star sapphire healing properties

Star sapphire is a rare gem with a unique optical effect. The reason for the uniqueness of the mineral lies in the content of crystals of titanium dioxide. Molecules bizarrely connect and form rays that resemble rays. In some cases, the image is more like an icon, which makes the stone even more mysterious. It is interesting that the “star” can appear after jewelry processing, and at first glance the stone will look like an ordinary sapphire. Lets discuss more about star sapphire healing properties.

The closest relative of the jewel is ordinary aluminum, it is this metal that is present in the star sapphire formula. The uniqueness of the mineral is influenced by the presence of various impurities, they determine its final structure and color. When looking at a star sapphire, a person clearly sees a celestial star, which seems to be located and glows inside the stone.

In nature, stone is found in the form of large nuggets resembling ordinary cobblestones. This similarity gave rise to interesting stories when people found and used rare minerals as household items, unaware of their true value. Stones with the effect of asterism, that is, with the presence of a star, are much more expensive than ordinary sapphires.

Star Sapphire Colors

A real jewel is considered a stone with a clear manifestation of the shape of a star. If the rays are interrupted or directed in a chaotic manner, then such a mineral is of little value. The art of cutting helps to reveal the optical effect; it is important to choose the correct shape and number of faces. The following colors of stone are known:

  • black star sapphire;
  • Violet;
  • blue;
  • blue;
  • green.

The most affordable are the blue star sapphires. They are quite common in nature compared to greens, which are rare. Black star sapphires come across less often than blue sapphires, but they are the ones that are more popular with jewelry lovers. Minerals of the same color may look different. It depends on the presence of impurities, purity and transparency. If in other jewelry the presence of inclusions is a defect, then in a star sapphire it is they that give it uniqueness.

Healing properties

The amazing mineral is not only beautiful, but also good for health. The result of centuries of observation of the body’s reaction to stone led to the following conclusions of star sapphire healing properties:

  • black star sapphire improves memory;
  • infused with mineral water helps with eye diseases;
  • beneficial effects on the reproductive system;
  • helps with diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • improves the condition of patients with diabetes;
  • stone-charged water lowers blood pressure and purifies the blood.

Star sapphire has a beneficial effect on the mental state of a person. It helps calm emotions and think things over before making an important decision. He also soothes the soul with love experiences, promotes harmony in his personal life. If you keep a star sapphire near the bed, you will always have a strong and calm sleep.

Magical properties

The presence of a special sign on the stone has always attracted the attention of people. Some considered this a magical sign, others believed in the connection of the mineral with space. In any case, the powerful energy potential of the precious gift of nature did not cause any doubt.

What magical power is endowed with black star sapphire? With it, you can achieve interesting results:

  • change the character of a person;
  • to bewitch the object of love;
  • establish an energetic connection with the world of spirits;
  • carry out meditation and energize the cosmos.

For magical rituals, both unprocessed pebbles and jewelry or interior items with a precious mineral are suitable. Star sapphire makes a suspicious person – decisive, emotional – judicious, lazy – hardworking and longing for knowledge.

It is believed that if a girl wears a pendant with such a stone on her chest, then she will soon get married. To attract the attention of a loved one, it is recommended to give him a glass of wine charged with the energy of a jewel. To open the energy potential, you must periodically put a talisman on the windowsill at night.

The mineral reveals the identity of its owner, helps to show abilities and achieve the goal. But it is important to ensure that the stone was intact, without cracks and chips, otherwise the effect of influence on fate may be negative. In ancient times, only priests could wear star sapphire; this was forbidden to ordinary people. Now such restrictions have been removed, but nevertheless, you need to listen to the recommendations of astrologers.

The meaning of the zodiac signs

Gem energy is not suitable for all signs. Sagittarius and Aries will feel most comfortable with such an amulet. Representatives of these signs are characterized by excessive energy and emotionality. Star sapphire will calm their passions and make life more harmonious and calm.

The mineral is friends with Aquarius, Libra and Crayfish. It increases their efficiency and attractiveness. Representatives of these signs are often not understood by other people, considering them to be dreamers. star sapphire healing properties will help smooth out communication conflicts. In Scorpions, stone strengthens an already good intuition.

A stone with other signs behaves cooler. If you were born under the constellation Leo, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, then it will be more difficult for you to establish energy contact and receive significant help from the gem. With caution, you should take such a gift to Capricorn as a gift, they have a black mineral, on the contrary, it takes energy and deprives strength.

How to distinguish from a fake

The fact that star sapphire is rare and expensive, forces manufacturers to resort to fraud and create skillful fakes. It’s worth mentioning right away that only an experienced specialist can distinguish an original from an artificial stone created by skilled craftsmen after a long and careful study.
There are a few simple ways you can recognize an outright fake.

  1. Scratch the stone with a metal object. Real sapphire is inferior in hardness only to diamond, so there will be no trace on it.
  2. Throw a stone into the water, the original is denser than water, so it will fall to the bottom, and the fake will remain on the surface.
  3. Look under the magnifying glass at the inclusions inside the mineral, they must be there. Sometimes the effect of asterism can be created specifically with the help of a special cut and refraction of the rays.

You won’t be able to do all these manipulations before you buy, since no one will let you scratch a stone or remove it from a product in order to throw it into water. Therefore, the best option: invite a professional appraiser.

Where Star Sapphire is Used

The main scope of the rare stone is jewelry production. Products for men and women are made from it, both in gold and in silver. Most often, the stone is used for rings, signets and pendants; jewelry sets are also made from rings and earrings. The gem is also used for the manufacture of exclusive interior items and personal items, for example, they are decorated with caskets, mirrors, picture frames.

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