Hygge – what it is and how to achieve it: 12 easy steps

The results of numerous opinion polls indicate that Danes are themselves the happiest people in Europe. The Danes are peaceful, treat others with kindness, like to organize meetings with friends and family, peace and tranquility reign in their lives. Perhaps it’s all about a special philosophy called “hygge” Let’s figure out what is hygge and how to achieve it.

What is hygge?

Hygge is a special Danish lifestyle philosophy that teaches you to form a warm and cozy atmosphere around you, enjoy the little things, bring happiness to life, fill it with interesting activities and vivid impressions. Hygge is a special state of mind, the secret of achieving which lies in the combination of comfort, safety and peace in all spheres of life.

hygge all attention is focused on creating a comfortable and safe environment, which is an integral part of human life. This is facilitated by meetings with friends, evening tea with a warm blanket, delicious food, aromatic drinks and dinner with family and friends.

Among the components of hygge are:

  • Friendly communication with others;
  • A house filled with comfort and cosiness;
  • Spending time with friends and family;
  • Delicious food.

The main association with hygge is Christmas – on the eve of this holidays people dress up , light candles, decorate their home and set the table. However, coziness and warmth can be felt not only before Christmas, but also at any other time of the year, if you wish. Organizing a family trip to the countryside, going to a music festival or riding a bike – the most wonderful moments do not cost a lot of money. Hygge is the ability to enjoy simple and everyday things, see the value in small things and benefit from every moment of your life.

Where did the term come from?

The word “hygge” began to be used in written Danish in the early 19th century. It comes from the Norwegian word for “prosperity, well-being”. This concept was used to characterize the special atmosphere and feeling associated with happiness.

The Scandinavian hygge style gained its popularity after the publication of Mike Viking’s book. He began to take active steps to spread this concept – to achieve this he created and headed the Danish Institute for the Study of Happiness. Many Danes are convinced that this the word is unique, so it cannot be translated into other languages. They perceive it as a national phenomenon that characterizes their way of life. The philosophy of happiness was reflected in Mike Viking’s book Hugge. The secret of Danish happiness. ”

There are several theories about how the word came to be. Most are inclined to believe that it is associated with the Norwegian word for “comfort”, since comfort is the fundamental basis of the Danish concept in question. It is important to note that at the present stage Denmark is recognized as one of the most prosperous countries , even taking into account its small territory and specific climate. There is an opinion that a high standard of living is the result of the fact that people pay more attention to simple things , they are not motivated by the desire to buy expensive and sometimes unnecessary things.

At the moment, hygge is gaining popularity, this is manifested in the fact that in many European countries there are cafes and restaurants, like in Danny, in some higher educational institutions a special course is taught in which students study the phenomenon Happiness The Danish concept denies excessive luxury and ostentatious consumption.

Hygge does not accept strict order and monotony: hygge is contact with the moment when a person enjoys every minute of his life. Hygge manifests itself during a candlelit dinner in the company of loved ones and relatives – it is a kind of ritual aimed at achieving happiness and harmony.

The concept of hygge pays special attention to the home environment. It is important to organize the house in order. Hygge manifests itself when the room is not too crowded, but also not too much free space. Objects, in turn, reflect the traces of time. Interior and design are dominated by simplicity and minimalism.

How to achieve hygge: 12 easy steps

There is no universal recipe for achieving hygge, but there are 12 easy steps that will help you approach this state, feel it.

  1. Live in the present , appreciate the moments, do not chase the time. To abstract from problems, not to allow unpleasant memories of events from the past into consciousness, not to load yourself with thoughts about the future;
  2. Learn receive positive emotions from little things . Realize that all the best does not require financial or time investments, it is before your eyes. To do this, you need to learn to appreciate the simple joys that surround us – in nature, in people, in everyday life.
  3. Achieve balance between life and work . Realize the importance of the work, but not highlight it. Take care of dear people, but not take on family problems, take time for yourself, value yourself.
  4. Open up to happiness through its acceptance. Start your journey to find and achieve happiness now, and not postpone this moment until later. A good rest makes it possible to bounce back and live on, fulfill your duties, give joy to loved ones, benefit others with your actions and deeds.
  5. Lead an active lifestyle. Taking care of your health is the key to a happy life. Proper nutrition and regular exercise will help keep you in good shape. Also, one should not forget about leisurely walks, cycling, and leisurely walking. It is best to do this with friends and family.
  6. Delicious food. We must not forget about the benefits of proper and balanced nutrition. It is better to set the table with food prepared by your own hands, so you can please your family and guests with your culinary skills;
  7. To realize that a person is the master of fate , every action and deed has an impact not on our life, on the achievement of happiness and peace. You need something that brings pleasure, value simple things and limit yourself from excessive consumption.
  8. Find our hobby. Yes, we spend a lot of time at work or doing household chores. But at the same time, you can find time for your favorite activity – this will allow you to organize productive leisure and start having fun. Creatively oriented hobbies are best.
  9. Do not pursue material wealth. Happiness does not depend on the amount of money. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to things for which you do not need to invest financially. Appreciate the simple joys of life.
  10. Do not lose touch with nature. A person should appreciate nature and its gifts, protect nature, bring its elements into the framework of the arrangement of his home. Enjoy what nature gives us.
  11. Do not put material above human. Competition and rivalry should recede into the background, it is important to consider the needs of society, and not your own ambitions.
  12. Do not expect too much from life , this approach will help to simplify its understanding and find your own way of achieving happiness and harmony with yourself and with the world around you.


At the present stage, the hygge style is gaining in popularity. People are driven by the desire to achieve happiness and peace, when there is no need to chase after anyone and try to correspond to something. Peace and quiet – that’s what the residents of megacities who are tired of the fast pace need. Hygge style is the best solution for those who want to learn to appreciate simple things, remember their loved ones and enjoy life.