Reiki for beginners

Often, you can read on the Internet that initiation is mandatory for energy to pass and work in reiki. In this article you can find out about reiki initiation. Is it really a therapy that needs a lot of practice? Will reiki for beginners give me all the benefits they tell me?

Reiki for beginners

When referring to reiki books or articles on the Net, one constant is that reiki does not work without having followed the reiki initiation. What happens to the uninitiated person? Is it true that it is impossible for you to practice reiki effectively? How to check the veracity of these statements?

  • The initiation to reiki would serve to gain healing powers.
  • Universal energy is, according to its followers, a mysterious and invisible healing energy with fabulous powers that walks in the cosmos.
  • The happy initiate can then connect to this healing energy. He then passes it on the person lying down during his treatment.

It is well specified for Reiki beginners that only this reiki initiation ritual can grant access to this energy.

At this point, a question becomes legitimate. If one cannot access these powers without initiation, how did the first reiki master connect to this energy? In fact, who opened the channel, the chakras and everything else?

Reiki without initiation for beginners

How is it that the reiki master has powers that a great meditator like the Dalai Lama does not have? Superman status is reserved for trained reiki teachers.

It was necessary to test an experiment to verify if initiation is mandatory for reiki to work. We recommend everyone to reproduce this experience at home.

We spoke to an old friend who had no interest in meditation. Everything that is therapy and helping relationships is also not part of your interests. I have never heard of reiki, therefore it is the perfect candidate for our experience.

In ten minutes, we show you the positions of the hands on the body. Later, we chose a person who had made an appointment with a health professional and when he arrived, the professional apologized for a setback that forced him to be absent.

He immediately resumed an appointment with her and, since she had moved, offered to attend the session free of charge with his assistant. The lady agreed. For our part, our friend had been trained in just 10 minutes in the positions of the hands on the body and without initiation or reiki method for beginners.

An hour later, after leaving the office, the consultant said that she found this session very interesting and exclaimed to the professional who had responded: “We can see the quality of the people he trains!”

This experience was very revealing since our friend had never had a reiki initiation and neither even knew reiki nor had previous experience. However, putting his hands on this consultant’s body had caused her to relax.

Therefore, it is not the reiki practitioner or the teacher who heals the person, nor is it an imaginary energy that comes to heal the person. It is that same person himself who naturally returns to his natural points of relaxation.

Conclusion on Reiki initiation

There is no cause and effect relationship between an external energy that can only be channeled through a reiki initiation and the well-being experienced by the person at the end of the session.

So reiki initiation is not essential for reiki to work.

  • Traditional reiki can be performed on oneself.
  • Reiki itself responds to a request for personal development. Therefore, it is about getting to know each other better but also facing certain periods or situations better, eliminating stress and tension.
  • Practicing yourself finally allows you to develop a qualitative contact with your entourage (better relationship with others, repercussion of your well-being in your home, etc.).

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Traditional Reiki about loved ones

Learning to give sessions to loved ones gives you a feeling of well-being. In the first place, every day, but also when they go through more or less difficult periods: children’s speed, stress tests, pain due to illness …

What is Reiki for?

  • Relieves
  • Attenuates
  • Decrease
  • Calm
    the mind
  • Improves

This modern approach to traditional practice makes reiki accessible to a new generation of readers.

Originally, it is a therapy practiced by the Japanese in the early 20th century. This holistic healing method achieves impressive results using the flow of subtle energies transmitted by the palm of the “transmitter” to influence the energy flow of the “receiver”. There are no prerequisites.

There are many wonderful benefits to practicing reiki. It is a very simple process, but generally produces quite profound effects. The purpose of a reiki treatment is not only to support the physical body, but also to promote a positive mind. The good thing about reiki is that you don’t have to experience the benefits.

Some come
back to help them with their energy levels, managing the stresses of
daily life or when transitions are happening in their lives. Others
will come to develop spiritually and experience a greater sense of
meaning in life.

After treatment, most people feel calm and relaxed, feel better, and some say they feel energetic, clear, and productive.

Dare to try this therapy that has given something to talk about. Do you think there is any negative effect? Well, no! Reiki is a totally natural and safe practice for all those who want to exercise it.

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