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The Topacio  is considered one of the most accessible thanks to its price stones and gemstones experts are aware of the characteristics of this gem.

In general, the Topaz is not really blue, since they have a variety of colors which are the product of the impurities that the stone may have or the defects that it may contain in its crystalline structure. Among the colors they appear in are pinks and violets, which can rival some sapphires. Champagne and gold color corresponding to the famous Imperial Topaz.

Obviously, this stone has been used for thousands of years by many civilizations, such as jewelry, crowns and ornamentation, since Topaz  has been considered a powerful amulet. The ancient Egyptians thought that the brilliance of the Imperial Topaz came from the sun god “Ra”. On the other hand, the Romans associated Jupiter with Topaz and the Greeks believed in supernatural powers that Topaz possessed.

Topaz history.

topazExperts concluded that its name comes from Topazios, the name of a small Greek island in the Red Sea, currently called Zabargad. Actually this island never produced Topaz, but it may have been confusing, since in it the peridot was abundant, where modern mineralogy managed to establish the great difference between these two minerals.

In ancient Greece, this stone was believed to be capable of giving strength, and during the Renaissance in Europe, Topaz was used as an amulet or weapon to combat witchcraft or spells.

In ancient times and to the present day in India it is believed that carrying this stone close to the heart, gives long life, improves beauty and intelligence.

The Ural Mountains during the 19th century were the main Topaz deposits in the world, where a great variety of highly prized pieces such as pink Topaz were extracted.

For many years it was thought to be a diamond, the  most famous Topaz ever found weighing 1680 carats, considered the largest diamond in jewelry history, discovered in 1740 in the Ouro Preto mines in Brazil. This gem belonged to the Portuguese crown and was baptized with the name “Diamond of Braganza”. This confusion was due to the fact that the found Topaz was completely colorless and looked like a diamond.

In the Holy Bible there are some paragraphs, where Topaz is described as a gem that is set in the breastplate of Aaron (Exodus 28: 15-30), where it was believed that in dangerous situations, Topaz made anyone invincible. wore it. Likewise, in the revelations (21,19), Topaz is named as one of the twelve gems that form part of the foundations of the city of Jerusalem.

General characteristics of Topaz.

  • The Topaz  is a variety of aluminum fluorosilicate, belongs to the silicates and nesosilicatos. Its crystals are formed in an orthorhombic system with the chemical formula Al2 (OH, F) Si O4.
  • Its hardness is 8 on the Mohs scale, which makes it very hard. The crystalline varieties of Topaz are appreciated as precious stones, which are cut in the shape of a brilliant. But despite their hardness they can be easily broken.
  • It can be found in different colors: green, blue, red, yellow and colorless, and the most appreciated is the Imperial Topaz, which is golden yellow, which is confused with citrine.
  • Its fracture is conchoidal, it presents a perfect exfoliation, its brightness is vitreous, the density is 3.4 – 3.6, the refractive index is 1.61 – 1.64 and it is insoluble in acids.
  • It can be found in magmatic rocks and in high temperature hydrothermal veins, in gneiss or in granite associated with mica, beryllium, tourmaline, among others.

Meaning of Topaz.

It is considered a very powerful stone that helps to see the truth and favors forgiveness. Also, get in touch with your interior, in order to achieve the goals you have set.

Doubts and uncertainty are dispelled by Topaz, promoting wisdom, honesty, self-control and self-realization.

Healing properties of Topaz.

  • The Topacio  combat insomnia.
  • Relieves asthma episodes.
  • It improves the taste buds.
  • It helps in the treatment of joint diseases.
  • Relieves epilepsy.
  • Accelerates metabolism.
  • It improves the thyroid condition.
  • Helps cope with emotional breakdown.
  • Allow whoever wears it to focus on their life.
  • Combat laziness, giving more strength and energy.
  • It softens the character in people who suffer from tantrums or anger attacks.
  • It helps a shy person to be able to express freely and without fear of being wrong.
  • If a person has a concern, this stone calms and calms.
  • Helps fight headaches.
  • Topaz is an excellent ally to combat stress.

Topaz deposits.

Currently, Brazil is the country with the largest production of Topaz worldwide, other Topaz deposits are in Mexico, the United States, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Russia, Burma, Germany, Ukraine, England, Scotland, Ireland of the North and Australia.

Uses of Topaz.

In jewelry, the most perfect and pure varieties of Topaz are used, which are used for the manufacture of various garments or jewelry, such as: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, charms, pendants, earrings, among others. Green and blue topaz are highly sought after by collectors, and this variety is also used in the ceramic industry.

Topaz cleaning and care.

Cleaning a Topaz is very easy, but it is necessary to follow a series of steps to avoid damaging this stone. First a very soft cloth cloth must be used for cleaning, then the cloth is moistened with water, the Topaz is cleaned very delicately; avoiding doing it in an abrupt way so that it does not slip and fall from the hands. Finally, the stone should be dried with a very soft cloth.

Curiosities of Topaz.

  • The largest Topaz was found in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil, weighing 271 kg. Large crystals are frequently found in this area, and jewelery can be made with very large ornamental stones.
  • Orange and red topaz are more commercially priced, while blue varieties are the ones that are available on the market and tend to be cheaper.
  • In general, when they are extracted, Topaz crystals have a column shape, but master jewelers or carvers are in charge of cutting it in the shape of an oval or pear, to make better use of the stone.
  • The colorless version of Topaz has also been used as a substitute for diamond. So much so that it has become confused, as is the case of the “Diamond of Braganza”, which was included in the Portuguese crown, but which is actually a Topaz.
  • In Russia, specifically in the 19th century, Pink Topaz was discovered and its demand was so great that only the Tsar and his family and very important people could have it.
  • The imperial Topaz owes its name in honor of the tsars and the imperial family.
  • Topaz is considered one of the national stones of the United States.
  • Topaz color can vary under direct sunlight.
  • Topaz crystals weighing 100 kg were found in Ukraine.
  • Topaz is used in some blind wine competitions or tastings, to better identify the types of wines that are tested.
  • Blue: It  is excellent for meditation as it tunes in with the angels of wisdom and truth. With the Blue Topaz, you can see the moments lived to recognize where you could have strayed.
  • Gold:  the stone of this color acts as a spiritual recharging battery, strengthening your faith and optimism, it will also help you grow on a personal level. Additionally, it can attract fame and social recognition, with it you will recognize your abilities, generating confidence in them and granting you charisma.

The colors of Topaz in spirituality.

If you are a person who has great projects and plans to launch, this stone will help you overcome limitations. It is also of great benefit against nervous exhaustion and the burning of insufficient nutrients.

  • Pink:  This stone is very rare, but it is considered the stone of hope, its function is to gently release disease patterns, guiding you towards radiant health. Physically, Pink Topaz helps improve myopia, tuberculosis and stress. And by placing it under the pillow you will be able to get a deep and pleasant sleep.
  • Clear:  eliminates stagnant energy, as it helps avoid stagnations caused by past actions.

White:  This Topaz is a great protector, giving you special health. With this stone you can also feel a great emotional balance.

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