white quartz healing properties


The White Quartz is a mineral composed of silica dioxide, belongs to the macrocrystalline variety, has small inclusions and white pigmentation, appearance and white is because in its air bubbles, crystals are many faces forms hexagonal.

The  white quartz crystal is the most common of all, it is also called  Milky  or Transparent Quartz , pale white in color and sometimes presents a percentage of transparency, and is considered one of the crystals with the highest spiritual value and the most powerful among the quartz family.

This crystal is soft but deeply protective and harmonizing energy for our health, so much so that it is capable of purifying all the energies of our body and removes negative energies of which we are not aware of its presence.

The white quartz is indicated for meditations related to cleaning, these meditations with the glass allows spiritual cleansing of the body, soul and mind. They are able to work with the body chakras, especially by opening the head, throat and spleen chakras.

The power of white quartz allows us to get rid of the accumulated charges during the day considerably, helping us to feel lighter and serene, thanks to the power of this crystal we can be able to balance our energies.

It is important to note that the largest deposits of white quartz are found in Brazil, but also in Spain, Norway, Austria, France, Japan, the United States, Canada and Madagascar, as it is one of the most widespread crystals, it can be found in many areas. of the world.

white quartz healing properties

Meaning of White or Milky Quartz

The milky quartz , has many gifts and meanings, has a prism that can be used in the function of any other glass, being very useful to maintain stable properties of other types of quartz and minerals, this is considered quartz mother or quartz based .

This crystal also means, strength , purity , nobility , and innocence .

 It stimulates the desire to fight and keep going in sad moments, that’s why it is considered a symbol of happiness.

In Europe it is used when a baby is born as it offers divine blessing and protection to the new life , calling it the birth crystal. While other parts of the world use milky quartz in funeral rituals to promote the deceased to another life, this ritual is called the stone of resurrection .

But the main function of this crystal is balance , since it is in charge of activating and deactivating the energies of the body and the spirit, depending on the mental order of the person.

The holder of this crystal knows that this crystal helps fill our soul with feelings of purity of abundance, for this reason it represents self-help.

These quartz are responsible for dissipating all types of negative vibrations, neutralizing attacks from the evil eye or envy.

It is also ideal for home protection, since it emits soft energy, providing a feeling of peace and harmony, it also fights martyr syndrome and victimization.

When this quartz is used in meditation , it achieves a connection to inner wisdom, so it helps to think before speaking. We can say that it also increases tact and cooperation.

They have a special affinity with the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Properties of White Quartz

White quartz crystal is so useful for many things, thanks to its multiple properties, in this case we will mention the most important:

  • This stone will bring you luck in all areas of your life, since in a matter of luck things can turn upside down, but it is normal for being periods of time, but rest assured that this quartz will change your luck for the better.
  • It will protect you from negative energies and bad vibes , keeping them away from your thoughts.
  • It will bring serenity to your mind, in addition to calming your anxiety and giving you emotional security, for this reason, it is called the crystal of self-help since it will calm your emotions and calm your mind.
  • Positivism will surround you, this is thanks to the fact that this quartz attracts positive energies, with this you will be able to think positively to attract good things to yourself.
  • It improves the physical, emotional and psychological health of a person, thanks to its therapeutic benefits.
  • Another important property of white quartz is that it improves memory, since it increases the cognitive abilities of a person obtaining better concentration and reduction of daily stress.
  • This quartz can help prevent breathing difficulties and problems like rhinitis and sinusitis.
  • This stone works against urinary diseases.
  • It improves circulation and stimulates the lactating woman.
  • Blocks electromagnetic energies from electronic devices.
  • A person is capable of being in a very good mood since this quartz has a force that balances the body’s energies.
  • It has analgesic properties, relieving general pain.
  • Strengthens bones and improves their health, protects from cavities.
  • Protects against organ failure and infection and helps the pituitary glands.
  • It has the ability to protect against radiation from the sun and chemicals.
  • It balances the hormonal growth of the body.

Main uses of Milky Quartz crystal

This crystal can be used in various ways, it does not lose the effect, many people carry it everywhere, such as in a purse or bag, pants, shirt, but there are others who have it in the comfort of their room or elsewhere. favorite of your home.

Even other people make white quartz an accessory or jewel, since many use it as amulets, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, among others.

There are also those who buy this crystal for the decoration of a piece of furniture or a room, just for the striking beauty of this stone, and unconsciously without knowing its magical and mystical properties, they end up noticing important changes in the mental strength of the group that makes up their home. .

There are several ways to use this stone to take full advantage of its benefits (it must be properly energized and clean), just by being close to it you feel the absorption of positive energies and the withdrawal of negative energies, so it is advisable to have them next to the body , in the room or in the office.

Other ways to use it are in meditation , placing it on the chakra that you want to activate while meditating or in immersion baths placing the crystal in the water. 

Useful tips for using white quartz

  • Wearing a necklace at the height of the heart : it will achieve mental and spiritual benefits.
  • Place it in direct contact with the body : for physical use, you should only place it on the affected body area, this will improve balance and balance.
  • Mental Clarity:  When used in meditation or kept near the desk or work area, you will achieve more mental clarity and persistence in the objectives.
  • Protection and purification :  with the use of a jewel of any type (bracelet, charm, earring) you will achieve energetic protection, in addition to purifying your aura, raising your spirituality.
  • Attracting Peace and Positive Energies :  Just by having a sizeable quartz in the room, you will improve the energy of the environment, transmit peace and attract positive energies to that place.

Cleaning and energizing the white quartz crystal:

A simple way is to wash the stone with running water and sea salt for approximately three to five minutes, in order to clean all the energies from it.

Another way to purify quartz is by using myrrh incense sticks or contacting it with a rock crystal.

But in order to energize the white quartz which absorbs and transmutes negative energy which needs to be stripped and charged regularly, it is necessary to follow these steps:

  • Place the white quartz stone in a bowl.
  • Cover the entire surface of the gem with sea salt, and let it sit overnight.
  • In the morning of the next day, proceed to remove the salt from the glass with the help of cold water.
  • Dry it well, cover it with a cloth or towel; keep it in your closet or preferably in a dark place.
  • Until the next full moon arrives, the quartz should be kept in the dark place, when it arrives, place your quartz in a place where it can give it moonlight all night.
  • The next day the white quartz crystal will be like new.
  • In San Francisco California (USA), there is a pyramid-shaped skyscraper called the Pyramid of Transamerica, its facade, which is pyramid-shaped, is made of white quartz pieces .
  • The Italian Paolo Baldi used a large block of white quartz , this block came from an Amazon quarry, with which he made a luxury bathtub, with the following measures 2 meters. long and 55 cm. Wide.


  • In San Francisco California (USA), there is a pyramid-shaped skyscraper called the Pyramid of Transamerica, its facade, which is pyramid-shaped, is made of white quartz pieces .
  • The Italian Paolo Baldi used a large block of white quartz , this block came from an Amazon quarry, with which he made a luxury bathtub, with the following measures 2 meters. long and 55 cm. Wide.

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