black obsidian healing properties


The black obsidian is a variation of volcanic rocks and the most popular among all. It is considered to be one of the most powerful gems of all crystals. Inside it contains the elements of water, fire and earth, it is also known as “glassy lava”.

In ancient times this stone was used by civilizations to create knives, arrows and spear points to hunt and protect themselves. This rock was used to carry out these elaborations since its blade was easy to carve and is of excellent quality.

black obsidian healing properties

This rock is not considered a mineral , since its composition and formation make it a natural glass or a volcanic glass. This stone is formed during the last phase of the volcanic eruption. We can find it in different colors and with different effects on its surface. They are usually found in black or gray, but there are also gold-colored, with rainbow hues and white pints.

This stone was given this name, because an explorer found it in Ethiopia, in the 1st century AD, and named it “lapis Obsianus”.

Characteristics of black obsidian

  •  This stone has a hardness of 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale.
  •  It is a felsic, volcanic and igneous rock, which is formed when the lava cools quickly.
  •  It has a weight of 2.6.
  •  Its structure is amorphous.
  •  It consists of aluminum silicates and a high percentage of silica. This makes it a rock very similar to granite or rhyolite.
  •  It is made up of minerals such as hematite and feldspar.
  •  It is of an opaque and semi-transparent tone, if its edge is very thin it lets light through.
  •  Its fracture shape is conchoidal, for this reason it is very useful for creating weapons and ornaments.
  •  It was a stone highly revered by the Mayan and Aztec civilizations.
  •  In the Mayan civilization it represented the god Xibalbay.

Obsidian colors

In addition to being presented in black , there are also some variations of obsidian , for example it can be obtained in green, brown, gray, gold or with mahogany or rainbow shades or also what is called snowy obsidian.

Its colors vary depending on the metallic presence, spherulites and gas bubbles that it has in its composition. It is important to note that its mineral color can vary if it is carved in the shape of a cabochon.

Meanings of black obsidian

  •  Magical meaning : this stone is known as the stone of truth or mirror of the soul, this is because it is not only responsible for reflecting physical reality, but is also capable of helping you visualize your interior. One of its powers is to promote introspection and show those fears and fears that are hidden inside.
  •  Etymological meaning : Obsidian not only refers to a stone, but is also the name of a person, which is reflected in Victoria Quinn’s book “Black Obsidian”. Other people attribute its name to the volcanic glass that was found by a Roman explorer somewhere in Ethiopia, which he named “lapis obsianus” which means obsian stone.
  •  Esoteric meaning : in the Mayan civilization it was believed to have magical powers, since they used it to cure kidney conditions, and protect themselves from evil forces.

Most important obsidian deposits

This stone can be obtained in places where there were rhyolitic eruptions. There are some deposits in countries of the American continent, which are: Canada, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru. In Europe there are few countries where black obsidian can be found, however, we can find it in Greece, Scotland, Iceland and Italy. There are also deposits in countries such as Kenya, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.


During the Middle Ages, this shiny black stone was considered an important amulet and protective talisman against negative energies. It was highly valued, due to its main ability, which is to show secrets to those who have it.

  •  It helps to integrate the shadow : this stone manages to demonstrate our positive and negative sides, in this way it allows us to visualize what is really affecting us.
  •  Clarity to change : it helps us to really know ourselves and accept ourselves as we are.
  •  Physical benefits : it is related to the root chackra and allows us to relate to the material.
  •  Protection and cleaning : this stone is responsible for absorbing the negative charges that want to enter our body.

Protective properties of black obsidian

It is considered one of the most powerful stones , this is because it is a protective shield that allows us to ward off negative energies and protect us from violence. However, it is not recommended to have a large piece of black obsidian in the home, but it should be placed outside the home so that it can trap all bad energy and can protect the home.

This rock is ideal for cleaning spaces where toxic and harmful people are found. Black obsidian is responsible for absorbing black energies.

Healing and energy properties

  •  Nervous system: it  is an effective treatment for depression, fears, feelings of guilt and anguish, since it helps to keep calm.
  •  Joint system : it is ideal to calm cramps and any joint injury.
  •  Circulatory system : helps detoxify the blood and promotes circulation.
  •  Clarification of internal conflicts : helps you to resolve those past conflicts and traumas that arise in life.
  •  Transforming stone : it is used in meditation and is used to promote knowledge.
  •  Material success : American Indians used it in the root chackra as they associated it with wealth and material success.
  •  Earth connection : it helps us stay focused and aware of the reality we are living.

The black obsidian has such a powerful force that opens the ability to understand. However, it should only be used by those who are prepared to accept reality. It also provides security and confidence to eliminate mental blocks.

Cleaning and activating black obsidian

This stone should be treated very carefully and cleaned frequently as it absorbs many negative energies. The first thing to do is to place the obsidian in a bowl  and bury it in sea salt overnight, after that, in the morning, it should be rinsed with enough water and wrapped in a piece of cloth, preferably red.

Another method that can be used to clean black obsidian is to place it in a container and surround it with quartz stones for 24 hours.

To activate this stone it is necessary to talk to it and explain clearly what our purposes are. Then the stone is placed in a bowl with mineral water and it is kept on the outside of the house to activate its protective properties.

How to use black obsidian

 The obsidian must be accompanied by other crystals for use in meditation. It is important to know that this stone has strong powers, therefore, it is recommended to use it after having experience working with crystals.

To deal with depressive problems, it is recommended to combine it with green quartz to maintain balance. It is generally used in the form of a pendulum to perform healing work. However, it is important to always warn the patient of the strength of this stone and know if he is willing to continue.

  •  Utensils : used to make decorative knives and scalpels.
  •  Amulets : Many people decide to take it with them to protect themselves, in the form of bracelets, pendants, talismans and pendulums.
  •  Jewelry : it is a very attractive and elegant jewel, especially for its shiny black color.

Curiosities you did not know about black obsidian

  •  Magical Tradition : it is a magic stone known as “dragon glass” or “glass vine” that appears in the famous series “Games of Thrones”. It is known that in medieval times this stone had the quality to reveal the future.
  •  Obsidian is said to be ruled by Saturn and to be linked with the Capricorn sign.
  •  Obsidian Vaginal Egg : It is used by Chinese women for vaginal tightening. Women insert this piece through their vaginal canal and perform exercises, strengthening the pelvic floor. In addition to toning the area, it increases vital energy and opens body memory.
  •  The black obsidian mirror : the elaboration of the first mirrors was made with this stone. They abounded in the Mediterranean and in Mexico, since here the stone began to be polished so that it could reflect the images.
  •  They were highly valued pieces by those fans of esotericism and occult sciences. In addition, there are still copies of it, such as the one exhibited in the British Museum, which belonged to John Dee, an alchemist and adviser to Queen Elizabeth I
  •  Scalpel : This volcanic rock was used to create great weapons, however, it was also used for medical use. The scalpel made with obsidian stone is capable of outperforming metallic ones, some surgeons have used them as an experiment and find that the tissues suffer less damage and recover faster.

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