Pink Stone

In nature, you can find a wide variety of pink stones. Gems are incredibly attractive, distinguished by their radiance in sunlight. Many minerals are also striking in their beauty because the shade of pink was obtained with a mixture of white and red tones, in each representative, one thing prevails, hence the brightness of the colors. Moreover, they all look somewhat similar. The pink tone evokes romantic tender feelings, associated with love, tenderness, passion. Minerals are filled with the magical energy of innocence, lightness, a sort of purity. Here, you will know about pink stone.

Features of pink stones and their properties

ornamental and decorative;Almost all pink minerals have been studied.
Each rock is distinguished by its unique characteristics, which makes it valuable in its own way. They are conditionally divided into three groups:

  • semiprecious;
  • precious minerals.

Each of the pink representatives is incredibly beautiful, has distinctive structural features, certain chemical, physical characteristics. However, it is difficult for a simple layman to distinguish them, and sometimes a gem is not at all incomprehensible or not.

It is believed that semiprecious and precious material is distinguished by more delicate or bright pink tones. Experts believe that if at least once to see such a gem, then its beauty will forever be saddened in the memory of man!

What are decorative and ornamental pink stones

received manganese spar, the color reminiscent of rose flowers.
The play of shades is determined by the addition of iron impurities. Outwardly, the natural element resembles malachite, since its main difference is in peculiar stains, patterns of a cherry, pink hue.

Rhodochrositis.  The amazing name of rhodochrosite. Decorative and ornamental stones of a pink hue, of natural origin, in fact, not so much. However, existing minerals, when properly processed, look great. Used in jewelry in the manufacture of inexpensive jewelry.

The specific structure of the gem makes it almost impossible to cut it. Therefore, in jewelry, material processing is performed at the level of cabochons. Absolutely smooth stones of the correct form are used in the manufacture of pendants, bracelets. The cost of such jewelry, despite the low characteristics of the main material, is often more expensive than gold.

Rhodonite.  The nugget, amazing in its structure, is distinguished not only by the tenderness of the shade, but also by its unusual dark, light inclusions, from impurities of additional rocks. The presence of veins allows you to get unique patterns, unique patterns when cutting an element. The natural element is a complex calcium silicate with impurities of manganese, iron, magnesium. Widely used in jewelry.

 The last representative of the pink dynasty of ornamental materials is considered to be coral. This multimillion-dollar formation is conventionally called stone, since coral comes from the organic remains of former marine inhabitants. This in the composition of the rock determines a large amount of calcium carbonate and a wide variety of organic impurities.

Jasper.  The rock formed by oxides of silicon, iron, calcium, aluminum has a wide variety of shades. Jasper is practically not used in jewelry. The value of the material depends on the amount of impurities, their characteristics. Often based on pink jasper make inexpensive jewelry, jewelry. The cost per carat is calculated up to $ 20. The material is moody, so it is most often used in the form of cabochons.

Pink corals are the most valuable. Often the material is interspersed with light colors. After processing, corals are used in the form of beads, cabochons, each element is opaque, shiny, especially after polishing. Given the complex origin of such a natural miracle, corals are considered very fragile. The cost per carat varies between $ 50.

Pink Stone

What are semiprecious pink stones

Corundum.  The mineral is distinguished by a wide variety of its representatives. Of these, rubies, sapphires, are considered precious stones. Alumina, crystalline alumina, manganese, and titanium give characteristic features to corundum . So the gem takes on completely different colors from pink-yellow to pink-purple.Among pink gems, there are not so many semiprecious stones. However, each representative is distinguished by their individual characteristics and incredible beauty.

Corundum is second only to diamond in strength; therefore, it has found wide application in industry. Based on it, abrasive materials, glasses for optical devices are made. Jewelers are not very interested in this stone, so it is quite difficult to meet earrings, pendants or rings with corundum inserts.

 A relatively inexpensive, often found in nature stone agate . Silica changes its structure and color, thanks to a wide variety of natural additives. The main difference between the crystal in the unusual patterns, there are no analogues in nature. The softness of processing, accessibility allow jewelers to use the stone quite widely, performing inexpensive jewelry on its basis.

Quartz.  The rock formed by silicon dioxide, after combining with iron and aluminum, is rose quartz . Such gems are rare, their shade is gentle, noble, sometimes natural elements differ in a cloudy structure. The cost varies no more than $ 60 per carat.

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What are precious pink stones

Among the precious representatives of the “pink dynasty” are gems, distinguished by their special beauty of color, strength, hardness, accessibility to jewelry processing. Moreover, such minerals are considered a rarity, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find them in nature.

 Alumina with a magnesium compound, called pink spinel, is less and less common in nature. Some specimens, due to the high chromium content, acquire a unique almost raspberry hue. The most expensive representative is considered to be absolutely transparent spinel , which can be found in the bowels of Afghanistan soils. The cost of such a pebble per carat will be in the thousands of dollars. Jewelers give a brilliant cut to natural material and frame with expensive metal, platinum or gold, exclusively the highest samples.

Sapphire. Probably one of the rarest stones is pink sapphire . The cost of such a gem is incredibly high, estimated at thousands of dollars per carat. Experts characterize the natural element as alumina with impurities of chromium. Strong mineral has a high refractive index. Rarely can you see pebbles with the effect of a cat’s eye.

Topaz.  A rock formed from complex aluminum silicates with a fluorine content is called topaz . A specific pink tone gives an admixture of chromium. Precious natural material is of high value, but if improperly maintained, under prolonged exposure to sunlight, the gem quickly loses its natural luster, changing the dazzling color to gray-dirty.

Kunzite. Kunzite ,  unique in its characteristics , resembles amethyst. Specialists characterize the rock as a complex aluminum silicate with lithium impurities. Surprisingly, the first mention of kunzite as a precious stone is attributed to 1996, when the ring of D. Kennedy was sold at auction.

Rubellite.  Raspberry pink tourmaline, scientists call rubellite . A gem is visually difficult to distinguish from a ruby. That is why it is often given out for rubies, skillfully faking expensive precious jewelry. Rubellite itself is practically worthless, the cost varies in several tens of dollars per carat.

Morganite.  Pink beryl, commonly called morganite . The uniqueness of the gem shade is associated with a high content of manganese, lithium, cesium. When heated or exposed to sunlight, the gem quickly loses its distinctive color characteristics. The mineral is diamond cut thanks to its high strength soy. The gem is strong enough, beautiful, but little known.

What jewelry do with pink stones

Given the strength, availability of cuts, precious and semiprecious pink gems are used in the manufacture of expensive jewelry. Framed with gold, platinum. Ornamental, decorative elements are also used in jewelry, making less expensive jewelry and jewelry on their basis.

So, modern jewelry stores, the market of cheap jewelry offers the consumer beads, bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, amulets, talismans, pendants with different stones of pink tones. All products are distinguished by their value, magnificent beauty and unique shade.

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