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Back in the 19th century, scientists became interested in the secret symbol of the Star of David. Based on the facts found, it was decided to consider the symbol as European. The sacred sign is very ancient, many mystical stories, secrets and unsolved mysteries are associated with it.

Its meaning is ambiguous. Today, the unique sign has not lost its importance; it can be seen on the flag of some states, for example, Israeli. Decorates all sorts of underwear, as it is widely popular as a talisman or amulet.

The origin of the symbol of the Star of David

Experts believe that for the first time, such a pattern of two regular triangles, which together represent the six-pointed star of David, appeared among the Jews. The era of the so-called origin dates back to the Bronze Age. For such a long existence, different peoples at different times interpreted the nature of origin in different ways, hence the ways of interpreting the drawing differ.

The magical hexagram of inverted and connected along the base lines of the triangles had several names – the main “Star of David”, “Shield of David”. Jews called him Magen David. The main purpose is to use in ritual rites, witchcraft. This mark was first mentioned in the XII century, the scripture “Eshkol a-Kofer” by Yehuda bin Eliyahu Hadasi.

After a similar mark was found in the temple of the Phoenician city of Sidon, which was considered an important cult center, exclusively mystical meanings began to be given to the sacred pentagram. Many scientists to this day are inclined to the version that it was applied on the walls of tombs, in order to preserve the peace of the deceased.

Some people look at the picture more realistically and believe that the history of its origin is only decorative. Beautiful, unusual, interesting, easy to portray – that’s all, that’s why the sketch of triangles can be seen on many ancient buildings, weapons, tools and everyday life.

Such a strange assumption is based on the fact that everywhere in ancient times the symbol was not widespread and very little evidence was found that the sign was widely used in ritual affairs. This means that this symbol is little associated with the magical deeds of man.

Along with this, there are suggestions in the scientific world that for the first time the double Star of David appeared in the pre-Ice Age in the Russian North, and it remained from a highly developed civilization that once lived there when the climate was somewhat milder. Such an assumption is put forward by researcher V. Meshcheryakov in his work The Six-Pointed Star of the Arctic.

The meaning of the Star of David symbol

Today, the mysterious mark can be found quite often. Different nations with excellent faith may have slightly different images. The meaning of the secret sign is interpreted in different ways, but in any case they associate it with something mystical and supernatural. Each religion today has a mention of it, it means a different sign, but much is similar.


One of the first places where the sign appeared is considered to be India. Locals sincerely believe that two geometric figures belonging to sacred geometry symbolize the feminine, skillfully intertwined with the masculine. Therefore, he is ranked among the signs of the Anahatu chakra.

Buddhists use the Star of David as an object of meditation, symbolizing the balance of chaos with peace. The population of East India finds the connection of the mark with the Goddess Ishtar herself.


Historians believe that the Jewish Star of David began to spread widely since 1354. It was then that the hexagram first appeared on the flag, the seal of the community living in Prague. Only in the XVIII century (at the very end), the once decorative element began to be depicted on the tombstones of the Jews. Later they began to use the sign in anti-Semitic literature. It was only in the 19th century that the mark was recognized as the national symbol of any Jewish community. The flag of the Israeli state today contains the image of the blue Magen David.

One of the Jewish philosophers F. Rosenzweig later in his work “The Star of Salvation” will mention the image of the first triangle (at the base) as something sacred, characterizing the connection of Man with God, the Universe. The second figure, in his opinion, reflects the pairwise connection of the three holy hypostases – “man – the universe”, “man – the god”, “god – the universe.” A peculiar overlay of figures gives an idea of ​​the “Star of salvation.”


Given the fact that the symbol was firmly entrenched in the Jewish people, during the aggression of German fascism, it became the hallmark of the Jews. Magen David was portrayed against a yellow background, perceived more as an identification mark than something sacred and mystical.

The main interpretation of the ancient symbol is quite simple today – the triangles represent the connection of “heaven – earth”, “God – man.” As if testifies to the unity of the two principles from which the universe began.

Indian culture describes the drawing as an eternal struggle and at the same time the union of the carnal and spiritual component of man. Kabbalists believe that the sacred ancient sign means the number of the Beast itself “666”, explaining their assumptions by the fact that the angles are 6, the sides of the inner polygon are 6; small triangles – 6.

The meaning of the symbol in Christianity is also associated with the number “6” by comparing the number of triangles as six days of creation of the world and the Star of Bethlehem. Alchemists used graphics as a kind of image of a philosopher’s stone, but among the Masons the sign was considered an emblem of knowledge and wisdom inaccessible to an ordinary person.

How to activate and wear a talisman

Today it has become popular to wear or carry amulets or amulets made of gold, silver, bearing the image of the Star of David. Of course, such ornaments are not recognized in Orthodox churches, since in Orthodoxy there are no references to such things as amulets, but in many Christian churches you can see such decor. Despite this, many acquire such products for magical purposes, and I must say they help them.

Regardless of where the person took the amulet from: bought, received as a gift, or made it for him to really work, he must be charged with positive energy. Only then will a product bestow upon its owner the ability to comprehend the great secrets of being, save him from disease, and protect him from evil intent.

To maximize the protection of the amulet, the product is placed in a glass of water for a day or washed in running water. At night they lay under direct moonlight on a windowsill. In addition, every day you need to “consider” your patron, paying attention to him, hold in your hands, making secret desires, telling him about your dreams.

Today, such a talisman may look different, most often these are rings, rings, pendants, pendants that are worn on the arm and neck. Anyone can wear such jewelry, however, only those who truly believe his miraculous abilities will help, protect the amulet. Desires will begin to be fulfilled gradually, and it is unnecessary to tell anyone about your patron.

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