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In this section you will find everything related to the tiger’s eye stone  in its different existing forms. Read below  what it is for  and you will discover that it is a  mineral  that you cannot miss to achieve all your goals in life.

Learn all about the properties of tiger’s eye quartz

Be a boss in everything you do when channeling the energy of the natural Tiger’s Eye mineral , the ultimate power crystal in the  gemstone world . For all dreamers who have been put in a cage by other people or by their own doubts, the Tiger’s Eye Crystal is the keeper of the zoo that will set him free.

When it comes to negative emotions like fear and self-hatred, thoughts are not your friends. But the meaning of the Tiger Eye crystal helps keep everything in perspective. With an aesthetic as bold and intense as its healing properties, it helps you balance toxic emotions by keeping your mind focused on your true desires.

Tiger eye stone

Properties of the tiger’s eye

Talking about the  properties of the tiger’s eye stone . With no fear or anxiety holding you back, unlock hidden talents with this stone, which is known for fanning the fire of passion deep within. If you feel creatively stuck or spiritually adrift, this stone serves as your spiritual compass that guides you into the light, helping you harness the powers of the universe in whatever it is that you set out to do, whether for matters of the heart or of the bolder. professional ambitions.

Channel the powerful  energy of the Tiger Eye  by looking at its resplendent brilliance that resembles a cat’s eye when turned in the light. Also called ‘chatoyancy’, the French word for ‘cat’, the properties of this mineral help fuel the fire of your passions when you silently meditate on the stone daily. An excellent healing grid for dreamers, the combination of  Tiger Eye and Citrine stone   is the ultimate cocktail in crystal healing.

If your head is stuck in the clouds, combine this stone with a Citrine for a healing crystal tonic that stimulates your motivation. Bring plenty and good luck with a  quartz tip , which you should place on your nightstand. Place four citrine stones in a healing design, creating an energy union enhanced by sacred geometry.

Whatever the goal you want to manifest, whether it is drinking mai tais on a paradise island or buying a Birkin bag, transform your dreams into reality by declaring an intention.

Keep it simple and realistic by setting a goal for what you would like to achieve in the next 10 days. Every morning, wake up to a new day and reconnect with your intention every time you look at the grid. During this 10-day period, the combination of the properties of this stone and Citrine works to develop commitment and strength to keep moving forward.

The Eye Tiger quartz and citrine are  stones of self-empowerment . Its healing vibes remind us that great things come from hard work, perseverance, and the loud noise of the jungle. The road to happiness and success can be full of difficulties, but it often leads to beautiful destinations.

Meaning tiger’s eye stone

Resonant with the  solar plexus chakra  and the planet Mars, the meaning of the Tiger’s Eye Stone  gives us a basic lesson in economics: the more productive you are, the more money you will earn. It is a money stone because it gives you the motivation to make it happen. Keep the stone in your office or study and ask for inspiration when you get stuck in a negative thought pattern.

Hold it in your hand and let it be the spiritual espresso that ignites your creative drive.

When it comes to career success, it’s about timing. Use its  healing properties  to focus on your prey, shape your attack strategy, and wait for the perfect moment to jump. Tigers may be the largest cats in the world, but they still allow lions to be kings of the jungle. By channeling powerful medicine, the healing properties of this stone teach us to live with integrity by encouraging balance of power.

Instead of competing with others to stay on top, it allows us to scale that professional career and target the stars on our own terms.

More esoteric properties of this stone

With this  stone  as your personal life coach, harness the strength of a Bengal tiger and face the world with a powerful roar. Meaning gives you the strength to stop dreaming and the courage to start living.

Like the melancholic letters of CCR, one day it will never come, so let it kindle the fire of your soul and protect your bets in that exciting enthusiasm of flying through the seat of your pants inspired by the notion of carpe diem. It encourages you to make the leap into the unknown with a rebellious attitude of play according to your own rules.

It is a  mineral  that encourages us to get out of our comfort zone, giving us the opportunity to grow, change and transform ourselves into our true being. For all those character-building moments when you really need to shine, beat the competition in your next interview, job presentation, or audition by meditating on the powers of this mineral while holding it in the palm of your hand and contemplating your destiny.

