Red Stones

Red color symbolizes fire, love and passion. Since ancient times, the influence of color on human life was considered significant. And the red palette occupies a special place here. This is the color of activity and brightness, so it is not suitable for everyone. But their owner, of course, such stones will attract the spotlight. We tell you about red stones.

There are precious (ruby, tourmaline, spinel), semiprecious (garnet, andalusite, sardonyx) and ornamental stones of red color (jasper and coral).

Red gemstones

Ruby. The most famous jewel of red color got its name from the Latin word “ruber”, meaning “red color”. And in Sanskrit, he meant “king of precious stones.” Therefore, since ancient times, ruby was highly valued and enjoyed great popularity.

The color of the ruby ​​is mostly red. It can vary from pink to shades of purple, but this mineral never goes beyond the red.

The most valuable specimens are mined in Myanmar. These are ruby ​​standards with a unique color. The main supplier of rubies today is Thailand. Tanzania and Sri Lanka have rich deposits of red stone.

In terms of hardness, ruby ​​is inferior only to diamond. But at a cost these pebbles are on a par with diamonds. A ruby ​​of good purity and color in price can be more expensive than a diamond. In addition, large stones are very rare – this also greatly affects the cost.

Tourmaline. This is no less luxurious jewel. In Latin, the name of this stone sounds like “rubellite”, which means “reddish”. Tourmaline has a dark cherry hue and is similar to a noble spinel and even rubies.

This stone has one feature – in daylight it acquires a rich shade, and dims by the evening.

Tourmaline is mined in California and Madagascar (pink and red species), and the deposit of purple-red and purple minerals is located in Russia.

Spinel. There are two versions of why this mineral is called this way: according to the first it is believed that the name comes from the ancient Greek and means “spark”, the second – from the Latin “spike”.

Not as famous in the world of precious stones as ruby ​​with tourmaline. But in a narrow circle of connoisseurs and collectors, spinel is in significant demand. This mineral has many colors, and red is one of them.

Now it is not as common as before. Deposits remained in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Large crystals of spinel have long been inserted into church utensils and royal regalia. Dark red spinel adorned the crown of Catherine II. Today, this material is used in the manufacture of expensive jewelry. Often combined with pearls and diamonds.

Semi-precious stones of red color

Garnet. It got its name because of its resemblance to pomegranate seeds . These bright red stones in the old days were called “carbuncles” (coals).

In ancient times, it was often called lal – a name that combined the names of rubies and spinel. Red pomegranates are called almandines (they have raspberry, violet and even black shades) and pyropes (blood red and purple). These are the most famous varieties.

Pure crystal is a rarity in nature. Mostly stones with impurities are found. It happens raspberry and violet shades.Andalusite. It was first discovered in Andalusia. From here, most likely, the name of the mineral went. Previously, it was often called the cross stone because of the pronounced cross in its structure.

Deposits of this stone are found in almost all corners of our planet. But the material suitable for jewelry is mined in the south of Australia, in Brazil and on the island of Sri Lanka. Andalusite is also mined in Russia , mainly in the regions of Elbrus.

Due to the interesting coloring is popular with jewelers. Andalusite in rings, bracelets and earrings is used in combination with gold, silver and jewelry alloys.

Red Stones

Sardonyx. The name comes from the ancient Asian city of Sardo and the Greek word “nail”. In general, this mineral is considered ornamental, however, rare specimens are classified as semiprecious.

It is found in volcanic rocks. It is got in Brazil and Uruguay, India. There are also Sardonyx deposits in the Urals and Kamchatka .

Due to the fact that sardonyx is quite inexpensive, it is a material for various beads, bracelets. Earrings with rings are also made of it. The frame is selected silver, or from jewelry alloys.

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Ornamental stones of red color

Jasper. The red shade of this stone is the most common. Not only various beads and bracelets are made of it, but also interior items: vases, caskets, watches, mirrors, as well as many souvenirs. Products from this mineral are able to preserve their beauty for centuries.

Jasper is not faked – this is a very complex process due to the way the stone is processed.

Coral. The name is translated from Greek as “oracle stone.” It is a fossilized skeleton of the simplest marine organisms that live mainly in the Caribbean, Indian and Pacific Oceans. Therefore, to call coral stone will not be entirely true.

The status of coral has been changing all the time. If in Medieval Europe its presence was a sign of wealth, and only wealthy citizens wore it, today this material is used in the manufacture of many massive beads, rings and other jewelry, as well as interior items and inexpensive souvenirs. Red coral is one of the most popular ornamental stones.

Cornelian. The name was fixed from the Old Russian language. Literally means “appearance like a heart.” Various volcanic processes have contributed to the formation of this stone.

The best carnelian is mined in Russia, in Eastern Siberia. There are deposits in India, the USA and Mongolia, as well as in Madagascar.

Carnelian products were made before our era – this is confirmed by archaeological excavations. From ancient times they learned to make various talismans and charms from it.

Today, carnelian can be found in souvenir shops and on the windows of small jewelry stores. Bracelets, earrings, rings, beads, brooches are made of it. Mostly combined with base metals. Various home furnishings are often made from this material.

Properties of red stones

Such minerals give their owner power over the situation, help a person become more decisive. These are the real stones of the rulers. They awaken a sense of leadership, inspire confidence and energy.

Another characteristic for such stones is an association with love. But this is not about a romantic feeling, but about real passion. Red jewelry helps in finding just such a relationship.

Psychologists describe this color as warming, active, exciting. Such stones will help return the cooled senses; however, do not overdo it with this material. The abundance of red gemstone can make its owner aggressive and quick-tempered.

People who are depressed are advised to carry red gems with them.

Stones of this gamut can help in the presence of physical ailments. It is believed that red minerals normalize blood circulation. However, such stones should be avoided for those who have low blood pressure.

All precious and semiprecious stones can serve as material for various talismans. Amulets with red minerals will carry a very powerful energy, therefore they are contraindicated to evil and cruel people.

For example, pomegranate has always been the talisman of monarchs. Nowadays, it is suitable for those who wish to achieve success in their careers.

It is important to remember that everything is good in moderation. This is especially true for red stones. Long continuous wearing of jewelry with red jewelry can harm its owner.

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