black tourmaline healing properties


black tourmaline

The energies are extremely important for your personal peace ; Traditionally, there are different rocks with mystical properties such  as black tourmaline  that help purify your aura , turning everything that is negative into positive.

Each individual vibrates differently from the rest, this condition can be changed, improved or modified, and to achieve this you must identify some minerals, whose attributes will help you stay physically, mentally and spiritually stable.

What is a black tourmaline and what does its name mean?

The black tourmaline is a mineral used to prevent negative influences of a place or individual achieve affect the carrier or its surroundings. Its name means ” stone of mixed colors “, and it is frequently included in spiritual therapies, healing rituals, chakra alignment and feng shui ceremonies , a decorative practice that seeks to perfect the flow of energy within your home or office.

As a mineral , it has different presentations, these are: Granites, pegmatites, veins, pneumatolytics and hydrothermal , hydrothermal and pegmatite drusen, micaceous schists, gneiss , and also in alpine crevices. His research dates back more than 200 years ago, with studies that finally demonstrated his power over electric charge .

Furthermore, it is possible to find black tourmaline in different colors, this is related to its chemical composition. In fact, many people consider black tourmaline as carrier of the truth and simultaneously, possessor of the greatest number of varieties of elements and electrical properties , that is, it works as a protective shield against destructive vibrations because it deflects all bad influences , instead of absorbing them. .

Healing, esoteric properties and benefits of black tourmaline

Knowing how to use black tourmaline has great advantages because it works for many things, including: Relieving pain, healing, channeling energy and protecting . You can take this mineral in the way that you like, and although many people choose to use it naturally, without polishing and in the rough, others prefer to include it in some jewel, for example: Necklaces, bracelets or earrings, although this will not interfere with their properties.

In principle it is used as an amulet for good fortune or as a protective shield against bad vibes . Additionally, it is a stone capable of generating energy when exposed to heat; At the same time, you can store them for later use in treatments, including:

Black tourmaline relieves pain

black tourmaline  causes some ailments to go away, because stress levels decrease and anxiety disappears with prolonged use. Also, it helps to mitigate emotional and psychological ordeals, and although it is believed that it cures or eradicates depression , it really helps to transform it.

Live carefree

The black tourmaline is also very efficient way to live in harmony , thanks to its neutralization properties, so it is recommended to use it constantly during the day for greater effectiveness. Likewise, if you stay in positive environments and have an optimistic attitude , you will attract good things to your life, you will be able to surround yourself with a harmonious vibe and positive energies that guide your thoughts and actions towards much better things than you could expect.

Light plumber

The tourmaline grooves   work as light channels, which is why it is considered an excellent shield and neutralizer of harmful influences . In this case, if your purpose is to avoid the ” evil eye “, use this amulet in direct contact with your skin.

Mental stabilizer

Mastering the mind is essential when making important decisions.  Meditating next to a black tourmaline will give you incredible mental stability , now you will be able to be more aware of your ideas, this effect can be enhanced using also an aquamarine mineral stone .

Black tourmaline makes you aware of needs

By having a deep connection with the earth, the use of this  stone  will allow you to have knowledge and awareness of your needs, both material and spiritual. This effect will serve to balance excesses , even those that are related to sexual energy .


The use of black tourmaline  can generate great health benefits , this is possible thanks to its relaxing effect. When you start using it frequently, you will feel how it releases you from stress, it also helps to eradicate fatigue, and is famous for its power to relieve muscle or spinal pain and those conditions related to arthritis .

In addition, this magic black tourmaline stone is used to control obsessive behaviors . These things are very common today, and are related to all the noise in the environment and the competition that exists in the labor market. Even the very rules of what should be and what should not be imposed by the individual himself, and end up being exhausting, including: Having the perfect family, never making mistakes, being the model employee.

Attracts, protects and stimulates

Although its main function is to protect you from evil vibrations , black tourmaline is the best amulet to strengthen and care for the individual aura, because it works by creating and activating a kind of force field around you, preventing bad and low frequencies from penetrating, thus achieving a total balance. All of this will stimulate feelings of happiness, optimism and mindfulness.

Other tourmaline properties mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually

  • Its association with the chakras serves to balance, unlock them, and at the same time invigorate you to the fullest.
  • The black tourmaline purifies the negative frequencies , which are favorable for making things flow easily, and more natural ways, in different areas of your life.
  • It is an excellent ally to do meditation exercises because it generates a much higher path of consciousness and fullness in the subconscious.
  • It can be used to prepare essences.
  • Healing of minor wounds.
  • Helps channel and manage fear more efficiently.

