How to wake up refreshed and refreshed: 7 rules

Each of us will have to wake up in the morning about 30 thousand times in our life. Imagine how much you can make your life easier if you turn your morning from an ordeal into the most enjoyable time of the day. We talk in detail about how to properly spend the evening in order to wake up vigorous and rested, what an ideal morning should be and how to force yourself to change morning habits.

you need to get up anywhere and you can sleep longer. But on weekdays, the morning most often resembles an ordeal, which takes place in a hurry and in a bad mood. Of course, you can and should work on this.

To start waking up in the morning vigorous, you need desire, perseverance and a little time so that the body rebuilds to a new regime. Factors such as a good and high-quality night’s sleep, easy awakening, good mood and physical activity, and a healthy breakfast are of the greatest importance. If you have problems with one or more of these indicators – read, implement and very soon you will see a pleasant result. Let’s start!

How to wake up refreshed and refreshed: 7 rules

A good morning begins in the evening

The most difficult thing you will face is the need to go to bed on time and sleep for the prescribed 7-8 hours. It is also important that you go to bed at about the same time of day every day (weekends are no exception) and then the body will soon get used to this regime and you will begin to fall asleep easily and the next day you will feel vigorous and rested. The more even the sleep schedule, the faster you will fall asleep.

In addition, you need to think over in the evening: what you will wear, what will be your breakfast, what to take with you to work. Don’t leave things to do in the morning that can be done in the evening – iron your clothes, fill your car, make lunch for tomorrow. When you wake up, there should be positive thoughts in your head, not reflections on the topic: “what to wear to work?”

Ensure yourself a comfortable sleep

If you sleep in inappropriate conditions, for example, in light or unpleasant temperatures, then you will not be able to wake up refreshed. Night sleep is extremely important, and if it is insufficient or disturbed, no other recommendations will help you. To ensure yourself a comfortable sleep, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Do not use your smartphone or watch TV just before bed. Better replace that with reading a book. If you want to start reading books, but you can’t bring yourself, read this article.
  • Air the room before bed, leave the window open in summer to the air in the room was fresh.
  • light sources prevent the body from completely relaxing during sleep, and wake up rested;
  • Avoid naps. Even a short nap during the day can prevent you from falling asleep quickly at night and waking up awake.
  • Dinner should be light, and no later than 2 hours before sleep.
  • Get rid of bad thoughts and unresolved problems before bedtime. If the next day is going to be a busy one, plan it in advance and put it all out of your head.

Get up at the alarm the first time

You’ve probably heard that it is a bad habit to set the alarm clock forward several times, trying to sleep for a few minutes. There is also a scientific basis for this – in this way you expose the body to severe stress, forcing it to fall asleep, then wake up several times in a row. In addition, as you understand, the dependence is purely psychological, because 10-15 minutes will certainly not be able to influence the state of the body.

In order to develop such a habit, start leaving the alarm clock at the other end of the room, or at such a distance that you had to get up and walk a little. If the alarm clock lies next to you, then the temptation to lie down to move it a little forward will be very great.

Even if in the evening you are 100% sure that you will get up at the alarm clock without any problems, then in the morning you can easily change your mind. This does not mean that you have a bad willpower, just in the morning your body will have an increased content of the sleep hormone melatonin, which helps the body fall asleep.

Take your time getting up and turning off the alarm – the longer you stay awake, the more chances that you will not lie back. Moreover, the point is not only in the desire to sleep, but also in the fact that lying in bed is more pleasant than getting up and doing something.

Correct morning habits will help wake up cheerful

As I said, it takes time to learn to sleep soundly, wake up refreshed and refreshed and in a good mood. Even if you follow all the recommendations now, you will see the result in about a week. It takes a little patience from you, but trust me, it’s worth it. Perhaps you will be able to keep the habit of waking up properly for the rest of your life, and this will greatly facilitate it.