The path to your dreams and aspirations may be blocked by many “no’s,” but this gem reminds us that it only takes one “yes” for all your dreams to come true.

In short: the tiger’s eye stone for what it is used

When you ask yourself what the tiger’s eye is for  or how to use the tiger’s eye we will surprise you when we list its main properties. In brief words we can say that the tiger’s eye stone is used to:

  • It helps you release fear and anxiety and helps harmony and balance.
  • Stimulates action and helps you make decisions with discernment and understanding
  • It gives you self-confidence and will power.
  • It enhances creativity and is one of the stones that help awaken kundalini.

Types of tiger’s eye

There are different types of tiger eye among which is the cat ‘s eyePorthole  and hawk eye . All types of this stone have their common characteristics and properties: it is a powerful amulet to attract wealth and ward off the evil eye and envy.

Hawk Eye

Cat EyeHawk’s eye is believed to  be a protection stone, often used by travelers. It can also be used to help protect against negative energy from others. It is associated with the planet Jupiter and the astrological sign of Sagittarius. Its energy is known to help balance the third eye chakra.

The Hawkeye  is good for focus, mental clarity and a deeper insight into their experiences, good and bad. It gives you the ability to see problems that might otherwise have been difficult to see. It gives you an idea of ​​your emotional issues and internal struggles.

Physical energy properties : it is good for the throat, peristalsis, laryngitis and pharynx. Invigorates and stimulates the physical body. It improves the circulatory system, legs and intestines. Helps bring psychosomatic reasons for stiff shoulders and neck.

Emotional energy properties : hawk’s eye aids disorder. It is good at dissolving negative and restrictive thought patterns and ingrained behaviors. Bring perspective, improve pessimism, and blame others for the problems you did yourself. It is a highly soothing crystal that can reduce stress, anxieties, and increase calm and relaxation.

Spiritual Energy Properties : Hawk’s Eye is good for all psychic abilities. It is an excellent stone for earth energy and ground energy. Rising above the ground, it aids vision, vision, and psychic abilities such as clairvoyance. Helps cleanse and energize the base chakra. Helps bring to the surface emotions and illnesses locked from past or present lives. Helps travel back to the source of emotional blockages. Open your aura and clear your thoughts so that you are ready to accept universal truths.

How to use it : Place a piece of  hawk’s eye in the corner of the wealth of the room to attract abundance. Position or hold accordingly.

Cat Eye

Hawk EyeThe Cat’s Eye stone works to stimulate intuition and improve awareness. It is a grounding stone that provides very effective protective energy. The Cat ‘s Eye dispels the aura unwanted energy.

Amplify good luck and fortune . The cat’s eye transforms negative thoughts into positive energy.

The Cat ‘s Eye  brings happiness and serenity, along with optimism, generosity and trust. It can enhance creativity and friendliness. Traditionally, the cat’s eye is believed to  protect the user from evil spirits.

The  Cat ‘s Eye treats eye disorders and improves night vision. Relieves headaches, facial and sciatic pain. Cat’s eye helps the nervous system and associated pain. It can be used to heal kidneys, pancreas, liver, lymph nodes, spleen, and disease.

It is associated with Leukemia.

How to clean the tiger’s eye stone

When we talk about  cleaning the tiger’s eye , like other quartz, there are some simple steps that we will explain below.

To clean this stone and any other quartz, place the semi-precious stone or gem in a container or glass and pour a little coarse sea salt or sea water directly on it and then leave it there for at least 2 hours.

After this time you can take it out to finish cleaning it under running water and dry it. This simple and easy step will make your stone or gem clean completely and without negative energy from the outside (which is important to do every time you buy a new stone).

After having done this step it is very important to  load and activate the stone  so that it has all the positive energy we need. For this we must leave it exposed to the light of the new moon throughout the night and the next day we can take it out. You will have your stone clean and active to fulfill the objective you want (depending on each mineral).

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