amber healing properties


Is amber a gemstone? Although it is added to this group, the reality is that amber is born from the fossilization of the resin of the trees  that have been living for many years. It is not exactly a stone but it works the same way, as well as being very solid. The amber stone dates back millions of years, even an amber stone with an age of over 320 million years has been found.

When you find fossils with insects inside, possibly you are in the presence of this stone, when the resin is more liquid, it is normal that many insects are attracted to them and are trapped until they are part of the amber itself . The most common colors that can be adopted are yellow, brown and orange. The energy it carries has years of experience of the world and the wisdom of trees. 

The properties you can find in amber

It is common for stones or gems to be generated through the fusion of crystals, inside caves many meters underground and also in geodes; Amber is different and full of new energies because all its elements are given by trees , trees that have been in the world for years and that imbue it with their wisdom. Thanks to this, the benefits attributed to it come from ancient civilizations, there are legends around it and also with products such as honey.

Amber and its properties

The properties that they can give you in your home is of experience and tranquility, amber can be found in abundance in places where they perform meditations or in spiritual areas; this is to be able to reach the wisdom that they have inside. The insects inside give it much more life and it is also an interesting phenomenon for biologists.

Another point that insects add to amber is that they serve to determine the time that the animal is inside  and to know how long this strong and resistant resin was created around it. With this material it was considered that in ancient times, much larger animals of an unknown species were also fossilized. The energies of these are requested by the spirituals but without a doubt it is a kind of interest for scientists.

Why use amber?

Amber is one of the oldest stones due to its fossilization with resin , this link with the trees and that only occurs in those who have been on earth for years makes this stone fill with their knowledge and wisdom. All people who acquire amber is to fill their passage through the world and to fill it with strength to make the right decisions. Among the most common features you can find: healing effects, wisdom, warmth and feeling of protection in place.  

The negative energies that you maintain in your body and in your home can be eliminated if you add a piece of amber in your area, in addition the negative energies that other people may wish you are blocked by the energy of amber . Everything he manages to obtain through the years stays by your side and does everything to keep you stable and in good vibes always.

Amber also works as a source of support when we are going through a bad time in our lives, when we have anxiety attacks or when we are filled with a lot of stress, the stone has the energy to remove them from your body and be able to feed you with energy positive. Also for physical traits, especially in exhaustion, it can increase your energy and make your day more powerful.

Personal or external fears are natural enemies of amber , at any moment of weakness you can use the stone or always have it with you as an accessory so that we are always filled with courage and we can always be full of desire to feel and experience new moments. Eliminate those feelings at once. 

Emotional stability with amber

For people with symptoms of depression or who are facing a serious depression problem, you can use amber to gradually eliminate these  negative sensations and energies both inside and outside the person. As it is a stone that has had time to learn from life, it will transmit your feeling of having been on earth for a long time. A person’s life is as valuable and full of teachings as an amber.

As a result of overcoming these problems you can also activate all the senses of your body and make way for more artistic characteristics in your personality. Amber can maximize your need to create  and do something new, regardless if it is for you to expose it to the public. The spirit and the mind come together to make an unbreakable protection bar in your well-being.

Physical problems 

Beyond the psychic and energetic advantages that it can give you, amber is a stone that can offer you health benefits . If you have collateral effects on the body after suffering episodes of stress or pressure, such as pain in the neck or back, you can use the stone to free yourself of this muscle weight. It can even prevent diseases or some symptoms. 

Wealth and amber

Amber is a stone that is made up of many ingredients  and factors from nature, you can even add things inside it before it fossils and you can’t open it again in your life. For this reason it also maintains a great relationship on the energies of abundance and that enhance your riches, the increase in wealth is common that occurs within it.

When we see ads about these stones we will always notice that the ones that stand out the most are the guarantee and promise that your income will be able to increase thanks to the magnitude of their energy. The origin of the stone is clearly natural and its formation is natural, but when it adopts a yellow or golden tone you can stimulate the person who is a piece of visual gold, and if he tries, he can make it come true.

Let us not forget the scientific wealth that amber stone can have , there may be stones that harbor mosquitoes from other times on earth and that can give clear reports on the evolution of these, including the very evolution of the human being. The process to reach them without damaging the insect inside is very complicated but not impossible. 

How to use amber every day?

If you notice side effects like the stone starting to get cloudy or the heat is much more intense after having it for a while, it is a clear sign that it needs to be cleaned immediately. Furthermore, if you expose amber to very high temperatures you run the risk of melting the resin fossilization or losing much of the energy that was maintained when it was fossilized or in the first days of its life.

Get your own accessory in a piece of amber that you can carry everywhere , so you do not separate from its good energies and will provide you with all the wisdom in the day. If you do not have an accessory with amber, you can take your piece wrapped in fabric so that energy does not come off. This is an important step because the energies need to be in contact with your body and your soul.

For diseases in the same case, you must have the stone in constant contact with your body so that all the healing energies can take effect, amber can be in contact with the affected area as long as it is an important point in the body of person.

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