shungite healing properties


Get to know the  shungite stone  and all its healing properties. The  shungit is a stone extreme protection  and once you know all its properties can not live without it.

Shungite stone properties

When it comes to the  properties of Shungite, it’s  worth noting that surprisingly,  Shungite stone  is a mineral that has yet to gain the same popularity in the crystal healing community as stones of a similar dark sheen like black tourmaline. While shungite is not a crystal, it is one of the strongest healing minerals. It is the only mineral that has been scientifically proven to possess “fullerenes”, molecules with powerful healing qualities.

Among all the properties of this stone we cannot ignore all the  benefits of shungite  since they are many and perhaps you still do not know in detail, so read on for you to know them all.

With a Mohs score of 4, the Shungite stone is a fairly dense rock. Its true strength comes when tested with fire. Shungite’s ability to resist fire and prevent melting has given it the classification of a pyrogen. The shine of the Shungite stone surface ranges from semi-metallic to matte black. Inside,  shungite  is a non-cystaline carbon minosteroid.

The meaning of the Shungite stone

The Shungite stone was found mainly in Russia. The meaning “shungite” is derived from the Shunga village in Karelia, Russia, where it was first discovered. The story begins about 2 billion years ago, in the Paleoprotezoic era. The Precambrian rocks consisted of some of the earliest oil deposits on earth. The shallow, brackish lagoons near the volcano chains in western Russia were filled with sediment and algae. These specimens contributed to the oil and shale deposits.

Later, when these deposits were subjected to heat and pressure, shungite stone became an almost pure form of carbon. However, carbon purity is not the only quality of this mineral. In 1992,  fullerenes  found in shungite flung the mineral world down a loop.

Fullerenes are carbon molecules that have formed into hollow globular molecules. In Russia, this Shungite stone has long been used as a water purifier. In fact, Peter the Great established the first Russian spa, called Martial Waters, in Karelia, where people could bathe in spring water purified by this Shungite mineral through which it flows. Today, many Russians still use it as a water purifier.

Healing properties of Shungite

The  healing properties of shungite  span the board from purity to protection. It has electrically conductive properties. These properties are also known to help inhibit electromagnetic fields, or electromagnetic fields, that are the result of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields are created by electronic devices. All common electronic elements like laptops, cell phones, computers and tablets put EMF.

Placing one or more shungite stones on the base of a computer, microwave, or around your various home electronic devices will not interfere with your operations, but will block some of your free radial output.

It is also used as an elixir. The  elixir of Shungit  can be done by simply placing the mineral water and purify leaving for a short time. Drinking this purified water with the Shungite stone is said to have many beneficial qualities, such as an increased rate of healing and cell growth, and detoxification of the body.

Holding and meditating amplifies the  healing properties of shungite  from headaches, back pain, blood pressure, inflammation, and muscle pain. The antioxidants in this mineral are powerful in health and a fully functional immune system.

The healing properties are also powerful for the spirit. It can be used to combat insomnia, increase energy, reduce stress, and relieve anxiety.

Shungite mantras for meditation

It hinders the continuation of negative patterns by meditating with shungite. Start by holding the shungite stone in your hands in a quiet and comfortable space in your home. If you feel distressed in a certain area, keep the shungite in that area.

If you want more of a general calming effect, just hold it in your hands. It is more closely associated with the root or base chakra. Shungite stone transports energy from the earth. The  healing shungit  provides a protective shield end, also penetrates to the core of your being to provide a sense of calm and terrestrial stability.

Just as the properties of shungite purify water, healing is also thought to purify the soul. If you feel that toxic thoughts and emotions are affecting your body, or if you have unhealthy cycles that prevent you from progressing in your life, try adding a mantra to your shungite meditation. The  shungite mantra  “my mind is pure, my spirit is clear” can help alleviate agitation.

In Shungite stone meditation, when you pronounce these words, first try to eliminate all thoughts, focusing only on the words that you are saying. Feel its spaciousness sucking in the clean air around it, expelling poisonous grudges, guilt, negativity, or the emotions you perhaps cling to.

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