How to Meditate at Home Tips for Beginners

From today’s article, you will learn how to meditate correctly, what points you should pay attention to when studying this process at home. There is an opinion that meditation is a simple and quick way to relieve stress and relax after a hard day. But it is not so. After all, it is very difficult to “turn off your head” in an excited state and completely relax. And the process of understanding what happened during the day is not meditation at all. We will help you in this difficult matter and tell you how a beginner can learn to achieve the desired state on their own.

Preparing for meditation at home

To begin with, we will deal with the process of preparing thoughts and space for future exercises, we will find out what time is best to meditate.

Anyone can learn meditation

1. Stop thinking about painful things, abstract from problems

To throw all unnecessary thoughts out of your head, go for a short walk or jog through deserted quiet places. The ideal place is a square, park alleys or a forest. If you are able to relax and switch from pressing problems during sports training, feel free to go to the gym.

If you don’t like the previous options, then just relax in a warm bath: light candles, use aroma oils. Another effective way is a contrast shower.

There are many ways to abstract from problems. Everyone should choose the best option for themselves.

2. Comfortable conditions

The ideal time to meditate is in the early morning when the sun is just rising over the horizon. If by nature you are an owl, then late evening is also suitable. Why choose this particular time? The secret lies in the congestion of the energy field. When most people are asleep, the atmosphere is not overwhelmed with many tasks and thoughts, the field is not overloaded.

When meditating at home, it is also important to choose a comfortable place: a separate corner equipped for exercises will be quite enough.

Create a comfortable environment for meditation

For more comfort, fill the space :

  • favorite items;
  • scented candles or sticks;
  • decorative elements.

Before you start meditation, do a few more simple manipulations :

  • ventilate the room well;
  • do a wet cleaning;
  • turn on quiet calm music;
  • light the candles.

The most important thing before starting classes is to remove it away, but it is better to turn off the phone.

The most important thing in meditation posture is posture.

3. Take a comfortable position

The best solution would be the “lotus” position – the feet are turned up, which allows energy to flow in the right direction. If at first this situation seems uncomfortable to you, do not torture yourself. After all, the main rule is convenience. Sit in any way you like, such as half-lotus or Turkish.

However, remember that no matter what position you take, your back should be straight. In this case, the position of the hands does not matter.

4. Turn off thoughts

In the process of meditation there is a complete shutdown of the thought process. However, such a result can only be achieved with long-term practice. It is very difficult for a beginner to do this. All that can be achieved at the initial stage is the calming of thoughts, you must stop thinking about what happened to you, look at everything from the outside.

Any corner of the house is suitable for meditation

Meditation Techniques

Now you know how to prepare for meditation at home. Next, we’ll talk in more detail about how to do the exercises correctly. The following techniques will help beginners create the most suitable environment for their practice.

Perform the following steps one by one:

  • Light a candle . Place it in front of you. Concentrate your eyes on the flame, try not to move your pupils. You need to watch until a rainbow aura begins to form around the flame. If this effect cannot be achieved, it means that the eyes are tired and meditation will not work.
  • Concentrate on your breath . To turn off the head and the flow of thoughts, you should focus on inhaling and exhaling. Let the thoughts go separately from you, and you, as if, consider the space between them.
  • Close your eyes and try to imagine a pleasant place where you would like to be right now. Perhaps it will be the sea coast, a quiet forest, a deserted island. The main thing is that you associate the place with tranquility. Try to carefully consider the presented picture, look at every detail.
  • Try not to think that you want to achieve meditation . Imagine that you are helping someone close. This person has tender feelings for you, exudes warmth. As a result, warmth and a sense of joy should also begin to arise inside you.

The moment of changing the focus from oneself to another person is considered a turning point in the process of achieving meditation.

When meditating, surround yourself with pleasant things.

How to achieve the desired state

There is no need to be discouraged if at first you fail to enter into a state of true meditation. We are all different, we have different interests, and, consequently, ways to achieve harmony with this world. Therefore, we will give a few more recommendations for beginners that will help you find your own meditation.

To begin with, analyze your life and highlight the factors that bring you real pleasure.

  • Perhaps you love to mess around with houseplants – dive into the process with your head to forget about everything that is happening around you.
  • Perhaps you love to draw, sing, or write poetry. And you do it with such dedication that you stop noticing the world around you. This too can become your meditation.

Meditation is the highest state to strive for

Any process that you love and in which you see beauty can be turned into meditation. After all, meditation is not a banal “lotus” position with closed eyes, but something more, a higher state that you need to strive for.

We briefly told you about how to learn to meditate at home. The above techniques will help you do everything right. Indeed, for beginners, this is an unbeaten path, but an incredibly interesting and exciting process. It is unlikely that it will be possible to immediately do the practice, but regular training will certainly give the desired result. If you make meditation your habit and reach the right state, you will realize that this is the best and most incredible adventure that you have ever had.