For all these properties, using it very frequently and including it as a good luck charm in the daily routine, will always produce an ideal environment for coexistence; Because, in addition to positively impacting you, it will also reach the people who are related to you, promoting harmony around you.

An excellent recommendation when using black tourmaline, decide to do it naturally or in a jewelry accessory, is to keep it out of the reach of other people’s eyes, this is so that it cannot be overloaded or break and that it continues to work with normal.

Black tourmaline and its most important physical characteristics and uses

  • It is used very frequently for various practices, including natural pain relief treatments and rituals to attract good fortune
  • It has a very shiny, opaque or transparent appearance, with long grooves that help with light perception and a hexagonal structure.
  • The black tourmaline is also used in the preparation of various measuring instruments for pressure.
  • Strengthens and improves the vibes of the group and individual environment.
  • It is chemically composed of sodium, calcium, aluminum, iron, lithium, magnesium, manganese, boron, silicon, oxygen, and fluorine.
  • Its origin is hydrothermal, that is, it comes from hot springs at high temperatures, specifically from deep fluids that did not achieve the crystallization process.

Where to find tourmaline naturally?

The black tourmaline comes from specific and super attractive locations, to which a visit can be planned to collect some specimens. Because it is classified as a rare mineral, there is usually a perception that it is difficult to find it, but it is not; Compared to other minerals in the same category, it is much easier to find.

Naturally, this mineral can be found in places like the United States, Canada, Brazil, India, Madagascar, China, Tanzania, Russia and Sri Lanka , where its name comes from. There are also locations, such as Andalusia in Spain , where small deposits with few crystals have been found. It usually occurs in pegmatite rocks and in acid reefs, but more specifically in intrusive rocks or as residual material.

How to activate black tourmaline?

After buying black tourmaline , one of the main things you should know is its care and activation. The simplest way to charge it is to allow the light of the full moon to penetrate the glass throughout the night, in the morning it will be prepared to fulfill its energetic functions. However, before activating it, you need to clean it.

How to clean black tourmaline?

When it comes to cleaning black tourmaline and other minerals, the purpose is to eradicate all the harmful frequencies they have, so that it is then free and can continue to protect its wearer. By sanitizing the stone, you will prevent it from overloading and ending up breaking, and although it is among the minerals with the ability to clean themselves, it is recommended to purify it from time to time; In addition, there are many methods, including:

Sea salt

The sea salt has a purifying effect well known, in this case you only need to place a layer on the black tourmaline for 24 hours or so, that will make all the negativity is absorbed.

Burying it

By leaving the black tourmaline  a couple of days underground, you will be able to discharge it from all the evil influences it has absorbed to protect you.


Take advantage of the trips you make to a river or stream that has a current to clean your stone , it also serves the water that flows from the waterfalls.


The smoke from various plants used in incense helps to release all the destructive influences absorbed by black tourmaline .

Sea water

The power of salt and the movement of the sea are perfect for cleaning and regenerating black tourmaline . If you decide to use this alternative, you should leave it for a couple of hours, so it is recommended that you secure it with a network to avoid losing it.

Sea salt water

This alternative is one of the most used in cleaning stones such as black tourmaline , it consists of placing it in a container with fresh water and a spoon of sea salt, after 24 hours it must be removed and dried carefully. Depending on the load of bad frequencies , it is most appropriate to do the process monthly or every two weeks.

In fact, once one of these stones is acquired  , the first thing you should do is clean it because it is impossible to know if it previously absorbed any negative energy .

Black tourmaline as identified?

To recognize a black tourmaline , you just need to make sure it has a deep black color, even slightly bluish and shiny.

How to use black tourmaline?

Using the  black tourmaline  is not too complicated; but, it varies according to what you want to achieve, for example:

  • In healing therapies , black tourmaline must be placed directly on the body.
  • For the chakras, the stone must be placed in the exact place that you want to release and transform the energy .
  • When you want to maintain the cleanliness of a space, it should be placed on a table or corner. In fact, it is highly recommended to place the  black tourmaline  on the door of the home so as not to allow the entry of bad vibes , they can also be placed on the four corners of the home.
  • For personal protection , it must always be carried on top, because of this it exists in necklaces and bracelets.
  • Against electromagnetic energy, a black tourmaline is placed near electronic devices.

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