moldavite healing properties

Moldavite stone and its properties

Moldavite stone and its properties

The  moldavite is a stone tektite the group with high value Gemological meteoric, ie are natural glasses that formed by interplanetary collisions. The word tektites means “cast” in Greek (tektos). So tektites are the union of aluminum oxide and silicon dioxide glasses and other metal oxides with an amorphous crystalline structure. Its chemical formula is SiO2 + Al, Ca, Fe, K, Na. 

The name Moldavite  was given to this stone, since the first stones were found near the Vltava river in Prague (Czech Republic). Where it is said that a meteorite hit millions of years ago. It is a very rare stone for this reason, it is highly prized.

Main characteristics of moldavite.

This stone is translucent but has a dark green hue and it can be said that it is the only variety that can be cut and cut like a precious stone. It has a rough surface, with rounded ridges and cracks that give it a botroidal appearance. Their colors can vary between light green, green-brown or bottle-green.

It has inclusions such as rounded bubbles, in the form of whirlwinds, torpedoes and tension lines.

Physical Properties:

  • Color: green – bottle green.
  • Brightness: vitreous.
  • Raya: blanca.
  • Transparencia: translucent – opaque.
  • Crystal system: amorphous.
  • Hardness: 5.5 (Mohs).
  • Fracture: conchoidal.
  • Exfoliation: does not have exfoliation.
  • Refractive index: 1.48 – 1.54.

Moldavite history.

Many scientists agree that the collision of a meteorite more than 14 million years ago with the earth, specifically where the Vltava River is located today in the Czech Republic, caused the heat caused by the impact, and the materials thrown into the air melted with other materials forming moldavite .

Then, in a field in two rural areas of that area, a crater was created. Where moldavites were discovered when farmers raised plowing stones and others surfaced after heavy autumn rains or spring thaw.

This stone through the years has been considered a talisman. In the European Neolithic era, Moldavite  was used to build cutting tools and as amulets. And in ancient Egypt it was considered the “Ra” stone, while in other cultures it was the philosopher’s stone “Shambalá” and “Shantimani”

Moldavite deposits.

The main deposits of this stone are found in the Czech Republic, Moldova , Austria and Germany .

Spiritual properties of moldavite.

  • This stone is considered a talisman to attract good luck. Since it is in charge of removing negative energies from our aura and transforms our thinking towards optimism and positivism. Attracting good things for our life, and also promoting abundance, making it seem that everything goes very well.
  • It serves as inspiration and motivation in life, at work, in projects, helping to find what you are really passionate about. Giving you energy and motivation so that you can meet all the challenges you set for yourself.
  • The moldavite  conveys emotional tranquility and serenity, is able to help achieve emotional peace and serenity that is needed when a person is emotionally destabilized or suffer from any anxiety.
  • Another power of Moldavite  is that it helps in the development of lucid dreams, which is considered an enriching and unique experience.
  • The moldavite  makes you feel who carries a sense of personal satisfaction.
  • Old spiritual and emotional wounds are healed with this stone.
  • It has relaxing and calming properties.
  • It expands consciousness and stimulates a person’s spiritual growth.
  • This stone helps to awaken some memories of the past, and at the same time sheds a light to resolve that situation.
  • This stone makes you touch your being internally.
  • For problems that may be of great concern, this stone helps you think of sudden and unexpected solutions.
  • Help you develop respect and love for yourself and others.
  • It helps to know and recognize what works.
  • It helps prevent and cure any type of disease.
  • Ailments related to the eyes can be treated effectively, thanks to its warm green color.
  • It delays the aging process, it also has rejuvenating qualities.
  • If you have an affected area of ​​your body, Moldavite  restores and causes changes of the cells to their original state in that area, thanks to its vibratory energy.
  • It helps people suffering from infertility.
  • It is very effective for the treatment of hair loss.
  • It helps to treat problems related to allergies, flu, fever, rashes, anemia, among others.
  • This stone prevents mental degeneration, aiding memory retention, as well as balancing nerve impulses in the brain.
  • If you have gout problems, this stone helps in its treatment.
  • It helps in the treatment of diseases related to the respiratory system.
  • Helps remove blockages by activating and aligning each of the chakras.
  • Helps release pent up emotions, stimulating and opening the heart chakras.
  • It helps in accelerating spiritual growth if it is placed in the crown chakra.

Moldavite benefits.

Various uses of moldavite.

The moldavite  is mainly used for meditation sessions and dream work. But thanks to the fact that it can be cut and carved due to its hardness, in jewelry it is also used to make various jewelry, such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, charms, among others.

Likewise, it can be used by carrying it in the wallet, which would allow us to maintain and enhance our energies in a vibrational field that benefits us.

Care and cleaning of moldavite.

This stone is considered fragile and soft compared to other precious stones, therefore it requires extra care. To clean the moldavite  should not use harsh cleaners or chemicals.

Similarly, avoid using heat or steam cleaners and ultrasonic cleaners. Do not expose them to extreme temperatures and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Cleaning requires only a soft cloth and a little soapy water, then rinse the stone very well to remove any soap residue.

Finally, do not store moldavite  along with other gems, they must be stored separately and wrapped in a soft cloth inside a box or cloth-lined jewelry box.

Remember if you are going to do any physical exercise, sport or some domestic task, you must take off the Moldavite jewelery  and protect it.

Imitations of Moldavite.

When the moldavite  is carved you can notice its inclusions, it is important to make sure that it is a moldavite , since it can be imitated with other glasses, and in these the inclusions are different.

Imitations of raw, uncut moldavites have been shown from China and Africa, confused with the rough appearance that characterizes the  original moldavite .

Curiosities of Moldavite.

  • This stone is considered one of the few with extraterrestrial substances that can be carved and is therefore treated as a gem.
  • In ancient times, the Tibetans worshiped the Moldavite  since they believed that it came from the Orion constellation.
  • It is known that initially the first place where they were found was in the Vltava river and hence its name, but in countries such as Venezuela, Australia, China and Thailand, specimens have been found.
  • As small as it may be, holding a moldavite stone in your hand causes a great current of energy to flow through your body, thanks to its metaphysical effects.
  • An ancient legend tells that the moldavite  is an emerald fallen from the sky, which was detached from the crown of Lucifer when he was expelled.
  • In 1876, Josef Mayer disclosed the discovery of this stone under the name of Týn nad Vltavou chrysolite.
  • In the Czech Republic there is a tradition of giving a moldavite stone  to celebrate a commitment between a couple, as it is believed to guarantee the duration and harmony of this future union.
  • Some specimens when struck on a metal surface can emit the sound like a coin, which are called the sound of an angel.
  • This stone has been linked with the holy grail. Many ancient legends claim that moldavite  was used to carve the cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper, but other versions say that the holy grail is a stone that fell from heaven from which a cup was carved where the blood was collected of Jesus Christ.
  • Moldavite  in Sanskrit is translated as “pearl of fire”.
  • The Moldavite stone  is linked to the phoenix (mythological creation that is born from the ashes), motivated to symbolize the spiritual transfiguration.

The largest collection of Moldavite is in the Prague National Museum . Similarly, some small collections can be seen in various museums in the Czech Republic. 

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