fluorite healing properties


The fluorite is popular for being the semiprecious stone more colorful around the world. This belongs to the group of halides with the chemical formula CaF2.

Fluorite semi-precious stone

Its crystallization system is varied, therefore, it can be found in cubes, octahedrons, dodecahedra and, rarely, tetrachihexahedra.

Its name is due to the fact that when it receives ultraviolet light it shines, this occurs since it is composed mainly of calcium fluoride .

It is generally found in those hydrothermal bands that contain lead and zinc. This stone is known for being multidimensional and for facilitating energies and access to other dimensions .

Fluorite History

This stone attracted attention from a very old time. In the Egyptian civilization it was used to carve sculptures and ornaments, while in China it was used as a protective amulet and to attract luck . The fluorite  is located in countries like USA, Norway, Germany, Thailand , South Africa, Canada, Poland, Mexico, Hungary, Peru and the Czech Republic.


Due to its high calcium fluoride compound, its name was born. It also has the power to whiten and keep our teeth healthy. This stone has been used to treat aspects of the mind and spirit or to interact with other dimensions and realities that are not in plain sight. 

Deposits where to find Fluorite

The largest deposits with the greatest possibility of fluorite extraction are found in China, the USA, Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, Namibia and Russia. However, it can also be located in certain areas of Spain.

Properties and benefits of Fluorite Stone

Due to its wonderful magnetic field, fluorite is able to balance the positive and negative energies of the mind. One of the most important properties is that it helps to create inner peace and to become aware of our problems, so that we can find a satisfactory solution.

This stone facilitates the connection with the spirits, without losing sight of our reality, this can be achieved through meditation .

  • Increase concentration : one of its benefits is to allow the mind to remain in a state of attention and calm, avoiding bad and overwhelming thoughts that cause anxiety and stress.
  • It helps to fall asleep : due to its power, this stone is capable of channeling energies, relieving the mind and the sensations that generate insomnia.
  • Combats anxiety and stress : This stone manages to strip your body of bad vibes and does not allow them to invade you completely, so it helps to control the state of disorder, depression and anxiety.
  • It serves as a lucky charm : in ancient China it was used as a lucky charm , this is due to its ability to transform energies and avoid negativity in our lives. So by having this stone and avoiding everything bad you will have a positive mind that will attract luck on our part.
  • The stone of order : it organizes us as a person, that is, it brings meaning to our life and makes us notice the meaning of mental, spiritual and physical well-being, it also helps us discover the paths we must take to achieve inner peace.
  • It expands our consciousness : it was called ” the stone of the geniuses ” this is because it can penetrate our intellect and open our mental capacities. It is used in the form of an octahedron and at the moment that the 4 colors that make it up are related to the chakra, it raises the planes of consciousness.

Fluorite’s main attraction is its colors and its slight luster. This crystal is full of energy and its objective is to increase our personal light and improve intelligence.

Its special vibration is perceived by very sensitive people and in addition to having so many benefits, it has the power to neutralize cellular radiation.

It helps purify the soul, awaken consciousness and communicate with spirits.

Uses of fluorite

The fluorite will have given different uses such as:

  • Natural pain reliever.
  • Regenerates dead skin.
  • Improve sexual character.
  • It benefits the self esteem.
  • It helps the respiratory system, specifically the lungs.
  • It elevates the soul and the spirit.
  • Strengthens the heart and circulation.
  • Fights problems such as arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism and back pain and everything related to bones.
  • It serves to calm kidney pain.
  • Fights dental infections.
  • Get rid of envy and bad vibes.
  • Wake up spirituality.

Fluorite Types

  • Transparent Fluorite : Helps the intellect, wisdom and personal balance. Its benefits are intensified the moment they come into contact with copper. Its use helps to open paths, clarify vision and stimulate it.
  • Blue Fluorite : Strengthens memory and sequential thoughts. This stone helps to find inner peace and serenity of the body, it is also responsible for treating those disorders in the respiratory channels, throat or ears. It favors clear communication between both worlds.
  • Violet Fluorite : Boosts spiritual development, connects us with wisdom and gives intuitive qualities that are related to the third eye. It is used to treat bone problems, and is also emotionally, mentally and spiritually preparing the body for any physical change.
  • Green Fluorite : it is used to clean the chakras , bring new energy and eliminate bad vibes. It helps to release the emotional traumas that are imprisoned in the body, it also has healing properties since it relieves and cleanses the intestinal tract and the stomach.
  • Golden or yellow fluorite : promotes understanding and wisdom, is responsible for opening creativity and thoughts. It is good for stabilizing energy and promoting connection between various people. Furthermore, its healing properties help with liver problems and eliminate toxins found within the body.
  • Pink Fluorite : It is known to heal the heart, calm emotions and maintain balance between thoughts. It is responsible for healing heart ailments, fevers, among other discomforts. Its power attracts sweetness and tranquility to those souls who are hurt.

How to clean the Fluorite Stone

It is important that you know the proper method to spiritually cleanse fluorite . Many energetic stones are cleaned with abundant salt and water, in this case you should know that if you clean with the traditional method this precious stone will lose its shine.

What is recommended is to immerse it for 30 seconds in distilled water and sage. It should be noted that if you keep fluorite together with other stones, these will end up damaging it since fluorite is a soft and delicate crystal.

Another method to clean it is by applying a little steam, burying it or bathing it with the aroma of incense.

It should be noted that this stone, because it absorbs a lot of energy, must be constantly cleaned. 

Formations and Deposits

The deposits of fluorite are varied, and are generally found in locations Hydrothermal . Those deposits that originate in a pegmatitic way, that is, the stone is mixed with other minerals such as tourmaline and topaz, are the second most important.

In Mexico we can locate the largest fluorite deposit , it exports at least 70% of production. Other large deposits are located in the United States, Spain, Argentina, Russia and China, without neglecting the main producer of fluorite in Africa, Namibia.

Fluorite Applications

You can put a piece of fluorite stone on your neck, this will provide emotional well-being and serenity. It is good to place this stone in front of us while we meditate, in this way the power of concentration will be enhanced and a good state of relaxation will be obtained.

Placing a piece of fluorite on your forehead every day for 10 minutes while lying down and staying in a relaxed state helps prevent problems with brain mass.

Psychic plane

In meditation these stones are considered very powerful, since they allow access to the highest aspects of the mind. Although these jewels are not very expensive, their energy value is exceptional, and due to their psychic abilities, they are highly acquired and sought after.

It is recommended for those who suffer from stress or depression , as its sedative and relaxing properties help keep calm. Its force field acts as a stabilizing element between positive and negative vibrations.

It allows us to remain impartial and act clearly when any inconvenience arises.

Fluorite Curiosities

In Victorian times it was used as an ornamental stone . But today collectible pieces have been created. One of its most common jobs in the cement industry, since it reduces the thermal consumption it receives. 

According to the writer Pliny, fluorite is called “murra” because this material used to make the murrine vessels, where the offerings to the gods were kept. During the 18th century, crushed and dissolved fluorite was used in a glass of water, they said that it cured kidney ailments.

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