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In the search for happiness everything goes. To achieve this, balancing the physical, spiritual and mental body is the key; therefore, it is important to put aside all destructive energies , which accumulate daily and then become obstacles that prevent progress.

The first place where the Lapis Lazuli stone was sighted was in the Hindu Kush mountain of Afghanistan, from where the stones that sent to Europe and Asia came.

The name of Lapis Lazuli comes from the Persian lagvars, which means, King’s laugh. This is an ultra-sea blue stone and has been highly appreciated since ancient times. This energetic rock has a very striking dark blue color with gold stripes and white splashes.

One of the contributions of Lapis Lazuli is that it helps to open up the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels . It has great healing properties, one of them is that it allows us to regulate the soul and provide balance and harmony.

large rough lapislazuli

On this path towards self-realization , there are rocks and minerals whose esoteric, healing and therapeutic properties , provide various benefits that purify the aura and contribute to the personal tranquility and emotional balance of those who possess them.

Meaning of lapis lazuli

It is a semi-precious gem characterized by its deep blue color and golden stripes, it is a mineral composed of lazurite, calcite and pyrite, which works as a protective shield against negative energies . Simultaneously, it serves to clear the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels of the individual, so that it is he himself who assumes the challenges of his destiny .

The name of this stone is formed by two words:

Lapis which in Latin means stone. And lazuli, which in Latin means blue, for this reason when joining both words refers to a blue stone, the main characteristic of this semi-precious rock.

This stone contains great energetic powers, this is because it originated and was created from Mother Earth. Because they have been forming on earth for many years, they are charged with a lot of energy.

This is why it is considered very powerful on a spiritual level. This crystal acts as a great communicator with ourselves.

Origin of lapis lazuli

North of Afghanistan , a country located on the Asian continent, is the largest lapis lazuli deposit in the world. The reserves of this mineral are located in the province of Badajsh√°n and have been exploited for more than 6000 years. However, it is possible to find it in other countries, such as: Angola, Canada, Germany, Chile, USA, Russia, Burma and Pakistan .

Lapis lazuli in history

Anciently, in Egypt they used lapis lazuli to adorn sacred beetles, in the manufacture of funeral masks and for medicinal purposes . Subsequently, the powder of this gem was used by the female audience as eye shadow; then ultramarine blue served as a pigment for artists and fabrics. In fact, during the Renaissance, the value of this stone exceeded four times the price of gold .

Characteristics of Lapis Lazuli

  • It is a semi-precious stone.
  • It has an intense blue color, which resembles that of the sky at night.
  • It doesn’t have a specific shape, but you can mostly find it with a slightly rounded shape.
  • It is composed of calcium silicate, which gives it the blue, wollastonite and calcite colors, which provide a gray or whitish veining, and finally pyrite, which adds golden reflections.
  • It is such a strong gem that it measures 5.5 on the Mohs scale.
  • It does not react to hydrochloric acid.
  • It is very powerful on a spiritual level.
  • It is immune to fire and chemicals.
  • Due to the materials that compose it, it is not considered a mineral, but a rock.

Esoteric uses and qualities of Lapis Lazuli

The lapis balances the fifth chakra , widely known as Vishuddha or throat chakra , is related to the inner voice , development of creativity , the truth and expression levels . In addition, among its benefits , is the property of opening the third eye , that is, whoever owns it will be able to perceive things that go beyond normal, reaching higher degrees of consciousness .

Otherwise, lapis lazuli increases the individual’s cognitive abilities as well as their physical abilities . In effect, it acts to discard negative feelings , of anger , hatred and rancor , that cause wounds in the soul . Therefore, it allows its bearer to achieve peace to advance and achieve his purposes, attracting prudence into his life and stripping him of the ego .

Likewise, it is known as the stone of confidence , because it clears the mind and clarifies the thoughts, helping to improve the communication capacity of the individual. It is recommended for use in conferences, interviews, exhibitions and any other activity that implies the need to express an opinion or express themselves, clearly and simply. On the other hand, lapis lazuli reverses curses.

  • It helps communication.
  • Bring luminosity to your soul.
  • It allows you to reconcile peace.
  • Attract wisdom and intelligence.

In Egypt they used it frequently as a stone of good luck . They used to place it on funeral masks or sacred beetles since the blue color was considered a symbol of nobility, purity, health and luck. The Egyptian population also crushed the stone and took the powder as a medicinal method.

Chunks of this rock have been used to make important inlays or engravings. As is the case with the stone inlay that was made on the hilt of Louis XVI’s saber, this object was gifted by Sultan Fateh Ali Tipu.

In Tibet Buddhism, the Lapis Lazuli stone is considered a gemstone as it is thought to contain the healing power of the Medicine Buddha, Sangye Menla.

At present it is used as a decorative stone or in jewelry (bracelets, earrings and necklaces), its value is not as high as in ancient times and its use is no longer as demanded.

In 1984, the Chilean Ministry of Mining declared this rock as the country’s national stone. Nine years later, Combarbalita was also declared as one of the country’s national stones.

Summarizing the properties and benefits of lapis lazuli

This stone has different properties and its main function is to help us balance two of the main chakras of our body (the throat and the third eye).

