How to put things in order in your head: detailed instructions

Greetings, dear reader!

Often difficult life situations knock us out of the rut of the usual emotional state, which causes the feeling that we are not in our plate. The reasons can serve as various unforeseen, and not always pleasant circumstances that can be encountered on a daily basis. Each of these scenarios puts a lot of stress on our mind, and therefore a complete mess begins to occur in the head , which requires putting things in order.

In today’s In this article, we will analyze in all details the answer to the question – how to put things in order in the head, and what needs to be done in the future to maintain this state. Let’s not hesitate, let’s start!

7 steps to help you put things in order in your head

To get rid of a mess in your head, first of all, you need to understand the immediate cause of its occurrence. Try to assess its seriousness and possible consequences, try to find the right solution and build a clear sequence of actions. In any case, no matter how difficult the current situation is, you need to keep under control not only her, but also yourself. That is why it is important to be able to distract from obsessive thoughts and control your emotional state.

How to put things in order in your head: detailed instructions

The problem of a mess in the head will not be solved in one day , however, if over work with this problem, then soon there will be a feeling that complete order has come in my head, and harmony in my soul. Now we will analyze 7 simple steps that will become the foundation for further work on putting things in order in the head. Remember that you need not just read the given but the advice, but try to fulfill them without delay. Let’s start.

Finish what you started To the end Unfinished projects at work or school, unpaid bills, an incomplete tooth – while these things are “hanging” in an unfinished state, there can be no question of any order. What to do? Sit down at the table, grab a piece of paper, and write down all your unfinished business. Before embarking on new beginnings – finish all existing cases, responsibilities, in general – the so-called “tails”. After the list is drawn up, get down to the speedy implementation of the plan. If you are not sure of the need to complete any tasks from the list, feel free to cross them out and throw them out of your head forever.

  • Place order in the apartment . As strange as it may sound, but the material world is tightly enough connected with the mind, and in order for order to come in the head, it must be created around oneself. Do a good cleaning in the apartment, throw away unnecessary things. Do not be lazy to carry out general cleaning and revision of the cabinet at least once every six months. Having got rid of a heap of rubbish lying around – old torn jackets and T-shirts, suits a century ago, various cans, boxes and other useless things – you will certainly feel how your emotional state has improved.
  • Place your smartphone and computer in order. Now let’s get down to such important things as a computer and a smartphone. It is difficult to imagine modern life without these items, and we are heavily dependent on them. Since these items have a fairly large amount of memory, we rarely think about how much unnecessary things are stored there. Get rid of this – leave only the most necessary in the memory of your smartphone and computer, and you will greatly facilitate the process of working with equipment, which means you will take an important step towards putting things in order in your head.
  • Get a diary. To put order in the head will help to regularly keep records in the diary. This step is one of the most important, I will explain why. While we keep all the information about our current affairs and plans in our head, we feel the workload. If these plans are transferred to paper, the brain will be freed from this information and will stop constantly processing it. It is enough to write down in your diary about your main tasks, scheduled meetings and other events, and this will be a big step towards reducing the burden on your head.
  • Set goals. They don’t have to be ambitious. On the contrary, if there is complete confusion in your head – such small tasks as “getting up an hour earlier” and “adjusting the diet” will be a great start for putting her in order.
  • Prioritize. Decide at last: what really plays an important role for you in this life, and what can be thrown out of it. Arrange everything that your brain is loaded with in descending order of importance – from the highest priority to the most insignificant. To do this, you can even use a notebook, setting out everything in black on white. When you decide on what really matters to you, thoughts of secondary nonsense will stop popping into your head.

Worry less. Each of us is characterized by the manifestation of such an unpleasant feeling as anxiety. This is a completely normal sensation, but if it begins to develop into a chronic one, it is necessary to fight it, otherwise it will not let you put things in order in your head. The feeling of excitement generates within us a lot of negativity, sadness and other unpleasant emotions. Think carefully about what exactly makes you worry. Write these factors down on a piece of paper and try to look at them from the other side. Perhaps there is no reason for panic as such.

