How to train yourself to read books and choose a suitable topic?

Greetings, dear friend!

If you are interested in the topic of reading books – congratulations! You are on the right track. But you don’t know where to start, what to read, and why do you need all this? In this article we will touch on all these issues, and I’m sure you will catch the wave, and reading will become your constant habit.

Let’s go?

How reading can change your life

We all live in a world surrounded by familiar things – family, work, health and money. You cannot be the best in absolutely everything – life is not enough for that. But at all times there were people who tried to devote their lives to one thing, to choose some direction, to study up and down, sometimes spending their whole life on it.

So, Dale Carnegie studied the principles of relationships between people; Alain Carr – effective ways to get rid of bad habits; Napoleon Hill devoted his whole life to studying the laws of achieving success. And this knowledge, acquired by them during their life, like the knowledge of thousands of other researchers, lies on the pages of books, ready to present all the experience, knowledge and wisdom of their author to their reader. People have dedicated their own lives to studying a topic so that you can absorb the knowledge of their whole life in a couple of weeks.

Do you agree that books are one of the greatest human values, and let them just gather dust on the bookshelves, depriving yourself of valuable knowledge, inspiration, ideas is a big omission.

What books can give you

  • You will get smarter

“Being smarter” is a multifaceted concept, not limited to just getting new information. Being smart means being aware of your own goals, understanding the ways to achieve them and following them.

Reading, we learn a lot. About the world, about people, about history, etc. And the brain is designed in such a way that new information is subjected not only to memorization, but also to analysis and evaluation. The more information you receive, the more food for thought that you send to the brain, which means you use memory, start the process of analyzing information. Without reading, the brain is inactive. With reading, it thrives. This is a kind of “exercise” for the brain, like a gym for the body. And you probably saw the difference between a trained body of an athlete, and an ordinary body that does not know what sport is? The same difference is between the one who reads the books and the one who ignores them.

  • You will become a more interesting interlocutor

It is difficult to imagine a topic that has not yet was written by someone. And if you constantly read, showing variety in the selected topics, you will soon find that you can maintain an interesting conversation on absolutely any topic.

  • You will begin to understand people better

At all times in world literature, works were valued where there is a deep meaning, morality, the ability to look from the outside at the actions of other people. And sometimes, the authors succeeded brilliantly. Thanks to reading, you have the opportunity to observe the actions of people and the consequences of these actions from the outside.

So, you have a desire, this is the most important thing. Now the only thing left is to choose a topic, a convenient time for daily reading, make a plan and follow it.

Motivation plays a very important role in any business. Especially if you need to form a new habit. We have already talked about some of the changes in your life that reading can bring. But the best motivation is always measurable, i.e. when you see specific numbers. Therefore, right now we will draw up a reading plan for the year.

The first step is to choose an acceptable period of time for yourself during which you will easily manage to read one book. It is best that such periods are the same (for example, a book every 2 weeks). This is important so that you have the motivation to read the book faster than the deadline, and have the prescribed days of rest from reading (after all, reading is work). And secondly, the size of the books fluctuates a lot, and you need to be sure that in the set period of time you will be able to read the selected book, no matter how long it is.

For me, the appropriate period is 1 book every 2 weeks. This means that my plan for the year is 26 books. Considering that the average book size is 300-400 pages, for this you will need to read only 25 pages a day (which is 15-20 minutes of time). Think about it, reading only 25 pages a day, you can read 26 books in a year! Some people don’t read that much in their entire life. Imagine how your life will change if you read 26 books on the topics of development, psychology, success, motivation. You simply will not recognize yourself in a year!

Choosing a topic for reading

To do this, you need to decide in which direction you want to develop. For example, several criteria are important for me – to learn to better understand yourself and those around you; learn new things about the world, events, famous personalities; develop professionally.

Based on the goals set, I will tell you about which categories of books I have chosen for myself, and at the same time what works are my favorite in each categories:

  • Self-development, motivation, inspiration, skill development – ” Time drive. How to manage to live and work “- Gleb Arkhangelsky.
  • Biographies of successful people , scientists, rulers – “Fuck it, take it and do it” – Richard Branson
  • Knowledge of the universe, science, unsolved mysteries of mankind – “A Brief History of Time” – Stephen Hawking
  • Psychology of relationships, interactions between people – “Act like a woman, think like a man” – Steve Harvey

I think you understand which direction I like. Now you have to choose yours – the more varied, the better. Do not think about it for a long time, start reading, and in the process you can always choose other topics, exclude something. Experiment.

Your task is to sketch out a list of books for a whole year, and after 365 days all positions in it should be crossed out. Inspirational?

Your first book

The choice of the first book you will start with must be approached responsibly – it will be the hardest to read, it will be your habit is formed, and it should be 100% interesting. only 20-30 minutes a day.

In order not to miscalculate, ask which books are the best in your topic, read reviews, ask around for advice from friends.

Which is better: a paper book or a tablet?

By the way, the question of what format to read – in paper binding or using a tablet is very important. In my opinion, the best option is to read paper books. The advantages of this option are mass – with such reading, the eyes get tired less; aesthetically speaking, reading a paper book, as well as turning pages, is much more pleasant than looking at monotonous text on a tablet screen. list. This moment is important in terms of motivation – you will see progress. There is only one drawback to reading paper books – this is their cost. But giving a small amount every few weeks is nothing compared to the benefits that reading will bring you. By the way, another advantage of reading paper binding is the ability to gradually form your own small book library. The shelves will gradually begin to replenish, and you will visually observe your progress in reading and development.

What if there is no time to read?

You can always find time for what you really want. You obviously won’t lose anything if you start getting up half an hour earlier and devote this time to reading. Also a great option – in the evening before bed. Oh, this sweet sensation, when during the evening reading begins to overwhelm sleep, and the letters blur before your eyes …

Time can be carved out even during the day – for example, if you use public transport – read on the way to work. The main thing is to start, and in a year you will be able to say “thank you” for the work done, looking with incomprehension at the time when books were uselessly gathering dust on the shelves.

On this I say goodbye to you! Write your favorite books in the comments and see you soon!