Apatite Healing Properties

Apatite In this article we will share all about healing properties of apatite. Apatite is a stone of inspiration. Apatite is a group of minerals. Calcium phosphate Mineral apatite is not.  Structure Ca5(PO4)3(F,Cl,ОН) Other names Asparagus stone. Varieties Fluorapatite is the most famous and widespread mineral from the group of apatites, yellow, sea wave and … Read more

Agate Healing Properties

Agate In this article we will discuss all about Agate and Agate healing properties. Agate  is a variety of layered  chalcedony  – cryptocrystalline fine-fibrous  quartz . Structure of Agate SiO 2 Other names of Agate Agate stone Varieties of Agate Bastion – with patterns similar to drawings of old maps ;ocellar – with concentric layers close in shape to a circle, forming a pattern … Read more

Alexandrite Healing Properties

Alexandrite In this article we will discuss all about Alexandrite and Alexandrite healing properties. Alexandrite – a stone of good omens Alexandrite  is a rare jewelry variety of chrysoberyl , which has a strong pleochroism. In daylight, it has an emerald green and bluish-green color, in artificial light – red, raspberry, purple or violet-red. Structure Al 2 BeO 4 Other names Chrysoberyl … Read more

Aventurine Healing Properties

Aventurine In this article we will discuss all about Aventurine and Aventurine healing properties. Aventurine  is a dense mass of fine-grained  quartz , including evenly dispersed small scales of mica. Aventurine is a species of quartzite – a metamorphic rock. Structure SiO 2 Other names Aventurine Gold Spark  – the ancient name of aventurine in Russia. Belorechit or Beloretsk quartzite  – … Read more

intuitive energy healing

A modern approach to shamanic healing integrating intuitive decoding, energy healing, deprogramming of cellular memory, intuitive activation of creative resources and re-education of the unconscious. The origin of Imaginary Listening Intuitive healers practice intuition without any support: no card, no pendulum, no device. Intuition is used to communicate with the essence of being to promote health. It … Read more

crystals for motivation

Energies and crystals This selection of crystals comes from my personal collection. The stones and crystals are alive, it is important to keep this in mind when you are around them. They naturally radiate what they are, and we can, depending on our sensitivity, consciously resonate with the message they are spreading. Of a pale turquoise blue, … Read more

types of reiki

There are many varieties, directions and variations of Reiki (Reiki) In this topic, I would like to collect information that will help to determine the choice for beginners on the Reiki Path, and for practicing “Reiki”, it may help to expand my capabilities. Reiki Usui Shiki Rioho – sometimes called “traditional Reiki” through the transfer line> … Read more

best incense for meditation

These are the 7 best incenses to meditate What incense to choose according to your objective Incense is one of the elements that in many occasions accompany the meditation process, either in a group session or alone. The word incense comes from the Latin incensum , which means “to light”. Remains of incense have been found throughout the world that are … Read more

crystals for babies

CHILDREN AND MINERALS Minerals from the beginning of humanity In ancient Egypt (-5000 years ago), in antiquity, we found the presence of amulets, necklaces set with stones, these embedded in ritual and religious objects. These minerals in polished forms, beads or cabochons are fine and precious stones such as Lapis-Lazuli, turquoise from Iran, glyptic agates, pearls … Read more

hibiscus flower spiritual meaning

Indoor Chinese rose, it is also hibiscus, it is also a flower of love. The flower is amazing in its properties and energy. The vitality of this plant is so great that experienced flower growers have long learned to use it: when one of your home plants has recently had a disease or has a … Read more