding to our mental energy, are needed to move, to take action.

Therefore, when there is muscle pain, I must focus on the affected parts of my body to find the cause that is causing it. This helps to decrease the perception of pain.

A randomized crossover study examined the effect of reiki for pain combined with LeShan therapy . A similar healing technique on pain after wisdom tooth extraction. Twenty-one participants underwent the extraction of two teeth at least two weeks apart.

The results indicated a significant decrease in pain after this session. However, the absence of a control group, the small number of participants and the potential impact of the music limit the scope of the results.

Healing and diseases

When we are healthy, we feel strong, full of dynamism and joy of living.
We are balanced, satisfied and in agreement with ourselves. As soon
as we break this internal harmony, our body reacts with a
pathology or an imbalance.

This type of anomaly has first of all in the psychic sphere. In fact, the body is not sick. The body system is the means of expression, the language of pathology because our body is only the reflection of our psyche.

To better understand the phenomenon of good health and disease, we must
consider the person as a trinitarian body-psyche-soul entity. A
disease always involves a conflict between what the person wants and the
“way of living” that his soul establishes.

Any disease is a language directed at us that carries a message exclusively for us that we must first understand and validate. In fact, when a bodily symptom appears in someone, it is first perceived as shame.

However, this sign requires attention so it is important that the pathology is not denied or repressed but to understand the symptoms, since they have a pedagogical content. If we accept the challenge that has been thrown at us and are honest with ourselves, we will learn from it. This is the first step towards healing.

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The fundamental principle for pain relief begins with respecting and loving our body, accepting ourselves as we are who live healing. We must acquire a new perception of ourselves and our body to forge closer ties with our inner being.

Perceiving what is necessary for us to be satisfied, fit and healthy, brings us closer to our deep essence and strengthens our will to live.

The joy and the will to live provide us with enough vital energy so that
bodily pathologies are almost impossible. We have an ” inner healer ” who knows the right healing solutions and methods to solve our problem.

Body, emotional and psychic relaxation plays an important role in the healing process. As the body is close to the ego, its conscious relaxation is the first step and facilitates the unfolding of the second, which corresponds to the calming of the rhythm of thought, but also that of the third, which is to promote the development of emotional states.

A positive state (love, peace) induces deep relaxation and satisfaction.

Meditation is a very effective way to relax and have access to joy and good health.

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