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sodalite stone

The sodalite is a fragile mineral that forms on rocks high in feldespatoides and absence of silica, mostly found in igneous rocks such as syenite and phonolite or some metamorphic rocks formations.

The sodalite is a mineral belonging to the group 8 of silicates. Its chemical formula is Na8Al6Si6O24Cl2. This stone is highly prized by collectors because it is not easy to find.

semi precious stone sodaliteThe meaning of the name of the sodalite is sodium stone, and it was placed since it has a high sodium content, they also name it sodalite .

It belongs to the cubic crystallization system, for this reason it is very difficult to find it in crystal form, this is one of the reasons why it is so sought after by collectors. Sodalite appears amorphous or massive, and has a very intense blue color, although sometimes it can be found in white, almost transparent. It is a highly demanded and appreciated stone in the area of ​​jewelry.

You can rarely find specimens of green, pink, gray and even colorless colors.

Sodalite characteristics

  • It has a glassy shine.
  • Its hardness reaches between 5 and 6 on the Mohs scale.
  • It is generally found in a dark blue color, with some white spots.
  • Its geological origin is metamorphic.
  • The blue and lavender crystals are used in goldsmithing.
  • It belongs to the group of tectosilicates, that is, due to its components, sodalite is called a feldspathoid.
  • It stimulates the third eye.
  • It is used to harmonize the energy of the throat.
  • Its rough appearance is not very striking, and after being worked it is not considered a precious gem.
  • It helps us achieve high levels of meditation and telepathy.

Sodalite color

The main color of the sodalite is blue , this color is cold and is usually associated with fantasy. This color transmits peace and calm, at the same time it is related to intelligence and concentration.


The sodalite is a mineral with a cubic crystallization system with a very intense blue. It is made up of zinc, manganese, calcium, sulfur, aluminum and sodium.

The name of this stone is due to its high concentration of salt.

Despite the fact that sodalite is available in other colors, only the specimens appear in the form of crystals with variable transparency. Getting a completely transparent copy is a wonder.

Usually this stone is found amorphous and compact.

Its spiritual meaning is very important, since this stone helps you achieve your dreams and keep your ideas always present. For this to happen you must be objective and have deep visibility. You should always listen to your thoughts, this is the only way to clarify the doubts and feelings of life. Always remember that your inner voice will help you understand what may be confusing and incomprehensible.

When a person has clear thoughts, he has a better ability to communicate and when this occurs, confidence increases, with positive results. Having this stone helps the better development of people, feeling safe. The best way to wear the sodalite is in a necklace and place it at the level of the throat. After doing this you will notice how confidence and security increase.


The main sodalite deposits are located in Brazil, Bolivia, South Africa, Russia, China and the United States. However, in Italy, India, Portugal, Canada and Germany great specimens are extracted. This stone was first found in Russia.

Properties of sodalite

This gem is very energetic, so much so that it is able to communicate with the astral planes. It is very beneficial for meditation since it helps you to reconcile concentration immediately. Sleeping with the sodalite under the pillow will help you perform an excellent astral projection.

Due to its blocking capacity, this gem is used to treat disorders, especially that of the male ego. It is also a protective stone, it is said that carrying a sodalite with you will help prevent traffic accidents.

  • It helps fight any type of respiratory infection that is present. It is recommended to get a sodalite stone and place it at the level of the throat if you suffer from pharyngitis, laryngitis or mumps.
  • It is capable of controlling and regulating metabolism.
  • Collaborate with cleaning the lymphatic system.
  • If you cannot fall asleep, a sodalite elixir will help you sleep better. Drinking this water will also boost your immune system.
  • It is recommended to place it on the forehead in cases of fever.
  • Drinking a little elixir water will help you fight hoarseness.
  • This gem helps reduce blood pressure.
  • If you are one of those who retains liquids, this gem will be of great help.
  • Helps prevent allergies.
  • It helps to deflate the swelling produced in the body.

How to clean your sodalite stone

Like any energy stone , sodalite also needs to be cleaned, stripped of negative energy, and then charged again. You don’t need to clean the gem every day as it could be harmful to it. What you should do is immerse the stone overnight in salt water. The next morning you should remove the stone and rinse it with plain water. Finally, keep the stone in a place where it is not exposed to sunlight, preferably wrap it in a cloth.

How to load and activate the sodalite stone?

It is important that after cleaning your stone you charge it with positive energy . Loading it is as simple as cleaning it, you just have to leave the stone exposed to the light of the full moon, overnight, and remove it the next morning. After completing this process, you will have your stone ready to use again and continue to provide its wonderful properties.

Uses of sodalite

  • They are mainly used to make jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings).
  • Eventually they are applied to create fire and decoration.
  • Like lapis lazuli, this stone is highly valued for its striking blue pigments.
  • It is ideal for correcting bad temper and aggressiveness.
  • It strips the body of electromagnetic pollution.
  • Helps alleviate menopausal symptoms.
  • It is capable of improving calcium deficiency.
  • It is used for those people who fight against excess weight.

Mythological aspects

This is one of the most important stones in the 6th chackra. This is because it stimulates the mind and creativity, helps to organize thoughts. As with all blue gems, they have vibrations, but this is the one with the strongest vibrations.

It is responsible for awakening the instinct for self-healing. In addition to this, he is able to bring self-confidence and strengthen our spirit.

The sodalite is used repeatedly to stimulate peace, calm, and balance our nervous system.


This stone can be mistaken for lapis lazuli because they physically look a bit alike, however what is different is that this gem does not contain pyrite, unlike lapis lazuli.  


  • The sodalite can protect people from attempts to spell and use of black magic.
  • It is very important for the chackras since it achieves the perfect balance between them.
  • This stone is very beneficial to treat respiratory, nervous and stomach pain problems.
  • It gives the owner a lot of desire to learn, and not only that, but also gives him the ability to acquire knowledge.
  • Many people use sodalite as a talisman to prevent car accidents.
  • It is a protective stone against situations involving attacks and firearms.
  • This beautiful blue gem was used by the Egyptian priests to eradicate guilt and fear, in addition to strengthening the mind before the body.
  • Sodalite is compatible with the Capricorn, Scorpio and Aries signs.
  • This beautiful blue colored rock is also known as the power of crystals, since when we feel overwhelmed it helps us connect with the spiritual planes.
  • This stone is of greater benefit for those who exercise trades such as students, actors and writers. It also helps eliminate radiation from the body of those who work with X-rays.

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