Jet Healing Properties


Jet stone is considered a mineral  and may be derived from coal itself, its production occurred in a fossilized way, which is why it falls into the category of minerals. It has also been found that many of its developments occurred through trees, more precisely from trees called Araucariaceae. Those trees and possibly the stone itself are said to have been in the world since the time when dinosaurs dominated the earth. Here, you will know jet healing properties.

It is a fossil, which has been carried out several studies to determine if we can know much more about the Paleolithic epics. It is not part of traditional gemstones, but it is considered part of semi-precious stones. And, it has an intense black color that does not fade over time. And, it is highly sought after thanks to its beauty, the disadvantage is that it is very difficult to achieve. It is also attributed various esoteric powers and you can also find it by the name of black amber.

Main characteristics of the jet

The jet does not have a defined shape , so it is normal that you find it in different presentations. It has no lines or bruises that we can see common in other stones and minerals. The surface is extremely smooth (it is only polished), so note this detail when you go to buy one. The hardness level has a maximum of 4 values, which for the normal of a stone is much lighter. It can be easier to carry everywhere due to this characteristic.

All the substance around it and that make it up to be the jet stone that we all know really is very white. And, it can break in any sudden movement. Every time this stone is extracted it is as smooth as possible, for which methods are purely artisanal, even polishing is artisanal.

Within its numbers in density it can reach a maximum of 1.3 grams, which, like its weight, is not the same compared to other types of stones that you can find. The deep black color is not noticeable at first glance, so after polishing you can see all the visual potential it has; In addition, some of them may have notable but dark stripes.

In its chemical composition, jet is made up of up to 75% carbon , this is one of the characteristics by which it is stated that they are also derived from coal and has sulfur, oxygen, some hydrocarbons and even nitrogen. If you plan to experiment with it, we do not recommend putting it in low temperatures because it can give off an unpleasant odor. You can polish it as many times as you want, the shine will be just as intense again. 

The use of jet and its benefits

As it is a stone that was in the world long before us, the forms of use given to it may vary or extend to the use we give it today.  In ancient civilizations the jet was used as a protector before the evil entities  and the bad energies that could invade the people, the most outstanding civilizations for this were: the Vikings, the Egyptians, the Phoenicians and the Romans; but surely much more used the stone as protection.

Also in antiquity these stones were participants in many rituals or recent ones in which protection spells were made or some type of magic was performed, both white and black. This because the jet has a great energetic charge inside  and the vibe it has is very powerful for everyone who carries it, beware, the vibes it receives from the universe are good. In Spain it is very common that it is used to prevent or protect yourself from the Higa de Azabache, which is generally known as the evil eye.

In the accessories it is normal that we find some pieces of jet , especially in: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, crucifixes, charms, rings, even in the rosaries. This since it is very easy to handle for artisans, but you must be very careful because it is very light, you can find it in decorations for the home or for furniture. 

The power of the jet

Beyond the protective energies against evil entities and that can be part of your jewelry without any problem, jet is a very health benefit . You can be close when you go through lows due to body failures, for example, headaches are resolved in minutes if you have a jet on hand. When you have low spirits or even suffer from severe depression, this stone is necessary in your day to day, thanks to the positive energies that are inside.

The jet is a is an excellent amulet for protection against the spells  or curses that haunt you, so if you want to stop having bad luck, you need to run to get this stone. The effects of the jet are immediate, after 5 minutes using or loading the stone you begin to feel internal and external tranquility. If you put a jet under your pillow, you can sleep peacefully  all night; perfect for those who have recurring nightmares or suffer from insomnia.

Serious problems like epilepsy can be reduced and side effects too, so you won’t have to worry about tremors and live a quiet life without worrying about those effects. If you want more powerful results regarding physical problems, find an unpolished jet , it will be much more powerful. 

The use of jet today

Today it is no longer common for people to use jet for these purposes , in fact, its production has been limited only for accessories and jewelry. Today not as much jet is produced, so production has decreased and the way to polish it is only limited to the areas with the largest deposits of these minerals. However, it is one of the accessories almost by tradition that is placed on babies so that they protect themselves from the evil eye and can develop naturally. It is usually accompanied by red stone. 

Where can you find the jet?

The purest jet and considered the best in the world can be found in fields located in certain regions of Spain , especially in: Gijón-Villaviciosa or Asturias. You can also find another great site in England, more specifically in Yorkshire. Other countries recognized for having jet amounts are in: Venezuela, the United States, Hungary and France.

Some tricks so that they do not deceive you and you can get a piece of pure jet is to bring it closer to the fire, if it burns it is because it is not a real jet, the real ones remain stable and do not burn. Another way is to take a sheet of paper and pass the stone, if it gets scratched in black it is because you are facing a real jet. Remember that, being reduced in their production, it will no longer be so easy to get hold of jets. 

Jet Healing Properties

The care of the jet

It is one of the most fragile stones that you can find on the market, so you should avoid making sudden movements or blows that can destroy your jet and lose the energy that it carries inside. When you want to clean it, you can choose to use soft cloths and carry out the process with the greatest delicacy; use water or some soap that has wax, the type of soap is indifferent. The jet does not mistreat or lose potency if you use chemicals to clean it . For each pass you give you will see that its brightness increases more and more. 

Facts you didn’t know about the jet

In addition to being used by ancient civilizations, in England it was one of the stone that was used for mourning for a long time. This was given by Queen Victoria, who after being widowed in 1861, filled her late husband’s funeral with many of these rocks. The jet was a participant in many other mourning rituals , but there came a time when they were no longer used as much in wakes.

Jet is not only limited to stone, it is also used in many languages. In fact, we owe this name to the way it was called in the Arabic language and that little by little it was adopted and translated. There are also metaphors where the jet is the protagonist , some descriptions that are made to a person come with “he had jet eyes”, hinted at the color of the stone.

Many of the beliefs point out that the jet was created by the Geo God  who has large amounts of minerals and that is transmitted to this stone through the energies of the soil, this is where it gains protection and the good vibes of the universe. But it can also absorb negative energies, in this case you must return to the ground to recover. 

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