star sapphire healing properties

Star sapphire is a rare gem with a unique optical effect. The reason for the uniqueness of the mineral lies in the content of crystals of titanium dioxide. Molecules bizarrely connect and form rays that resemble rays. In some cases, the image is more like an icon, which makes the stone even more mysterious. It … Read more

sunstone healing properties

The sun stone or heliolite, named after the celestial body, at first had a more prosaic name. Geologists enrolled him in the category of feldspars and called it oligoclase. But jewelers noticed that there are specimens of the breed that are worthy of becoming precious jewelry. A transparent crystal consists of sodium, calcium, aluminum and … Read more


Argillite is a clay-type rock and a solid state. There is nothing special about it at first glance. The mineral does not cause any admiration for its appearance. In addition, it is not too durable in its characteristics. According to the chemical composition, the stone resembles clay, but at the same time, it is more … Read more

Azurite Healing Properties

In this article we will discuss about azurite healing properties. Azurite Azurite is an aqueous copper carbonate. It forms dark blue and blue cryptocrystalline earthy masses, much less often nodules and aggregates with a radially radiant structure. Very rarely, azurite forms Druze, large crystals and intergrowths. Often replaced by more stable copper carbonate – malachite. Structure of Azurite Cu 3 (CO 3 ) 2 (OH) 2 Other … Read more