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Rhodochrosite semi-precious stone

The Rhodochrosite mineral  is considered sparse , it belongs to the group of carbonates; it is a manganese carbonate and its chemical formula is ( Mn C O 3). It has a reddish pink color in its pure form, although it is rare to find it in this way. This mineral can vary in its hue ranging from pink to light brown. You can buy it in our minrales store . They are generally found in manganese deposits or in hydrothermal veins.

General uses of rhodochrosite

This mineral is exploited in the steel industry, for the use of manganese it contains.

When this stone is polished, it is used to make decorative objects or it is marketed as a semi-precious stone.

It is of great interest to collectors, even scientists, they are also interested in it.

Thanks to its easy exfoliation, this stone can be polished and can be used to make jewelry, decorative objects, spheres and for ornamentation.

In Argentina this stone is considered the national stone and its use as a semi-precious stone is highly appreciated in that country.

Physical characteristics of rhodochrosite

The color that makes this mineral stand out is light pink, which varies to dark color, depending on its chemical composition, while there are more elements that replace manganese, its coloration becomes lighter.

It has a vitreous shine that changes to pearly. Its exfoliation is perfect, its fracture is irregular, semi-hard and translucent. Its weight is 3.3 to 3.7 and its hardness is 3.5 to 4 (Mohs), which makes it an easy-to-polish mineral.

When this mineral is exposed to air it turns dark, this is because manganese oxidizes. If subjected to heat, this mineral will turn black. The rhodochrosite is soluble in hot hydrochloric acid.

This mineral shows overlapping bands of pink and appears in the form of crusts or banded layers, their shades vary from light to dark. The rhombohedral crystals are the most sought after, which are found forming drusen.

Rhodochrosite mineralogy

Hardness: 3.5-4.

· Color: pink to red.

· The Stripe: white.

· Luster: vitreous or pearly.

· Fracture: irregular.

· Exfoliation: perfect.

Rhodochrosite main deposits in the world

The rhodochrosite is a little common mineral, hence the importance of each of the existing fields, some of the most important are: Germany, Harz Mountains; Argentina, Catamarca, Buenos Aires, Jujuy, Tierra del Fuego, and Vaca Muerta; Canada, Mount Saint-Hilaire, Quebec; United States of America, Sweet Home, Alma, Park County and the America Tunnel, Silverton, Colorado; Butte, Montana, Franklin Mines, New Jersey, Humboldt Mine, Cochise County, Arizona and various locations in California; England, Cornwall; Kazakhstan, Kara Oba and Raka Babo; Mexico, Santa Eulalia and Magdalena; Namibia Tsumeb, Otavi; Peru, Huaron Mine and several Ancash mines; Romania, Sacrimb, Transilvania; South Africa, N’Chwanging Mine, Hotazel.

Word origin of rhodochrosite

The Incas called this stone the “Inca rose”, according to legend these pink gems were formed from the blood of the Inca kings and queens. Its meaning is associated with the rose (symbol of love).

Use for emotional and spiritual support of rhodochrosite

Who should use it?

If you are a person who tends to avoid some issues, or you feel distrust towards another person at the intuition level. This reaction is because you have experienced traumatic episodes in your childhood, which is related in some way to that person. This generates a strong reaction in the intestine or inside the power chakra or the solar plexus.

This pink stone works quickly and efficiently to help solve problems you haven’t yet faced by bringing them to the surface.

Just by putting a stone in your pocket, its energy will benefit you.

When you begin to remember those issues or events, you will have the ability to consciously deal with them within your life.

For a sense of self preservation, these situations can make you forget that they happened, despite being so traumatic.

People generally repress the memories of those events because they felt scared.

It is important to know that if you are in that situation, you need to ask for professional help to deal with these problems.

The use of this stone

To help you reach a state of sublime happiness and come into contact with the golden light, meditate with pink rhodochrosite . It will also help you carry out the intense joy you can achieve.

It is easy to find turned into attractive pieces of jewelry, as it is an unusual and very attractive pink stone.

Wearing beautiful rhodochrosite jewelry is charming because it has excellent energy to aid emotional healing.

If you don’t like opting for jewelry, or don’t get one you like, an easy way to keep energy in your body is to carry a piece in your pocket.

To increase action within the heart chakra, the use of a pendant near it is recommended as a piece of jewelry.

It is a birthstone of the Scorpio and Leo zodiac signs, but can be worn by anyone with a different zodiac sign, if they are attracted to this gem.

How to use pink rhodochrosite.

The rhodochrosite pink will help to release the old problems of the inner child that may have stopped you in the past.

After you have resolved these problems or conflicts, you can probably move on and have a happier, fuller and more joyful life.

Your life will go on even if you remember these unpleasant events, which may have been very painful in the past.

Using this stone to meditate on the solar plexus, you can help to clear up the traumatic emotional conflicts or problems of the inner child or even those that originate in a past life.

In meditation it is excellent to use it.

This beautiful stone produces a vibration in the base or root chakra as in the chakra of the solar plexus; owning one of these pieces and holding it in your hand is very beneficial for the body, soul and mind.

The rodocrosita will help you deal with painful memories, since it will make you bring those memories smoothly.

Once you have cleared up these conflicts, you will find that your creativity has been enhanced, and as your potential allows, it will flourish.

It will help on a physical level to relieve asthma and some other respiratory problems, it also helps blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure.

Rhodochrosite care and cleaning

When it reaches our hands for the first time, it must be cleaned. You should not use or take with you a glass that has not been cleaned in the correct way, because these crystals or stones have passed through many hands and places and have been charged with all those energies that we do not know if they are harmful or not.

This cleaning needs to be done periodically to remove the negative charge from both the body and the environment. When we talk about cleaning them, it is not about removing the dirt, but stripping them of all the harmful vibrations that they may have, all the stones have the power to eliminate negativity from people, so their cleaning must be methodical, to ensure their effectiveness.

There are several ways to clean Rhodochrosite :

Simple method:

  • Take the stone with both hands and place it under running water for five minutes to discharge and purify it of negative energies.
  • Place the stone in a glass container, and then this container with the stone put it in the fridge overnight, the cold has a purifying power.
  • For people who do yoga and meditation, who have powers of concentration, it will not be difficult for them to visually clean the stones. Just by holding them with both hands and imagining that the stone is in a lake, it will be enough for cleaning the stone. This should be done after all negative force has been discarded.
  • Using a pendulum, the stones can be cleaned and recharged. People who know techniques such as psychometry and dowsing can easily do it. When it is ready inwardly to clean the stone, the pendulum will start swinging to the left, then we stop it and ask the stone to charge itself positively, then the pendulum will swing to the right. Then when it stops again, that’s when we can use the stone.

Psychic cleansing:

Pendulum purification:

Imitations of rhodochrosite

This mineral can be confused with rhodonite or tugtupite, but thanks to its characteristic banding it can be easily distinguished.

Rhodochrosite fun facts

The heaviest faceted rhodochrosite was found in Africa. Its weight was 59.65 ct.

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