carnelian healing properties


Studies have managed to reveal that during the 5th and 4th centuries BC, the villages that were located in South India already worked and carnelian . The researchers during their expeditions managed to find a sample of this gem that belonged to the Bronze Age in the city of Greece, and that had been used as decoration in 1800 BC.

Carnelian semi-precious stoneThe Romans used carnelian to carve it into their rings, which at the same time was a kind of personal signature. They were used to seal letters or documents of importance on wax, since this stone did not adhere to the wax.

The cornalina or carneola is a mineral red used as a semiprecious stone. It is also called the Sadoine de la Meca or Santiago Stone.

Its translucency helps to better appreciate its red-orange tones, if heat is applied to this mineral and its red color intensifies much more.

Carnelian Characteristics

  • It occurs mostly in areas where nodular surfaces abound.
  • It has a level 7 hardness, according to the Mohs scale.
  • Its physical properties are very similar to those of other chalcedony plants.
  • In its coloration, hematite and limonites intervene.
  • It is widely used to make jewelry.
  • It helps balance the first and second chackra.
  • Strengthens and heals the sexual organs.
  • Orange Carnelian : The lighter shades of this stone help to promote camaraderie, friendship and affection between people. Meanwhile, the darker carnelian crystals sharpen the sense of belonging and home.
  • Scarlet Carnelian : mixes the energies of orange and red carnelian . This stone is responsible for providing strength and vitality, helps overcome fears and achieve success and victory. Crystals that have a light scarlet hue are ideal talismans to give the couple a gift.
  • Red Carnelian : responsible for attracting passion and motivation, this color represents fire and blood. These crystals commission strong feelings.

Carnelian colors


This beautiful energy stone has a great stabilizing power, it also makes a great contribution to life by stimulating motivation and creativity, it is an excellent stone for those who want to get out of their comfort zone.

This crystal helps to overcome emotional decay and confusion, this is because it has the power to balance our emotions.


The main carnelian deposits are located in Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, India, Egypt, Indonesia and Yemen. However, in countries like Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Peru, USA, Russia, Mongolia, among many others, you can get this beautiful stone. The best specimens come from India.

Healing properties

The carnelian has many beneficial effects for the human body and your health both internally and externally. It is mainly known for strengthening the body and vitality.

This stone is one of the most important in gem therapy due to its healing properties.

When placing a gem in front of a person’s body it emits waves, this action helps to harmonize the unbalanced aura and restore order; the color of the stone is very influential in purity and vibrations.

It should be noted that carnelian is one of the stones that helps and strengthens fertility, allowing it to be immediately related to women. However men can also benefit.

This wonderful crystal also provides great benefits to the blood of the body, by this we mean that it allows excellent circulation and pumping of blood to the organs. It also helps make back pain, arthritis, and depression go away.

Psychological and Mental Properties

Despite the fact that carnelian is used in gem therapy, mostly to relieve physical ailments, it is also capable of influencing the mind. For this reason, if you want to reconstruct both mentally and physically, the company of this stone will be very helpful.

Psychic properties

This stone is recommended to alleviate depression. In turn, it will allow you to connect with you and will allow you to understand things and overcome difficult stages, accepting less favorable moments and allowing you to progress.

Emotive properties

It brings balance and gives people peace. At the same time, it is in charge of providing confidence and accepting those situations that are lived daily. Holding this stone helps decrease anger attacks.

Energy properties

It absorbs negative energies and is in charge of running the excess force that exists within it.

Carnelian cleaning

1) The first thing to keep in mind is that the stone can be cleaned with water, it should only be left under the tap for a minute, alternating cold water and hot water. It is important that the water is not too hot as it could damage the stone over time.

2) One of the most used methods to strip the stone of bad energies is, cover the rock with plenty of salt, this compound will absorb negative energies and leave the stone clean. It is recommended to perform this procedure 3 times a week and every 2 or 3 weeks change the salt.

3) A third that serves to clean the carnelian is to place the stone next to an indoor plant, that is, a plant that is inside the house. In case the stone needs a deep cleaning it can be left in an outside space.

4) Finally, it is recommended to rinse the stone with a little water and then expose it to direct sunlight. It should only remain exposed for 15 minutes.

Coral uses

This stone is mainly used to make jewelry (bracelets, earrings and necklaces). However, in gem therapy it is used to work certain internal and external areas of the body.

Another important use is to place one of these beautiful stones near the front door to attract abundance and protection.

Curiosities you did not know about carnelian

  • It is a stone that has been used by ancient civilizations, so much was its impact, that it left great traces in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Excavations have been carried out in both civilizations and royal tombs have been discovered with inlays, jewels and carnelian decorations . For them this stone would help the deceased to obtain peace and light.
  • Also for the Egyptians, specifically, this stone was protective of the pharaohs and guaranteed the passage to the afterlife to the soul of the deceased. For this, they were responsible for decorating the mummies with these objects.
  • The red color of carnelian was a significant symbol for the Egyptians, since they related it to religious practices. With these stones carvings of animals such as the gods Amun and Horus were made, next to the carnelian stones such as lapis lazuli and turquoise were placed to reinforce the powers.
  • In some epics, such as Gilgamesh, carnelians were highly valued.
  • Some of these semi-precious stones were collected in the city of Crete and were used during the Bronze Age, approximately in 1800 BC.
  • This stone was used as a cylinder seal by the Egyptians and the Phoenicians.
  • The first to use this gem as jewelry were the Greeks and the Etruscans.
  • The ancient Christians identified themselves with these stones, which had symbols of faith engraved on them such as: boats, fish or crosses.
  • On the tombstone of the late King of Castile, Alfonso X “the wise” you can see the writing that states that carnelian has three great and good virtues, and that its color expresses the strength of the soul.
  • The goddess Isis “The Great Magician” of Egypt used a carnelian stone as an amulet. This was her most precious asset since she wore it as protection against all the evils that lurked. This powerful goddess placed carnelian on her deceased so that her journey after death was illuminated.

Isis, in addition to being a very powerful goddess, was also the wife of Osiris, who one day was terribly killed by Seth. The great mage was very destroyed, however she joined all her forces and together with her talisman she managed to revive him.

For a time the carnelian was named The Blood of Isis, in honor of the events that occurred. This goddess was a devoted wife and mother, but in addition to this she was a very powerful priestess who could dispose of life and death.

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