If you do not work on yourself, then the morning “slides” to about one scenario: What the morning should not be

– nothing is ready in the evening, all things are postponed until tomorrow;

– it’s hard to wake up sutra, you have to get up as late as possible , desperately trying to sleep and tormenting the body with a change of sleep-wake modes;

– everything is done in a hurry, there is no time for breakfast, you have to eat whatever you have to do on the run;

– you have to spend time choosing clothes and preparing them, ironing them;

– you have to get to work in a hurry, there is no talk of a good mood;

If one or more of these points are regularly repeated for you, then do not worry – you have the power to change everything. Let’s take a look at what the morning and evening should be like the night before, so that you can wake up vigorous and refreshed:

What the morning should be like

– get ready as much as possible in the evening: think over the clothes, check their condition, if necessary – iron them;

– think over a healthy breakfast in the evening, see if there is everything for cooking; get ready to wake up at a strictly defined time in order to have time for everything in the morning;

– get up on the first ring alarm clocks with a comfortable margin of time, keep only pleasant thoughts in your head;

– do light morning exercises with pleasant music;

– prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast, do not forget anything, leave with a margin of time;

It’s not as difficult as it seems , but if you want, such a morning becomes habitual and you become much more energetic, the desire to sleep disappears, there are less delays for work and less stress.

As for the preparation in the evening, we figured it out, move on

An important element of a vigorous morning is exercise

For well-being during the day, morning exercises are one of the main elements. After all, sport not only trains the body, helps to finally wake up, the bottom and allows the body to produce hormones of joy – this is what the sutra lacks so much.

To be honest, I don’t want to do exercises at all. But we decided to make the morning vigorous, so it should be. And to make it not so hard at first, start doing a short exercise – only 5 minutes. This is enough to disperse the blood and invigorate. But this time must be noted. Feeling the seconds running away on the timer will help you fight laziness, which manifests itself even more actively at the beginning of the day.

Universal morning exercises are a plank, side bends, light stretching, bridge, etc. Grueling exercise in the morning is best avoided. The task of charging is to improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body.

Waking up cheerful and rested helps the right thoughts

I don’t know if you have noticed , or not, the first time after awakening the thoughts in my head are not the most rosy. The hardships of life, which seemed ordinary in the evening, begin to seem simply unbearable in the morning. Even if you wake up refreshed, the need to leave the bed can cause discomfort. Of course, waking up early is not easy, but this is definitely not a reason to think about the bad, because the way you think is also a habit.

So, waking up in the morning, chase away all negative thoughts. Think only good things. What is the most pleasant thing for you to think about? Sunny morning by the sea, meeting with friends after a long parting, beauty of the stars, New Year’s atmosphere, picnic on a sunny summer morning … Fill your thoughts with positive, and your morning will no longer seem like a difficult test for you.

If I am still you not convinced, try a simple experiment. Waking up in the morning, do not rush to express universal sadness on your face. Go to the mirror and smile at yourself. And then one more time. Say out loud that life is wonderful! Well, did you feel a surge of strength and good mood?

A healthy breakfast will give strength for an active day

There are a huge number of breakfast options, but not all of they are equally useful. But worst of all, of course, the complete absence of breakfast.

Breakfast should provide you with energy for the first half of the day, give you strength and vigor, and improve your mood. And of course, it should be varied. It is best to choose your favorite dishes so that the expectation of a delicious breakfast will also help you wake up sutra.

As I said earlier, it is necessary to prepare for the morning in the evening. Therefore, make sure that you have enough oatmeal, eggs, cereals, whole grain bread, butter, yoghurts for the week at the weekend. For more information on healthy nutrition, read the article.

Here are some breakfast options for the work week:

  • Monday – oatmeal with honey;
  • Tuesday – toast with butter and cheese;
  • Wednesday – cottage cheese with herbs
  • Thursday – omelet with cheese
  • Friday – cereal with milk


Waking up vigorous and rested tomorrow will not work. To do this, you need to work on yourself a little, gradually introducing new good habits. But do not turn the morning into a test that must be endured – turn it into the most pleasant time of the day, learn to enjoy its peace and harmony, and spend it with benefit.