foot zoning

If you have a stomach ache, the middle of your arch

Novices would not suspect the importance of the feet for our health. Indeed, there are a multitude of areas of reflection under our feet linked to our internal organs . Sufficient massages / pressures in the right place improve our overall well-being.

We present to you the important “pressure points” hiding under our feet.

Some recommendations regarding foot massage

It is recommended to warm up and stretch your foot  : walk barefoot for a long time before taking a foot bath. Afterwards, you should not only deal with important “pressure points” but you should massage your feet entirely .

You should gently rub your foot with gentle, circular movements and then press each active “dots” for 3 to 7 seconds, from heel to toe.

During this massage, you can find “trigger points” that is to say areas linked to internal organs responsible for a particular ailment. You must emphasize these areas .

If you are massaging a painful area, use the “influence technique” which involves massaging firmly with your thumb . You can alternate with the palms. This painful technique must not exceed one minute to be effective.

There are contraindications for foot massages  : fever, coagulation disorder and severe injuries or trauma to the feet.


The main areas of the feet



Each foot is divided into five zones which each correspond to a specific part of the body . The heels correspond to the lower part of the body while the toes are linked to the head.


Face Zone



The location and “pressure points” on both feet are the same, but the paired organs (such as the eyes, for example) are located on the right and left feet, respectively .


Neck Zone



The reflection zone of the heart on the left foot is recommended to be massaged if you feel stress  !


Stomach Zone



Bowel Zone



Genitals Zone



Have you ever tried these many techniques to massage your feet and influence your general well-being? Feel free to share your experience in the comments.