Reiki for anxiety

The Larousse defines anxiety as a disorder, a deep anxiety that arises
from the feeling of an imminent but vague threat. It remains to define what
deep anxiety is, as well as the concept of imminent but vague threat. This article contain knowledge about Reiki for anxiety.

The link between anxiety and deep anxiety

While anxiety has a diffuse character, of which we are more or less aware, deep anxiety is very concrete. To the point that his feelings are very physical and localized in the body. As for the deep one, it is dangerous. It is the feeling that the person is in danger on the vital level.

The imminent character results from the brutal aspect of this sensation, which makes anxiety very present and absorbing.

So the lazy side comes from the fact that the person does not control what happens. Often she is not aware of the true trigger for anxiety. It is therefore rather on the non-conscious side. This unconscious side prevents you from approaching your anguish with a global understanding.

Now, without a comprehensive understanding, the trigger mechanism doesn’t stop. Without stopping the trigger mechanism, it is impossible to fight the anxiety of stopping it permanently.

A first understanding of anxiety

To keep things simple and affordable, we will keep in mind that anxiety is not just a fear and is connected to a projection into the future.

In fact, people who consult experts don’t talk about anxiety about an event that occurred but in comparison to what is likely to happen to them, even if this upcoming event is linked to an event from the past.

The energetic techniques of the reiki practitioner

Some time ago we discovered a specific relaxation protocol against anxiety. In fact, traditional reiki has an energetic technique that provides a special tranquility to the person. During the course of a reiki for anxiety session, the person’s anxiety dissolves.

Later, we update the mechanism of anxiety, that is, what gives rise to it. Our students conducted case studies under individual supervision to respond to people who want to fight anxiety.

Phenomenological understanding

We explain it in phenomenology, the science of how our consciousness works. Anxiety is really our spiritual being.

Because, after all, it is just a block of energy. This generates in the lived experience the feeling of anxiety. It is important to know to release this tension until finally, it will prevent the formation of this discomfort generator block…

The name “fight anxiety” is therefore false. Because there is no need to fight against your spiritual but to reconcile with it. Therefore, we must know how to transform this blockage to eliminate the fifth essence of our deep dimension and feel fully realized.

This is the purpose of professional training in reikiology.

Psychophysical symptoms of anxiety

The drama of anxiety

There are no 36 ways to stop the birth of heartbreak. This is, of course,
meditation, the only proven practice of definitive transformation of the
mechanisms that generate psychic suffering.

The attempt to fight anxiety is wrong and leads us to suffer even more. It’s easy for everyone to verify that the more we fight anxiety, the less it works. Worse still: it only amplifies the pain of anxiety. What to do? Let go of all the anguish and relax.

Indeed, without knowledge of the mechanisms: the feeling of anxiety generates many psychophysical symptoms but also, it is derived from more severe forms of anxiety, leading to mental disorders.

Some people say during reiki for anxiety sessions that their anxiety is shaped like a ball, internally. Belly, chest, throat, … sometimes even, the ball “walks” through all these points depending on the situation.

Others speak of pressure or tightness in the rib cage. You can have your heart racing and the feeling of not breathing anymore.

For all this, if everyone talks about anxiety, everyone experiences it differently. That is why our professionalism consists in establishing an individualized support. It is just a matter of accompanying the person in the release of their anxiety experience whatever the form of this anxiety.

And in parallel, without her realizing it, but rather remaining natural, to continue that accompaniment in the dissolution of its trigger mechanism.

Be wary of all diagnostics

Warning: any oppression is not anguish but it can be the announcement of a heart attack, depending on the symptomatic form it takes. It is now known that the speed of care makes all the difference. Only a doctor can diagnose the warning signs of a heart attack, anxiety (somatization).

Anxiety attack or panic attack is a time of intense fear and discomfort. It happens suddenly and lasts for a few minutes or even several hours. In fact, it is a “simple” anxiety multiplied.

The symptoms are physical: they range from chills to heart palpitations, but they also go through sweats, nausea, shortness of breath, hyperventilation, tingling and choking sensations.

This crisis is a vicious circle: the mind aggravates the physical symptoms and vice versa. Also, acting on sweats or nausea, which are the result of anxiety, does not change the problem.

Reiki to avoid anxiety

Reikiology and anxiety symptoms

The reikiología not treat phobias. On the other hand, we accompany people who feel that they are losing their lives due to the restrictions imposed by
their phobia.

Similarly, reikiology does not treat anxiety attacks or panic attacks. On the other hand, regular sessions stop the mechanisms that generate anxiety that, if mismanaged, triggers these crises.

Therefore, during the reiki sessions for anxiety, our professionals do not provide care or treatment of symptoms and even less, a treatment of mental disorders. All of this is in the medical field and reikiology is a non-medical field.

However, we intervene on the causes that trigger these effects. You understand, if the cause disappears, the effects no longer exist. It is in this sense that it is possible to attribute a lasting character to the results of reikiology.

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