Malachite Healing Properties


Malachite is a stone or mineral that is much easier to find  than others and is much more accessible than traditional gemstones. It is also one of the minerals that adopt a dark green color that gives it that striking touch and that resembles other more expensive stones. This stone is also widely used to enhance both positive and negative energies.

Nowadays it is mainly used for the absorption of negative energies and that they become repowered positive energies, it also creates a protective energy around you so that negative energies are not present in your life again. Malachite is also linked with nature and the energies of the living beings that compose it

Regarding its physical properties, its color is green, its Mohs Scale hardness is 3.5 to 4 and its density is 3.80 grams / cm3.

The healing properties within green malachite

The first time you are attracted to a piece of malachite must be because you need a change in your life  and there is something that prevents you from being able to continue on your way without problems, the energies you feel before touching one is because it was intended for you and to give you that boost you needed in your life. The properties they manage are from the transformation, that’s why it is in charge of eliminating all those bad energies around and filling your space with tranquility.

Malachite green stone

You must take into account these properties will not do all your work, so the energies you have inside will work only if you are willing to make that change that your life needs. Malachite has the property of directly touching your vibe and spirit, so if it is not ready, energy is wasted.

Physical illnesses are also treated, especially diseases that are based on muscles and cramps. During pregnancy having a malachite stone nearby helps you endure the pain caused by the baby , or if you are a person who tends to have constant pain during your period, the energy of the stone can help you in its entirety. You can even treat any sexual illness.

The advantages of having this stone in your hands not only stay there. There are many temporary conditions or diseases that disappear after using malachite , some are: dizziness, blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, minor and severe fractures, it can even improve epilepsy. The structure also undergoes an improvement after supplementing its energy to your life and also to eliminate all toxins from your body. 

The law of attraction

This stone is well known because it helps you get everything you want in the universe, a key case is in love. If you have an immense passion for someone or you have the desire to find love. This applies not only in the environment of love, they are also seen in the case of money or even an important position of power; But this is not that it gives them directly, it gives you the wisdom so that you know how to follow your path and not abuse what it offers you.

A perfect way in which you can get all the positive energies that malachite has is through meditation , in this way you can reach levels of concentration and spiritual discovery that you have not reached before, avoiding mental and physical blockages. The chakras that are played at the time of meditation are reached and maximized.

Properties and general benefits of malachite

All the benefits that you can through this stone have to be taken care of and measured to perfection so that you do not end up in excesses, excess malachite represents something very dangerous for the person who exploits it . If you want to experience much more than just having her by your side, we recommend that you first attend with an expert. You have to take care that when you use this stone it should be only if it is polished, and not breathe its dust in any case.

Malachite, in addition to absorbing all negative energies, also has the ability to absorb plutonium from our body, it can also prevent radiation from affecting you, even eliminating the radiation you now have in your body. This also happened in the excess of electromagnetics of the environment and of our body. The stability that creates you after strengthening all your farms is very remarkable and occurs both in the spiritual world and in the physical world. 

The meaning of the malachite stone

Everything that has to do with malachite has a direct relationship with nature  and its colors, as well as with its freshness. Green has a meaning linked to life and abundance, and the magnitude of springs and their beauty are also mentioned.

The feeling of a powerful nature is evident after having a malachite stone in our home , gradually the space where we find ourselves begins to feel freer and full of green. All because of the natural energy that this stone gives off. If you want to have an individual forest, get a malachite. The environment is also fed by the energy it transmits and is enriched, making it stronger and fight against environmental contamination.

Just seeing the stone transports you to a new world where the first day is only full of green and powerful water. The environment expressed by the stone can also be one of tranquility and benevolence, everything that a real environment makes us feel. Photosynthesis is linked to malachite  because it takes something and transforms it into a much better product, air to breathe, emotional and mental stability. 

How is malachite used?

One of the ways you can use malachite to take care of yourself  both inside and out and in the mind is to place the stone in an exact place where the person’s chakra is located. In the left hand or on the forehead, right where the third eye is located, it is an excellent start to begin to draw out the bad energies that harbor us. The solar plexus is one of the direct ways to remove negative toxins from the body.

Remember that you should avoid smelling the sand on this stone, and if you want to prepare some kind of elixir go with a professional person and that does not end up damaging the strength of the stone in the process. Malachites have to be polished when you want to add them to an energy meditation or ritual, otherwise it will not work as expected. If you feel the pulsations in your heart begin to rise uncontrollably, you’d better switch to a more manageable stone like a quartz.

So that the energies of the universe begin to work because you find love, you can position it in your heart so that the point of the chakra begins to let the energy pass and expose the need to be loved. Let the malachite take this energy and you can repeat it every day for best results . Heal your heart and heal the energies around you.

Another way to make use of malachite is through constant contemplation of the stone , with this you will make the forces of the universe that are in charge of internal healing begin to enter your body and fill it with light. You can also take a piece in each hand so that the energy enters through these key points of the body, the hands work as receivers of the universe. 

What does malachite look like?

Malachite generally has an intense green color  and can also present bands in some of its areas, almost always in light or dark shades; the most unusual is the rosette. It can be found in large quantities, but also in small versions for accessories or home decorations. They can be polished (the most recommended way) or you can also find it rounded. 

How to clean malachite stone?

The mineral malachite is a stone with very strong energy and should always clean than necessary even believe it is quite possible that you do after each session or therapy. You just have to put a little water in a container with salt and leave the stone for 3 to 5 minutes and then remove it. You should not leave it for more than 5 minutes since it is a very delicate stone.

Then to activate the malachite you must leave it under the sunlight for about 3 minutes and to finish and store it, put it in a velvet bag or something similar to protect it.

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