Larimar healing properties

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Larimar stone

Larimar healing properties

The Larimar  is a semi precious stone which is composed of pectolite hydrate, Acid partner, and calcium silicate. It is only found in the Dominican Republic and can be found in white, greenish blue, deep blue or light blue.

Larimar history

On November 22, 1916, the priest Miguel Domingo Fuertes de Loren, an inhabitant of the Barahona parish, asked the Ministry of the Dominican Republic for permission to exploit and explore a mine that was filled with a blue rock. Because everyone was unaware of what he was referring to, the event did not take place at the time.

 It was not until 1974 that in the coastal province of Barahona, Miguel Méndez and the volunteer Norman Rilling ran into a blue band, they dug and rediscovered the “blue stone”. The natives thought that it came from the sea, therefore Miguel gave him the name of Larimar , “Lar” for his daughter Larissa and “Mar” for coming from the sea.

A deeper investigation indicated that the only Larimar mine in the world is located in Los Chupaderos. For this reason, in 1979 this stone was classified as a semi-precious stone.

Characteristics of the Larimar

  • This is a type of gem, or mineral protected by an entire country, because it has been stored by culture and the Dominican Republic.
  • This semi precious stone has always been used to make accessories, such as earrings, bracelets, earrings, etc. Jewelers must have a special permit to work this stone.
  • It is a rock so little known that its history is little known, in the same way, this stone is rarely seen in the jewelry market.
  • Larimar stone  is used in high-end jewelry.

Properties of the Larimar

The Larimar  is a stone used to overcome fears to hospitals, doctors, surgeries, injections, etc. In short, it is a stone of improvement. At the same time it helps to promote clear and safe communication with medical personnel.

This is a wonderful stone for those mothers who are pregnant, and for those who have already given birth, as it helps to alleviate postpartum depression and relaxes the stress caused by motherhood.

Being a water stone it provides calm, and helps cool down hot tempers. It can be used to reduce hot flashes and to relax tense environments.

This stone is ideal for finding your soulmate. Facilitates the resolution of problems and fears that are still present, love traumas or relationships from the past that still torment you.

Physical healing properties : Larimar stone is  used to treat respiratory conditions, that is, it dissolves nasal, head, neck and chest blockages. If you suffer from joint pain you can place it on them.

This stone is ideal for deciphering the painful pressure points found in the body, and helps to eliminate ailments and diseases. This rock can be used as an alternative treatment where the use of water, light or heat is required.

The Larimar  helps improve bipolar disorders, relieves high blood pressure and excessive energies that are in your body such as infections, fever and inflammation.

This stone can be used to treat skin disorders that are complicated by stress, such as rashes, uricaria, psoriasis, etc. 

Emotional Healing Properties :  Larimar helps to identify imposed limitations and self-sabotaging behavior. It is a useful stone to admit guilt and produces peace when telling the truth. It is a powerful rock, with healing, cleansing, and controlling power, especially for phobias, panic attacks, and emotional imbalances.

It is a stone that helps to break down emotional walls, and allows feelings to be expressed in a sincere and profound way. It also helps to reconnect with your inner state, full of joy and childishness.  

Chackras properties and balancing energy : Larimar stone is a stone that attracts benefits to the throat chackra opening pathways to a clear and sincere communication.

Spiritual properties : this stone is connected to the energies of the goddess of the sea and the sky. Larimar is a stone that allows women to readjust their femininity and connect with nature. Help invoke the inner goddess of women by elevating self-love and her purposes in life. It also helps men connect with their intuitive and responsive nature.

Meaning of the Larimar

The name of this stone is due to the fact that its discoverer had a daughter named Larissa, and because it was found on the coast near the Sea, Larimar placed it. This stone helps you to say things clearly, its vibration allows you to communicate safely. Wearing one of these stones around your neck will allow you to be closer to the Chackra of the throat.

Larimar deposits

This blue colored stone is only found in the Dominican Republic, near the Caribbean Sea. The only place in the world where this stone is found is on the island of Hispaniola, located within this beautiful and heavenly country.   

There are several types of pectolite, including colorless, pink, white, greenish and of course blue. Other varieties of this stone have been found in various parts of the world such as the United States and Canada, but until now Larimar has only been found in the Dominican Republic.   

This beautiful stone has blue, white, and teal patterns, such as small veins.

Uses of the Larimar

This stone is mainly used in jewelry, its attractive color draws people’s attention. This rock was awarded the title of precious stone. Many people say that looking at it, they can see how the waves of the Caribbean Sea are reflected, emulated in a pale blue palette.

Larimar stone is extremely rare and soft, which is why its use in jewelry is limited. The people who are responsible for molding the rock are aware of its fragility and the delicacy with which they must treat the stone.

Generally the Larimar is worn in pendants, bracelets and bangles, some earrings are also made. But the least common and little seen accessory are Larimar rings.

Most of the jewels created with Larimar are assembled in silver, however, the superior quality gems are assembled in gold. According to its coloration, the stone will have more or less value, that is, the deeper the blue of the rock, the more precious it will be considered. High quality jewelery is judged by its intensity between sky blue and deep blue.

If the Larimar rock is green, it is not considered a precious or good stone, unless it is a very intense green. There are some Larimar rocks that appear reddish, this occurs because there are traces of iron in the pectolite, and due to the photo sensitivity of the Larimar it loses its coloration over time.

Cleaning and care of the Larimar

This is quite a fragile stone, compared to the rest of the gemstones. So extra care should be taken when cleaning and storing it, aggressive chemicals and cleaners should be avoided at all costs, as the stone can be destroyed by mineral acid.

Larimar should not be exposed frequently to the sun or intense heat as this causes it to lose color. Its cleaning is simple, it only requires a soft cloth with a little warm water and soap, if necessary. Before storing the rock make sure you have removed all soap residue.

Larimar stone should be kept away from other rocks, to avoid scratches or fractures, it is best to wrap the gem in a soft cloth and then place it in a jewelry box that is lined with fabric.

Curiosities of the Larimar

  • It is a semi precious stone.
  • Its chemical formula is: NaCa 2 Si 3 O 8 (OH).
  • It can be found in white, green, pink and colorless colors, but the most common is blue.
  • This stone contains a range of white, greenish blue, light blue and deep blue colors.
  • This stone is only found in the southeast of the Dominican Republic.
  • The country’s national congress declared that every November 22 the “National Larimar Day” is celebrated.
  • This stone is considered a cultural heritage, and a symbol of identity.
  • It is only marketed in the tourist areas of the country.
  • Larimar is currently one of the most commercialized and sold semi-precious stones worldwide.
  • The Ministries of Energy and Mines, Environment and Natural Resources, Culture and Tourism, allocate an amount of money to sponsor the stone on November 22.

The exploitation of the Larimar was not approved until 1974.


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