sunstone healing properties

The sun stone or heliolite, named after the celestial body, at first had a more prosaic name. Geologists enrolled him in the category of feldspars and called it oligoclase. But jewelers noticed that there are specimens of the breed that are worthy of becoming precious jewelry.

A transparent crystal consists of sodium, calcium, aluminum and has numerous small inclusions that affect its color. It was these impurities that caused the value of heliolite. Thanks to them, under the influence of sunlight, it shimmers with hundreds of sparks and smashes very effectively.

Types and colors of sun stone


Common to all types of crystal is its similarity in color to the sun. But this does not mean that it is just a yellow stone. Jewelers have found and identified several interesting varieties of heliolite. The color of the mineral is mainly affected by the region in which the deposits were found.

The sunstone from Norway shines brighter than others due to the presence of hematite inclusions. Its color is saturated and varies from orange to brown. The Indian gem burns like the sun at sunset due to the presence of a red tint. Gold of Mexico is a sunny stone of intense yellow color.

Oregon mineral shimmers in different shades from golden to red and pale green. Such a spectrum enlivens the crystal, and it seems that each time it looks different depending on the refraction of the rays of the sun. In addition, finds from Oregon are unique due to their transparency.

Solar “confetti” from Tanzania. This is a rare variety characterized by large inclusions of golden hematite. It turns out a beautiful effect from a scattering of sparkles inside a translucent crystal.

Large deposits and production

Heliolite is found in different parts of our planet. Large deposits of precious gem are in the southern latitudes. Specially mined stone for jewelry purposes in Sri Lanka and Madagascar, in India and Tanzania. There are interesting specimens in the northern countries: Norway, Russia, Canada. In the northwestern United States, sunstone was recognized as the official symbol of Oregon due to a large deposit found.

Physical and chemical properties

The mineral has an average hardness compared to, for example, diamond . Nevertheless, its industrial varieties with the identical chemical formula are used in the construction of houses, paving roads. The fact that archaeologists periodically find a solar crystal that has lain for centuries under ruins and is perfectly preserved proves its strength. For example, a mineral was found in a semi-decayed Viking ship, which was built in the 10th century. The average hardness of the stone is very convenient for its processing: it can be easily polished, given the desired shape and cut.

Heliolite can be completely transparent or translucent, it necessarily contains inclusions. It has the effect of refracting sunlight. The mineral is 2.5 times heavier than water. Geochemists calculated his formula. A gem is a combination of albite and anorthite in approximately equal proportions.

A feature of a real sunstone is its ability to radiate mysterious flicker in the dark. On this basis, you can immediately distinguish the original gem from a fake.

Healing properties

Lithotherapists believe that vibration and light stone can affect human health. The potential of the mineral can be used in various ways.

  1. Do the massage.
  2. Lower the gem into the water and fill it with special solar energy.
  3. Apply to sore spots.
  4. Carry constantly with you when decorating.
  5. Look at the stone in natural light.

Sun stone is used to prevent and treat a number of diseases. It helps with diseases of the heart, kidneys, pancreas, intestines. It is recommended to wear it to people prone to allergies. Useful mineral for colds. It is noted that he can relieve toothache for a while. The energy of the stone is positively charged, so it is recommended for depression, stress, nervous disorders. With a breakdown, he gives a boost of vigor, effectively fights chronic fatigue.

Magical properties

Sun stone is well known among white magicians. The energy of the gem is extremely warm and bright, which allows it to be used only for good purposes. Sun stone will be a real panacea for misfortunes and misfortunes. It is especially recommended for those people whose dark streak dragged on in life. In the life of a man carrying a gem, the clouds will disperse, and the rays of the sun will illuminate the path.

In magic, sun stone is used for various purposes:

  • as a mascot;
  • for the development of the gift of intuition;
  • to change the character for the better;
  • to enhance attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex;
  • to preserve youth.

Such versatile use is due to the amazing properties of “warm” stone. It is pleasant to contact with him, as if he opens his owner’s eyes to different situations and pushes him to action in the right direction.

It must be borne in mind that this is a stone of action. It is not suitable for calm meditation and meditation. He works better in an active atmosphere filled with the energy of life. Magic rituals with him must be performed in sunlight, and not with artificial or with the flickering of candles.

The meaning of the zodiac signs

Astrologers have not ignored this amazing gem. They compared his energy with the stars, made observations and gave appropriate recommendations to each of the signs of the zodiac circle. Although in general the action of the sun stone is favorable for humans, it cannot be equally beneficial to everyone.

Representatives of the elements of fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius can consider it their stone. Periodically it can be used by signs from the elements of the earth, as an additional assistant. It is less attractive for water and air signs.

The mineral makes the mineral more dynamic and irreconcilable with the opinion of other Aries more compliant and pleasant in communication. It is a constant fuel for their positive energy. Also, solar stone surrounds people of this sign with a halo of attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Lions sun stone brings good luck and protects from dangers. When aggression or negative emotions overshadow the mind, a precious mineral will help to see the situation in a healthy light and make the right decision. Lions and Lionesses with a bright gem become even more seductive.

For winter Sagittarius, a solar stone is not as native as for spring and summer representatives of the elements of fire. We can say that it does not bring such tangible benefits as Aries and Leo, but it does not harm. If you like him, then it is quite possible to keep him at home, but it is always better to wear another mascot from the world of stones.

Among the representatives of the elements of the earth are best friends with the sunstone Taurus. In difficult moments, he helps them regain faith in the correctness of their path and find the meaning of life. It also contributes to successful career advancement.

Virgo and Capricorn mineral can sometimes come in handy to maintain warm energy in the soul. Sometimes representatives of these zodiac signs become too cold and calculated, which negatively affects relationships with loved ones. The sun stone will help to return soulfulness to family relationships.

A gem with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius is cool. Instead of making them attractive and energetic, he is able to make them dull and boring for those around him. They become more lethargic, lose interest in the pleasures of life. Of course, a negative effect is possible only with prolonged contact with the mineral.

Water stone is contraindicated in signs of water. He can play a cruel joke with them. Strengthening their attractiveness and personal charm, it simultaneously increases their credulity and vulnerability. As a result, Crayfish, Pisces and Scorpions can suffer from unhappy love or fall into the trap of passion burning their souls.

Sun stone application

Yellow stones are often used in jewelry, but it is very rare to find a product really with a sun stone. Often, sellers of jewelry for the red words call it amber, and citrine, and topaz. But you need to understand that these are completely different crystals, each with its own energy. In jewelry, the sun stone gains a second life in the form of beads, bracelets, inserts in earrings, rings, pendants. It goes well with the energy of gold jewelry. It is now fashionable to wear uncut and unpolished pieces of a naturally occurring mineral in the form of a suspension.

Less commonly use sun stone in creating home decoration. Also made of it are small figurines, symbols that originally glow in the dark. The mineral is used in its activities by lithotherapists, magicians and astrologers.

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