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A modern approach to shamanic healing integrating intuitive decoding, energy healing, deprogramming of cellular memory, intuitive activation of creative resources and re-education of the unconscious.

The origin of Imaginary Listening

Intuitive healers practice intuition without any support: no card, no pendulum, no device. Intuition is used to communicate with the essence of being to promote health. It is often said that intuition is a gift, but what if it was accessible to all? What if imagination is the main ingredient?

The imaginary, closely linked to the unconscious, is managed by creative resources. It is a kind of sixth sense allowing to broaden one’s understanding of things and to become receptive to an inexhaustible source of wisdom. Here is a definition of the imagination very different from that of Petit Robert which rather refers to something unreal, fictional, fabulous, mythical or chimerical. Yet it is this definition that Sylvain Belanger offers to explain Imaginary Listening, an intuitive approach that he has developed over several decades. This listening, which we practice as if we were in a dream state, allows us not only to better understand our own energetic, psychic or spiritual dynamic, but also that of another person.

“You have to learn to capture the unconscious messages that manifest to you in the form of images, voices or sensations. “

A true shamanic healer understands the cause, welcomes the pain and heal the wound. Sylvain Belanger invites you here to discover the shamanic path in a rigorous, demystifying and effective approach.

What can we perceive by Ecoute Imaginaire?

Spiritual and esoteric traditions suggest the existence of a subtle energy field which would be emitted by the human being. Sylvain Belanger distinguishes three levels of reality in this field, each interacting with the other.

Energy quality

Energy quality is the entire energy radiation of cells.
The disturbances of this radiation are closely linked to circulatory, immune or organ imbalances and affect our physical and energetic health.

When an imbalance occurs, cellular communication is disrupted; we then observe by Imaginary Listening, as a change in the quality of the radiation of the region concerned.

Thanks to imaginary listening, we can also:

Evaluate the quality of the radiation from the different systems and organs of one’s own body (or that of another person).

Observe the shape of an organ, its color, its rhythm, the upward or downward movement it produces as well as its relationship with other organs.

Feel the state of the organ (s) in your body.

Feel the state of the organ (s) in your body.

Learn to listen to the organs so that they express the causes of their disturbances, then initiate a dialogue with them (always in the imagination) to obtain more information.

Psychic quality

The psychic quality reflects the psychic activity of an individual
Thanks to imaginary listening, we can observe different types of memories which can produce tensions in the body and affect the circulation of energy. These memories appear in the form of characters with their own personality, capable of expressing what they feel. These characters are energies produced by our own psychic activity.

  1.  The 5 components of imaginary listening
  2. 1) Intuitive decoding of the energy field
  3. Spiritual and esoteric traditions teach that there is a field surrounding the human being. According to Sylvain Belanger, creator of imaginary listening, this field is composed of energetic, psychic and transpersonal information that can be decoded. “Intuitive decoding” consists in establishing a real communication with the information perceived in the energy field so that they can reveal the reason for their presence. Intuitive decoding allows you to get to know yourself better and to broaden your understanding of yourself and others. You just have to learn the language of the imaginary. At the energetic level , the intuitive decoding makes it possible to perceive the circulatory, immune or organ imbalances which affect physical and energetic health.At the psychic level , the intuitive decoding makes it possible to perceive the causes of energy imbalances, the painful past experiences which influence a person without his knowledge, and the reason for being of inadequate behavior (personal memories, transgenerational, from previous lives, potential future, etc.). At the transpersonal level , intuitive decoding allows us to perceive the evolutionary potential that gives meaning to our life, psychic and energetic imbalances, and memories from other lives that inhibit the expression of transpersonal energy. 2) The energetic psycho energization of the fasciasThe energetic psycho energization of the Fascias, energy healing technique used in Imaginary Listening, is inspired by different healing techniques (laying on of hands, balance of the chakras, therapeutic touch, subtle palpation, energy surgery, etc.) as well as therapy fascias and Chinese energy medicine. Its objectives are :
  • To restore energy circulation in the energy field, within the chakras, tissues and organs of the body, in order to promote the proper functioning of the organism.
  • To stimulate the circulation of nerve impulses between the body and the brain, in order to favor the release of energetic and emotional charges . This leads to the integration of a vision of the world more in harmony with oneself.
  • To promote the integration of trans-personal energies   in the physical body so that a healing process can occur. 3) Deprogramming of cellular memory 
  • The deprogramming of cellular memory, a real shamanic work is the culmination of energy care.

It consists in broadening one’s consciousness to travel in the memory universe of the patient in order to deprogram his cellular memory and restore the balance of his energy field.

The treatment is reinforced by the awareness that restores harmony between the conscious and the patient’s energy field, an essential condition for staying in the new balance.

4) Intuitive activation of creative resources

The intuitive activation of creative resources is inspired by shamanism and modern approaches such as hypnosis. Here we use imaginary listening and its healing techniques to release the healing potential of an individual. Supported by words that heal and re-educate his energy field, the person then experiences in his own body, the healing forces with which he can collaborate.

This type of care consolidates the healing process and promotes the integration of change.

5) Re-education of the unconscious

Imaginary listening offers techniques for exploring our own inner world in order to be able to re-educate by ourselves the memory energies that disturb our field. We are thus developing means to become more and more autonomous.


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