Well, my friends, these were the first, but the most important steps towards putting things in order in my head. I really hope that you did not just read them, but complete these simple tasks, because they effectively help to streamline things and “unload” the brain. This was the first stage, now we move on. The next steps will be more serious.

Order in the environment – order in the head

The emotional state of each of us largely depends on those people who surround us. If you are 100% confident in them, they understand and are ready to support everything, then you are very lucky. But what if this is completely wrong? Many people continue to pull the relationship out of affection, without any mutual feelings. This is the road to nowhere.

It is important to feel one hundred percent return and connection with whoever we let close to us. And here it is not the number of close persons that is important, but the emotional connection. Therefore, you need to take a closer look at those around you, and ask yourself: “Do I want to continue my relationship with these people?” Perhaps they not only give you negative emotions, but also scare away happiness from you, unfairly occupying a place in your life.

Stop looking for the guilty ones

This unreasonable habit is common to many of us. Analyzing the past moments – we are trying to find the culprit, or hang all the dogs on ourselves. But to what result does this lead? Loss of time, energy and emotional deterioration. It is important to understand that in any incident the situation is not guilty , everything is due to a number of involved events, triggered by the domino principle. Therefore, you just need to accept what has already happened, and try to avoid a repetition of a similar situation, to gain valuable experience. The less time you spend on this kind of unnecessary reasoning, the more likely you are to be able to put things in order in your head.

Start to appreciate the time

We we constantly say that we have little or no time. But after analyzing our real life, you can see that this is self-deception. How do we occupy a free minute of our time? We watch TV, leaf through the news on the Internet, or just lie and play on smartphones. On a subconscious level, these “cognitive” activities serve as a kind of versatile background for us, creating the illusion of employment. But all the time that we spend in vain could really be spent interesting and useful. We ourselves are aware of the unreasonableness of such a pastime, but we believe that classes are more interesting and attractive than watching funny videos on the Internet. As a result, due to a lack of communication and real entertainment, apathy appears, the emotional state becomes depressed, we feel useless, but we do nothing about it, preferring not to go beyond the zone that is comfortable for us. To distance yourself from these negative feelings and put things in order in your life, it is important to learn to appreciate every minute you live without wasting time on trivial activities.

Do not put things off until later

Stop postponing and postponing your plans for later. There will never be a better moment than now. Focus on the main tasks and clearly plan your actions to achieve them. Full visibility of the general plan in the head is the most effective method for relieving emotional stress and putting the mind in order. Let the rule “do not postpone things until tomorrow” become your constant habit from this day on.

Order in the head is associated with creativity

Such passive activities as, for example, reading are unlikely to help guide order in my head. They do not switch depressing thoughts to other, lighter andpleasant. But active creativity – drawing, modeling, writing – on the contrary, contributes to a faster transfer of the focus of attention to another area. So, taking up creativity – you can get rid of the accumulated trash in your head and finally put things in order in your own thoughts.

Concentrate on the goal

So, here we are getting to the most important thing. The logical center of our work on putting things in order in the head will be the formation of a single goal, which will become your inspiration, motivation and meaning. If you still don’t have such a goal in your life, then it’s time to choose it and start making every effort to achieve it, so that you can move towards it with small but confident steps. This is a really important step because the path to the desired goal is the foundation of a successful and harmonious personality. If a person walks along the path to his goal, then there is simply no room for experiences, negative thoughts, which will help to put things in order in the head once and for all.

Summing up

The human mind is a storehouse of mental information that stores all the auditory and visual perceptions we have ever transferred. Try to imagine a place in your head where all the information you perceived is stored. Maybe it will look like an old dusty archive with tall shelves, or like a library crammed with books. Everyone’s imagination will recreate an individual picture. The main thing is to imagine this place and put it in order.

You may have to spend a lot of time to learn to control the flow of your own thoughts. But prevention is always wiser than correction, so in order not to put things in order in your head, it is enough just not to litter. Each of us wants to live happily, so let’s act! Stop torturing yourself with painful dilemmas about remnants of the past and events of the distant future, which may not even come. Fill your mind with clean, reasonable and light information, because the quality of our reality depends on the quality of our thoughts in our head.

Thank you for your attention, friends! Good luck!