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Emerald is one of the most common stones as accessories, for esoteric use or the city itself in the Wizard of Oz. It is considered one of the most elegant stones and they give a unique touch to everything, they are also very exclusive so if you want to get one you will have to have a certain expense. This stone is part of a group called “beryl” and in addition to all the aesthetic weight, it has a history that precedes it.

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In ancient times, only people who had a high rank or who possessed an exorbitant amount of money were the only ones who could carry the emerald , so for many years ago this stone meant a good position. The point that it is exclusive is that it has a high cost that the upper classes afford to have. Keep reading everything we have for you about this stone and how you can make the most of it.

What does the emerald stone mean?

The first time something related to its color was mentioned and it gave way to being called an emerald was that it was called “emerald” in ancient French  and was translated little by little throughout the world. Esmeralda actually means “green gemstone” which is a perfect concept for everything it encompasses. Without a doubt one of the things we notice most when we are in the presence of one is the green color full of flash that invades us.

There is a group of precious but only traditional stones where the emerald makes a presence  due to its beauty and power that it offers to the person who wears it. Within this group you can also find stones such as diamond, sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald completing the traditional group.

What is the green color of the emerald?

All the minerals found within the emerald  and that without them would not be the way it is are the cause of that intense and bright green tone that makes it one of the most unique stones. Each of the minerals may be more or less present during their formation, so this also causes up to 40 different shades of green to be found but they are still of the emerald type. Many of these shades make the stone much more unique than before.

Green is a color that since ancient times has had a meaning of hope and struggle, so it is normal that the emerald is also associated with these concepts. This spread to many cultures, so today it is normal for this stone to have common use. The most popular functions in which the emerald participates are to weaken illnesses , so that love comes to our door, to achieve our goals and for everything that requires a push and the desire to get ahead.

Hope also plays an important role within the Greek and Roman myths, since it is said that when the pandora’s box was opened the only thing that remained inside was hope. This link between hope and the emerald stone makes it take much more weight because the energy with which it is filled is fighting and never weakening at anything. The emerald is the last thing lost .

The emerald has also been among royalty throughout the history of the monarchy , in fact Cleopatra herself had a devotion to these gemstones. So much was the obsession that this pharaoh maintained to possess quantities and quantities of this stone that even everything that encompasses the Egyptian world also has a relationship with the emerald. Monarchs around the world also made and continue to possess these stones.

The esoteric meaning of the emerald stone

The esoteric charge that the emerald has dates back so long ago with the civilization of the Indians, this is common in many stones and quartz since they were previously used for various functions or hinted at some force in the universe. In the first writings, information was found on the emerald where it was used when someone got sick and used its energy as a cure. In addition to this it was also used as maintaining good streaks and health.

There is a form of gem and stone therapy where you get the most out of all the forms and energies that stones have. This therapy is called crystal therapy and the use of emerald in this activity benefits creativity . For artists it is one of the best energies because it enhances inspiration and artistic expressions are much more complete.

The emerald with the energy it manages has the power to activate each of our senses  and that we are more sensitive when it refers to creating or being more perceptive. The energy vibes that it gives off day by day can complete us, give us health and always be in need of creating and producing.

The properties of the emerald

We already mentioned the whole meaning with hope, with health and with the position of royalty, but the emerald can go much further than we think. The energetic properties that this stone has fills you with abundance both in physical and mental life. It does not matter if it is economic abundance, abundance in love life or abundance in professional life; the emerald always fills you with the best for any area where you need help .

Within the properties we can also find that the emerald has a strong point in the mental stability  of the person, I want to maximize the feeling of well-being and internal strength that you can have as a person. You can use it in meditation sessions because the peace we capture through its vibrations leads us to levels of relaxation that we never thought we would have.

Many people in various moments of meditation or depending on the meditation technique they use make the most of the feeling of peace with the universe that they can reach to travel for the truth. Many discoveries and insights that we get are thanks to this door of truth provided by its properties. This is also linked to the creativity and the senses that the emerald develops for us.

Many see this stone as something of luxury that you can not get, but the truth is that emeralds are emeralds and it does not matter what presentation it is  in, so we recommend getting one without polishing. Another benefit linked by its properties is that it helps you in times of family, social, economic and especially personal crisis. Do not doubt that the peace will be maintained, because when the emerald falls it will be a great support .

The colors in the emeralds

There are more than 40 different shades in the emeralds  and each one has its own where to identify them. The stone in general has a green color but there are times when the confusion of blue is very noticeable, possibly there is also a blue emerald somewhere, but the limits are thin and they exist. Thanks to these variations in shades, it is that sometimes we come across emeralds that can touch the bluish.

Variants that exist within these stones can range from lighter green, deep dark green, or even teal. Remember that emerald is green , of no other color, but next we will put you in context of the other shades.

  • The Brazilian emerald  is the one that can reach lighter shades of green, so you will not perceive that intense dark that we commonly know among its patterns.
  • The one that is confused with blue and that really has a bluish-green tone so intense that at times it can be confused with this color, this is called the Colombian emerald .

The other shades have many more differences, but these two are the ones that get confused and doubt if you really are in the presence of an emerald or not. 

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