Reiki for depression

In 2004, a study showed the benefits of reiki against depression. This study lasted six weeks and was carried out on 45 people between 19 and 78 years of age. The results suggested that reiki for depression could reduce depression symptoms and that its effects would be felt for up to a year after treatments. In this article we will discuss about Reiki for depression.

Its purpose was to demonstrate the effectiveness of energy care. The people who participated suffered from depression and psychological stress. A year later, people answered the same questionnaire to verify their condition according to the same three measures.

Multiple variance (or manova) analysis showed a significant decrease in all three measures (depression, hopelessness, and perceived stress) in participants in group 1 and group 2, both during clinical trials and one year later. Those in the control group did not show significant variation.

Reiki for depression, acting on the root causes of a problem, is beneficial in case of depression or anxiety from the moment the person suffers, is ready to let go and consider profound changes. However, one should not expect reiki to work with a magic wand, such as an antidepressant.

Antidepressant is an excellent stalker

The depressed state is the symptom of a fundamental dysfunction and, unfortunately, we are living in a deeply ill society. We live fleeing the essence of our problems using patches.

The antidepressant, as we know it as a medicine, is an excellent patch, but it only temporarily blocks a gap, never solving the problem at the source.

Give up the causes of depression

You will understand, in case of depression, that reiki can act from the moment we stop fighting to stay afloat in an ocean of values ​​that are not ours. The cure often goes through a drowning that marks the renunciation of a gangrenous value system.

You have to hit bottom to be reborn, knowing that this step almost always leads to fundamental changes. If the discomfort of this passage is inevitable, reiki for depression has the advantage of acting in depth to smooth this transition.

Reiki in a depressive situation

It is beneficial for the depressed person to receive regular reiki treatments reinforced by the use of the second symbol Sei He Ki (for practitioners initiated in second grade / reiki level).

This care will mainly help you to let go and build confidence, which is, in a way, a small death. In addition to the care you receive, it is important that you can provide your daily life with healing spaces such as contacts with nature, periods of interruption with the media, etc.

These moments can be uncomfortable at first and the process requires courage since it involves facing the demons of oneself.

Reiki for depression

Is depression an obstacle to reiki initiation?

No, quite the contrary. Having a first degree / level of reiki helps the person suffering from depression in their transformation process.

Obviously, these are not dictated by a reiki-related thinking system, but simply by evidence emerging from the depths of the person as he progresses.

Is reiki compatible with antidepressants?

Nothing is incompatible with reiki. The antidepressant simply gives the illusion of having solved a problem.

It all comes down to unplugging the alarm bell to bathe in the illusion that everything is fine while the problem is still there. As a purist, you would tend to encourage removal of the chemical crutch, but this personal decision belongs to everyone.

I remind you that any sudden stop of an antidepressant is dangerous and it is imperative to go through a period of withdrawal to plan with the doctor who prescribed the medication.

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How soon will I improve?

The “time” factor related to deep healing with the help of reiki is not quantifiable. It can vary widely from one depressive person to another, depending on your personal resources.

This process is obviously not compatible with the habits of a society where each person must be efficient and recover very quickly from anything that can prevent it from being productive and profitable in the labor market. The antidepressant is the ideal solution for the needs of a sick society.

Reiki For Depression Study Procedures

The group of 45 people was divided into three in Reiki for depression. The first group received personal care. The second benefited from remote care. The third was the control group, that is, the attention was purely fictitious, it was placebo.

Twelve therapists were chosen and used the same techniques so as not to distort it. The patients were treated weekly and the reiki session lasted more than an hour. These people answered a questionnaire before and after the healing experience.

All this allowed determining, according to precise indicators, their state of stress, despair and depression.

Positive results also for remote reiki

It is interesting how both in-person reiki and remote reiki seem to have yielded positive results.

The author of the study to which I have been referring had two objectives. First, check the effect of reiki energy therapy on people who need treatment for psychological depression and stress. And second, verify the long-term effect.

After being selected for their state of psychological distress, participants were randomly separated into three groups. People in the first group received reiki treatments in person while those in the second group participated in remote sessions.

In the third group, which served as a control group, participants underwent remote reiki treatment simulations (placebo)

Before random group assignment, participants were informed that during Reiki sessions in person, they could receive real or false treatments. They wanted everyone to be convinced that during remote reiki sessions, they received real treatments.

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