Lower Back Chakra

Orange Chakra

Let us continue our journey with the chakras, with the 2nd chakra, the sacred chakra, Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, which means “place of sweetness.” It naturally links to physical well-being, the pleasure of living, and the pleasures of our life on Earth.

Invitation to the movement

As it says in Buddhism, everything is impermanence in the Universe. We have gone from the Earth element to the Water element, from solid to liquid, from stillness to movements and changes. Without change, the mind closes; there is no movement, no life.

Change results from opposing forces: yin and yang, feminine principle and masculine principle, Earth and Sky, receptive and creative to achieve balance. These polarities, by their mutual attraction, create change. It brings us pleasure, movement, and growth.

Under the symbolism of water

lower back chakra

The sacred chakra locates between the pubis and the navel (about 5cm below the navel). It corresponds to bodily functions concerning the fluids in our body: circulation, elimination through the urine, sexuality (sperm), reproduction (amniotic fluid, menstruation), and specific properties of the water, lack of shape, flow, fluidity, cyclicity.

Therefore, the meaning of this chakra is that it links to sexuality, sensations, emotions, movement and pleasure, receptivity. The second chakra is endowed with feminine energy because linked to water and new life. A fetus believes in the amniotic fluid, therefore the water element.

Pleasure, emotions, sexuality

This chakra is associated with vitality, joie de vivre, sensuality, the delicacy of feelings and emotions, sharing, appetite, sensations, desires, and self-esteem.


Pleasure helps the mind and body to better communicate, relax, and relieve tension. It also allows us to be in harmony with our senses, a valid source of information for all levels of consciousness. The senses also link to our emotions.


Emotions play an internal guiding role in knowing what is good for us. They also link to a movement, and this can free us from emotional blockage. And conversely, when we block our emotions, we limit movement. Suppressing emotions blocks energy, and releasing them relieves.


It represents a sacred rite of union and celebrates difference and a movement of expansion of the vital force. It is thanks to it that each new life creates. In our time, this aspect of our life is either repressed or exploited: religion, beliefs, and, conversely, pornography, scenes of violence, and war—the greater the taboos on sex in a society, the more violent a culture. However, when it links to an authentic spirituality (meditation, yoga, martial arts), temporary abstinence can be beneficial and allow one to free oneself from old reflexes and habits by opening energy channels towards the high. But abstinence is, of course, not recommended for everyone and can cause pain and tension.

Summary symbols, properties, and correspondences:

  • Name:  Svadhithana in Sanskrit – sweetness
  • Location:  lower abdomen, genitals, belly
  • Color:  orange
  • Element:  water
  • Function:  desire, pleasure, sexuality, procreation, expression of emotions
  • Body parts:  reproductive organs (testes, ovaries), elimination functions (kidneys, bladder, digestive organs, circulatory system, lumbar
  • Malfunction:  impotence, frigidity, uterine, bladder, and kidney problems, stiffness in the lower back.
  • Fears:  lack of love and self-acceptance
  • Glands:  ovaries, testes
  • Food:  liquids
  • Stones:  carnelian, moonstone, coral
  • Sound:  Vam
  • Meaning:  taste
  • Verb: I feel
  • Right: to feel
  • Essential oils:  ylang-ylang, sandalwood, ginger

Here are some other consequences of an unbalanced, underactive, or overactive sacred chakra:

  • Difficulty digesting emotions;
  • Inability to commit;
  • Sexual dissatisfaction (frigidity, impotence, and premature ejaculation);
  • Health problems involving the genitals, small and large intestine, bladder, appendix, stomach, sciatic nerve, lower back, sacrum, lumbar area.

How to heal your sacred chakra?

Releasing blocked emotions

There are different ways of doing it, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a particularly effective one. To practice possibly alone, but also with an experienced practitioner who can accompany you on the path leading to these emotions blocked for a long time and are not always aware.

Lower Back Chakra

Connect with water

Become aware, for example, by taking a shower in the morning as dynamic meditation. Make sure the place is very clean. Go over all parts of the body, mentally telling yourself, for example, “Now my hands are clean.” Now my face is clean, etc. »Visualize all the negative things you no longer want in your life. Imagine them flowing out of you, and be in gratitude for this water. You can throw something symbolic (non-polluting) in the toilet or the shower drain.

Then think of the things you would like to have in your life, and imagine them flowing over your head in a beautiful, luminous waterfall. Thank. After this ritual, go drink a glass of water and drink it consciously.

A very symbolic exercise of the cyclical movement of life can be practiced: the rotation of the hips as if you had a hula hoop to rotate around your waist.

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The sacred chakra can also be unlocked with Reiki, balancing and harmonizing all the chakras and plantar reflexology. An experienced practitioner will work precisely on areas lacking vital energy (urinary tract, system lymphatic, genital areas).

Essential oils

It is a pleasant way to work on your sacred chakra. We can choose essential oils that we like the most, one or more, to combine or not. I recommend them for atmospheric diffusion, but you can also mix them with vegetable oil (biological quality) for massage.

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