smoky quartz healing properties

The smoky quartz stone, in   addition to having a very special hue, is considered in the esoteric environment as a kind of force field that protects you against all evil that may happen or unexpectedly cross your path both on the material plane and on the more subtle, avoiding even the appearance of obsessive entities.

This property gives quartz smoking a high demand rate in specialized stores, after all, who today does not want to feel protected against the innumerable challenges and obstacles that tend to arise to hinder our daily lives and destroy our dreams

Besides that, she also protects against some of the most harmful energies that the human being produces, that is, envy, greed, rage and so many other destructive negative thoughts

Interested? So I advise you to read carefully the lines to follow and know that she can offer you much more than protection, in some cases even the cure of certain ills. Read carefully and know the details.


  • The recurring environments of these stones are the bedrooms, somewhere in the study or in an office, since it allows achieving a higher level of concentration and optimization.
  • It is frequently used as an accessory as it brings a positive change to life. Wearing smoky quartz as an amulet is the best way to bring good energy into your body. It is important that you do not allow someone else to touch your quartz stone since all the energies, good or bad, that this person has can be transmitted to your body.
  • It is responsible for activating the chackra and all the positive properties of the rock.
  • It helps to fall asleep in case of insomnia. Just place a piece or piece of quartz under the pillow, it will also help to hold it for a while and place it on the forehead and chest.
  • It is responsible for forming a kind of protective bar, preventing bad energy, negative thoughts and problems from entering your life. Therefore, placing a piece of smoky quartz at the main entrance of the spaces you frequent (home or office) will help keep negative energies away from you.
  • Because this stone receives natural radiation, it gives it a smoky hue.
  • Its shades can range from gray to black.
  • The smoky quartz is also known as morion quartz or quartz smoky brown.


Quartz is a stone that is known for its various beneficial properties. Quartz is one of the best known stones for easy location. The smoky quartz offers almost all properties that have other types of quartz.

  • Healing : helps to heal those conditions of the stomach, colon and rectum. It is also responsible for providing protection to the central nervous system. Any disease is reduced by the healing properties of this stone.
  • Protection : is responsible for protecting users from bad energy and unfavorable environments. It is recommended to place a piece of smoky quartz in the offices or the most frequent place.
  • Balance : it is an ideal rock for meditation, harmony and peace, that is why it is ideal to carry it in your bag, as an accessory or in your pocket to protect yourself from those harmful spaces.
  • Depression : is able to control and eliminate negative thoughts, low self-esteem and those emotions that make you feel vulnerable. For this reason, it is advisable to hold or squeeze a piece of smoky quartz hard when negative feelings invade you.
  • Reality : it is a source of stability for those people who are always absent-minded and who are usually on the clouds, smoky quartz is the anchor to the real world making these people reach their goals with their feet on the ground.
  • Concentration and creativity : smoky quartz allows to achieve mental relaxation, making people reach a high level of concentration and can improve their creativity.
  • Evil Eye : it is perfect for those who want to protect themselves from an evil eye, since it prevents negative and harmful energies from entering the body.
  • Connection with nature : because quartz is a very old stone with great properties, it allows you to have a special connection with nature, and will help you become aware of the environment.

Meaning of smoky quartz stone

Quartz received this name since it seems to have smoke inside. It is easy to find and comes in shades of gray, brown, or black.

Smoky Quartz Deposit

Like other types of quartz, such as black, blue or even rose quartz itself, this type of smoky stone is found on a large part of the earth’s surface, standing out on other deposits, the one found on the American continent, in In the country of Brazil, there is also a large amount of this material in the United States, Pakistan and in Spain, the existence of these mines have been reported, so their location and purchase is not a very complicated task.

In Brazil is the largest deposit of smoky quartz that can currently exist.

Therapeutic effects of smoky quartz

 This stone is amazing for removing radiation from the body. Therefore, if you are exposed to the daily use of electronic devices and there is a possibility that you are charged with ions, passing this stone through your body will help eliminate all that radiation.

 Another contribution of smoky quartz is that it helps to eliminate physical pain found in any region, especially the abdominal one. It is also capable of collaborating with infertility problems.

Cleaning of smoky quartz

 There are a number of ways to cleanse and strip quartz of the energies it has absorbed.

 1) Place the quartz under a flow of fresh water. That is, immersing the glass in a stream, river, or tap water will help make cleaning effective.

2) The most common way to clean quartz is to bury it in a bowl of sea salt overnight.

3) Immerse the quartz in the sea water, this will help the salt water to eliminate negativity.

4) Place the smoky quartz crystal in brown rice water, you only have to immerse the stone in a container with water and brown rice for one night, and the cereal will take care of absorbing the negative charge.

5) One of the most popular methods is to bury the stone underground, this way the glass will have a deep cleaning.

6) passing incense smoke through the glass will help to strip and clean the stone of bad energies.

7) Druze and geodes are good cleaners, so you only have to put them in contact.

8) The rue, mint, among other herbs are favorable for cleaning smoky quartz .

How to recharge a smoky quartz?

 Exposing the stone to the sun for two hours, after cleaning, will help to charge it. However, some experts recommend that the stones not be over-exposed as they can discolor.

The correct use of stone

In order for you to attract the best properties of smoky quartz stone, you need to know how to use it.

If you are going to use it as we already said for abdominal pain, it is very simple: rest in a quiet place, place the stone on your abdomen, close your eyes and try not to think of anything in the next 15 minutes. Try to repeat this operation every day if possible, until the pain is eliminated! However, understand that it is a complementary therapy, do not substitute it for the instructions provided by your doctor.

On the body use smoky quartz with the decoration you want: earrings, bracelets, rings, etc.

In the environment, whether at work or at home, place it in a prominent place, where it can be viewed by everyone who enters the premises, but without them having the possibility to touch it.


  • The signs associated with smoky quartz : The signs of the zodiac associated with  smoky quartz are: scorpion, capricorn, virgin and sagittarius. However, it is worth saying that it is excellent for all other signs as well.
  • The smoky quartz is more than a stone, many people see it as the representation of something else. It is important to establish a bond with the rock, you can greet it, say goodbye and speak to it, in this way it can take care of you, protect you and keep you informed in the face of any danger.

If you cannot establish ties with this stone, it is very likely that you will not be able to obtain and enjoy its benefits and properties.

  • This is the typical Scottish stone.
  • Previously it was believed that this stone inside trapped smoke.
  • The smoky quartz was used to prepare a large number of glass beads to the tellers.
  • This gem is considered to awaken eroticism.

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