Peridot healing properties

Stone peridot

The Peridot stone  is recognized as a very underrated gem, it is usually very small, easy to find and cheap on the market. This stone is considered important for those born during the month of August. However, in recent times this stone has been noticed and has returned to fashion. Peridot healing properties are the best.

The Peridoto  is a variety Olivine, obtaining this yellowish-green colored thanks to its high iron content. This crystal is used in cell rejuvenation, in order to cooperate with the problems associated with aging.

This stone allows to increase confidence, assertiveness, patience and clarity of thoughts. This stone is also used to attract happiness and prosperity.

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stone peridot

History of the Peridot

The ancient Egyptians collected these stones from the Red Sea, the largest source of Peridots  found in museums around the world. The Egyptians named this stone “jewel of the sun”.

In the Bible this stone was named under the Hebrew name “pitdah”. Peridot’s gems  were used by the Jewish high priests. There is a myth that says that Peridot  was Cleopatra’s favorite precious rock.

During the Crusades the Peridot  was introduced to Central Europe thus adorning the medieval churches.

Its striking appearance has made it a much-loved gem with a wonderful mythical tradition. The Peridot  has been credited with stimulating friendships, and evading envy. Marbodius of Rennes wrote in a mythology compendium that this stone was used to scare away evil spirits, provided it was pierced and tied to the left wrist with donkey hair.

It should be noted that the Peridot  was a stone very loved by pirates since they considered that it helped to calm fear of the dark and kept away evil spirits.

Characteristics of the Peridot stone

  • Its chemical composition is as follows: (Mg, Fe) 2 SiO4.
  • They are mainly composed of iron and magnesium.
  • Thanks to its components it is part of the olivine minerals.
  • It is part of the orthorhombic crystalline system.
  • In its structure you can see the striated prisms and the short prisms.
  • Its hardness is between 5, 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale.
  • If it is subjected to high tension, it usually explodes.
  • It is a stone that does not resist acids.
  • Peridot is an interesting stone for jewelry, as its olive green color is due to its chemical composition and not the adhesion of impurities.
  • Peridot stones have a uniform color.
  • Peridots can be presented in a wide variety of green colors, the higher the intensity, the higher its value.

Meaning of the Peridot

This stone has been named as “the extreme gem” by the Gemological Institute of America. The Peridot is born from the fire, or the strong heat, that is produced and the molten rock that reaches the upper mantle. This stone is not only produced on our planet, but also gems and Peridot particles have been found from space formations.

Most experts agree that the word Peridot comes from the Arabic “faridad” which means pearl or gem, in Spanish. Others say that its name is due to the Anglo-Saxon word “peridote”, which means light button.

Peridot Properties

  • Peridot helps to dissipate negative patterns and vibrations.
  • It is a stone that helps regulate the cycles of life.
  • The Peridot stone helps to remove blockages, open the mind and heart.  
  • Peridot brings will power to people to stop their addictions, such as tobacco or alcohol.
  • It is a healing stone that helps facilitate healing processes.
  • If it is placed under the pillow together with a piece of gold, you can fall asleep almost immediately and calmly.

Peridot Physical Healing Energy Properties

  • It is a stone that allows the endocrine system to regulate itself, allowing the body to stay strong and healthy.
  • If you want to combat vision problems, the Peridot is ideal for it. This stone helps decrease the problems of astigmatism and myopia.
  • It is favorable to heal ulcers found in the stomach.

Emotional healing energy properties

  • This crystal helps resolve issues of the heart, body, and soul.
  • Peridot helps cleanse and heal hurt feelings.
  • Peridot decreases feelings of anger, rancor, and resentment.
  • This stone allows us to have self-control and confidence in himself and his abilities.

Spiritual energy properties

  • This stone is used to have a better connection with the universe.
  • Peridot helps keep you in tune with spiritual truth.
  • The purpose of this stone is to align the physical dimension with the inner reality.
  • The Peridot stone allows to calm fears like guilt and repentance.
  • It is a rock that activates the energies of the third and fourth Chackra, limiting that love and will go hand in hand.

Meditation with the Peridot

This beautiful stone radiates peace and well-being, its use in prayers makes it a rock with divine energies. When meditating with this stone, compression and insight are opened.

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Peridot deposits

The Peridot gem is very easy to find since almost everywhere we can find rocks rich in magnesium and iron. The stones composed of these minerals are found in volcanoes, which in turn are responsible for expelling, through eruptions, the Peridot.

The Peridots that result from volcanic activity are larger because they have a large amount of minerals such as zinc, nickel, and lithium. While the gems that form in outer space are much smaller.

Peridot’s largest reserves are found in much of the United States, China, Vietnam, Mexico, and Ethiopia.

During the year 1994 in Pakistan a mine full of Peridot was discovered, from where large common specimens were extracted. Throughout its excavation, stones of up to 300 carats have been found.

Uses of Peridot

The Peridot is only used as an accessory, and in jewelry. These gems are usually found in small sizes and cannot be used in making jewelry and clothing, which is why they are very low in price. However, those stones that are large have a much higher value.

Although it is considered a precious gem, this stone is not expensive, and is used in garments from earrings, to necklaces and rings. It should be noted that the value of this stone depends on the intensity of its color.

Using a jewel containing a Peridot stone during meditation will allow you to connect with the divine mind.

This great and beautiful green stone helps to strengthen self-love, that is, it helps you to love your body and appreciate your beauty.

The Peridot has the facility to increase the psychic gifts, especially in clairvoyance.

The combination of other precious stones with Peridot helps to benefit your body, your soul, and your mind. Therefore, it is recommended to pair with the rainbow moonstone.

How to clean, recharge and activate Peridot

It is important to take into account the care of the stones since many of them are fragile or require specific care. In the same way it is recommended that you regularly clean and recharge your stones, especially the Peridot, since this way you release the bad energies that it has loaded.

How to clean the Peridot?

The Peridot can be submerged in a little salt water to clean it, you can also use the tap, spring, waterfall, river, etc.

Another method to apply is to pass incense smoke or bury the stone in sea salt.

How to recharge and activate Peridot?

This is a gem that only requires 15 minutes of sun, if you expose it for a long time it can lose its beautiful hue.

You can also recharge it by placing it on an amethyst druse, a white quartz, transparent quartz or smoky quartz.

Curiosities of the Peridot

  • Napoleon Bonaparte used the Peridot stone to assure the Empress Josephine to assure her of his great love and eternal admiration, evidently this happened before the annulment of the marriage.
  • The largest Peridot, never seen before, was cut on the island of Zabargad, Egypt. He is currently at the Smithsonian Institution   in  Washington DC
  • In Russia there are Peridots that have been cut from a meteorite that fell in eastern Siberia in 1749.

In 2006 Peridot was found in its basic form, in the comet dust brought from the Stardust robotic space probe. This meteorite was discovered on the Moon and was detected by an instrument on Mars by a NASA surveyor.

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