lilac stones

Lilac color has always been considered a symbol of wisdom, strong character and persistent spirit. This is a shade of calm and poise.

Stones of this color scheme in nature are not very common. They can be either a pale shade, or saturated, deep. It is for this color that jewelers all over the world are very sensitive to lilac gems. Jewelry with such stones will definitely distinguish its owner from the crowd.

Such gems can be precious (taffeite, kunzite), semiprecious (ametrine, amethyst) and ornamental (charoite, jadeite). We will talk about each of them in more detail below.

Lilac gemstones

Taffeite. Named after Taafe A., a geologist of Irish descent. In the middle of the last century, he was interested in this mineral because of its sharp difference from other lilac jewelry. Having examined the mineral, the scientist realized that he was not like any other.

Taffeite is a rare gem. It has an unusual pale purple color. The color palette can vary from pale pink to deep purple – this factor affects the cost of taffeite.

The best taffeites are mined on the island of Sri Lanka. It is here that the lilac variety of this stone “lives”. Also, deposits are available in China, Australia and Madagascar. In Russia, taffeite is also mined, namely in the region of the Ural Mountains, Karelia and Eastern Siberia.

Taffeite is a very expensive stone. In this regard, it is very rarely used in jewelry. A small number of pendants and rings with inserts from this mineral can be found only in private collections.

Kunzite. Named after J. Kunz – American scientist. The stone was first found and described at the beginning of the 20th century. Due to the manganese in its composition, kunzite can be either pale pink or purple.

The most valuable specimens can be found in Brazil. It is not as rare a mineral as taffeite. Actively mined in the United States (California).

American jewelers have long appreciated the beauty of kunzits, and actively make various jewelry with it: rings, earrings, bracelets, men’s rings, etc. In European countries, this mineral has just begun to gain popularity.

Semi-precious stones of lilac color

Ametrine. The name of this stone consists of the names of two minerals: amethyst and citrine. In its composition, it is similar to these stones. In the jewelry environment, it is also called a boliviant, two-tone amethyst or citrine amethyst. Due to this property, the stone has an unusual color – from lilac to pale peach. These shades can be combined in one stone.

Semi-precious mineral is mined in Bolivia – this is the largest importer of ametrine. It is from this toponym that one of the names came about – the Bolivian. It is also mined in Brazil, however, there are less valuable specimens that have a pale color.

Jewelers are very fond of ametrine from Bolivia because of its rich, vibrant color. The stone is inserted into various jewelry made of silver and gold, it is combined with diamonds and cubic zirconias. The most popular jewelry is earrings, rings and pendants.

Amethyst. The name comes from the Greek word “drunk.” Known to mankind since ancient times. Even then, people began to make various decorations and interior items from it (caskets, bottles, etc.). The colors of this stone can vary greatly – from pinkish-lilac to deep purple.

In our country, amethyst is mined in the Urals. Stone is also mined in Brazil, Uruguay, USA, Germany, Canada and Africa. In addition, amethyst is also successfully produced by artificial means (grown in special laboratories).

Amethyst is mainly used in the manufacture of women’s jewelry. Pendants, rings and earrings are made of it. It will be advantageous to look both with silver and in gold frames.

Ornamental stones of lilac color

Charoite. The name comes from the word Chara. This is the name of one of the Siberian rivers, where for the first time they found this beautiful stone. The color scheme varies from light lilac to deep purple. It is opaque, which makes it an ideal ornamental mineral.

The study of charoite began very recently – in the second half of the last century. It was then that he was given such a name. In addition to its beautiful color, the mineral is also unique in that the world no longer has its deposits, except for the above-mentioned Chary River. To date, no one has managed to find even the elements of this purple mineral anywhere else.

Charoite has several varieties: extra, first and second grade, facing. If the first is perfect for making jewelry, then the rest are simply created as ornamental. The first grade is suitable for the manufacture of various bracelets, beads, massive rings. The second grade is well suited for creating different caskets, figurines, vases, etc.

But facing charoite is used as the creation of plates. It is rather ore than stone in the broad sense.

Jade. Literally can be translated as “lumbar stone.” This is due to the fact that the medicinal properties of jadeite have been known since ancient times. There is a version of the fact that he received such a name from the French word “jade” – jade. It is with this stone that they are combined into one group of minerals.

Many are used to the fact that jadeite is a green stone. All because the lilac shade is its rarest variety. For its color, it is called lavender.

“Inhabits” jadeite, mainly in the Ural Mountains. You can find it in Kazakhstan.

Widely used in craftsmanship. Various writing instruments, figurines, vases and caskets – all this is made of beautiful jadeite.

Features of lilac stones

Lilac stones are excellent helpers during depression and melancholy. That is why they are best worn during these periods of life. Such minerals are able to conquer stress, fight stress. They have calming properties.

Useful jewelry made of such stones will be for those people whose activities are associated with high moral burden. Every workaholic should have at least one jewelry made of such stones. These gems will help you find the right path out of difficult life situations. They charge their owner with positive energy.

Jewelry with such stones (or just a small souvenir) is perfect for people with creative professions. Such products will help to realize their wildest desires. Perfect for those who want to open their own business.

Lilac minerals also carry a mystical meaning. Many psychics use stone products of this particular color. It is suitable for those who want to develop clairvoyance abilities.

They are suitable for hot-tempered people. For example, the constant wearing of a pendant helps to reduce the sharpness in the character of the owner.

But it is important to remember that everything is good in moderation. No need to wear a full set of rings, earrings and pendants made of such stones. Otherwise, it will have the opposite effect. One lilac element will be completely enough for peace of mind.

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