  • It is responsible for enhancing dreams and physical abilities.
  • It helps the body to get rid of stress and gives way to peace, serenity and calm.
  • Activate the guardian spirits to protect you and block attacks.
  • It helps harmonize emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels.
  • You will be able to promote your self-awareness, clarity and objectivity.
  • Helps cope with emotions and thoughts.

Healing properties

  • Relieves and manages to end headaches and migraines.
  • Let you overcome the state of depression.
  • It is beneficial for the immune, respiratory and nervous systems.
  • Treats various ailments and diseases like thyroid and throat.
  • Helps purify the body’s blood.
  • It helps to sleep.
  • It is also used to treat diseases such as anemia, epilepsy, and skin conditions.
  • Reduces stress and brings serenity.
  • Cure insomnia, you can put them as a necklace, under the pillow or put a few drops of lavender oil and rub a little.
  • It helps the concentration of children who suffer from Asperger syndrome, have autism or suffer from attention deficit disorder.
  • Alchemists believed that placing a lapis lazuli stone over an inflamed eye would decrease swelling.
  • Its powder was ingested to treat snake bites, circulation problems, fevers, etc.
  • Relieves menstrual irregularities.

Properties for the body

  • Attract wisdom and open the mind.
  • It helps attract new knowledge.
  • It takes away the insecurities of the body and allows you to be more communicative.
  • Clarify the negative and positive thoughts that overwhelm us.
  • It provides peace of mind as it helps to solve problems.
  • It allows us to broaden our perspectives.
  • It is the perfect stone for meditation as it helps to elevate our perception of the spiritual world.
  • Helps alleviate physical trauma.
  • Reduces vertigo.

Spiritual properties

  • This stone is essential for mental and psychological health.
  • Helps to awaken physical skills and guide intuition.
  • Cleanses the mind, body and spirit of toxins and negative thoughts.
  • It helps us deepen our spirits.
  • They illuminate the soul.

Magical properties

  • It is an ancient stone that helps improve mental and psychological health, used by the ancient Egyptians to access sacred knowledge.
  • It increases the state of meditation, and allows the user to align with the silence of spirituality.
  • Open the chackras.
  • Use as a talisman helps to emit forces to the owner.
  • The most popular amulets were those that were heart-shaped and made from lapis lazuli.
  • Blue was taken as a religious color, representative for the spirit. For that reason, it was considered a magic stone used in rituals.
  • It helps keep negative energy away and allows us to remember to be humble.

Healing applications of Lapis Lazuli

In lapis lazuli it has a positive effect on the immune , nervous and respiratory systems, it contributes to the treatment of thyroid, larynx, throat, migraines and prolonged headaches. In parallel, it helps people with depressive tendencies, anxiety, epilepsy or hearing problems, reduces dizziness, insomnia, blood pressure and facilitates labor.

Lapis Lazuli in Astrology

Astrologically, lapis lazuli is associated with Libra, Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Taurus. It is a gem that attracts prosperity, reciprocated love , success and good fortune to the life of whoever owns it. In fact, historically, lapis lazuli jewelry received as a gift symbolized affection, loyalty, and sincere friendship.

How to care for and clean lapis lazuli?

To use lapis lazuli for esoteric or energetic purposes , the first step will be to clean it, in this way it will discharge from harmful frequencies and it will be ready to begin to heal and protect its wearer, offering self-awareness and self-confidence when expressing itself .

Being a soft, porous and quite delicate gem, it is not recommended to sink lapis lazuli in water, bring it closer to heat or cover it with salt. It is best to use a sprinkler, spray it with water, and then clean it with a soft cotton cloth or household towel.

When it comes to jewelry , lapis lazuli is used in various accessories. In this case, due to the fragility of the material, it is important to remove the stone before sleeping or doing physical activities, to avoid putting any pressure on the gem or exposing it to high temperatures. Sunlight can also discolor the deep blue of lapis lazuli , it is best to keep it in a dark, dry and cool jewelry box.

How to recognize lapis lazuli?

The lapis lazuli has an unmistakable blue opaque overseas, much like the night sky, speckled with white and gold veins, from iron pyrite content. Its shape is irregular; moreover, it is possible to carve it to make jewelery.

How to get lapis lazuli?

The lapis is who will choose their carrier on her in his hands, this will feel an inexplicable connection with the gem, which act by increasing their esoteric properties . Additionally, maintaining an enthusiastic, and very energetic attitude is what will attract the stone.

Shapes and combinations with lapilazuli

Depending on the objective, it is possible to enhance the effect of lapis lazuli in various ways, namely:

Pendant, ring or bracelet

In combination with Tourmaline, Chrysoprace, Quartz, Diamonds, Basanite and Moonstone , which increase its effect, the Lapis Lazuli in the shape of a charm will contribute to the flow of positive energies and will serve as a protective shield against bad vibes . The best alternative in this case is to keep it out of the sight of other people.

Esoteric pyramid

In the shape of a pyramid, lapis lazuli will act as an explosion of positive energy , activating the physical and spiritual body of its bearer. To handle this feeling, it is best to keep your inner peace and let it all flow.

Under the pillow

Placing a piece of the apislazuli under the pillow helps to get answers about the future . This will happen through dreams, which will function as revealers of situations that the wearer will have to face, they will also provide information about hidden objections from those around them.

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